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May. 23rd, 2012


Who: Loki
What: Narrative. Loki arrives in Passages and gets ready to make some trouble.
Where: Passages.
When: Immediately following his fight with Thor.
Warnings/Rating: M for Mischief. (Note: This is not a start for the group event, that post will be going up shortly.)

Leave it to Thor to ruin his fun. )

May. 22nd, 2012


WHO Mary Jane & Superman & Spider-Man (and anyone else who'd like to join in, I suppose!)
WHAT Rescuings!
WHEN Vegas Plot, during and after this and this.
WHERE Luxor, then on the Strip.
WARNING Gross things, yay!
So, she decided to hell with it, and she took a few drinks and talked to a few people before she grew bored. )

May. 21st, 2012


Who: The Bat & Ra's Al Ghul
What: Chances are it won't be a warm, fuzzy reunion.
Where: Somewhere on the Strip.
When: Las Vegas plot.
Warnings/Rating: IDK.

The Tumbler spun at 180 degrees, tires screeching against the pavement in protest. )

May. 19th, 2012


Who: Deadpool, Captain America and Stephanie Brown.
What: Just a friendly traipsing across the town. What, why are you looking at him like that?
Where: Starting on the top of Luxor, then down on the strip.
When: During the crazy.
Warnings/Rating: A little bit of gore. Will update if there is any change.

Oh #$%@. )


Who: Lucifer, feat. the SPN crew: Dean, Sam, + Ruby
What: Demons, devils, and Winchesters-- oh my!
Where: The streets of LV.
When: Now? During the door madness.
Warnings/Rating: Probably violence, probably swearing, and Lucifer trolling everyone.

The light heralded his arrival. )


Who: Thor, Loki
What: Thor goes looking for his brother
When: Immediately following this
Where: Las Vegas
Ratings: Probably going to be some for Norse God violence, but otherwise tame.

Long shadows lure you in, The more you look the less you see )

May. 18th, 2012


Who: OPEN to Phantom peeps and their Las Vegas counterparts
What: Trying to stay alive?
Where: The Venetian
When: Las Vegas Plot
Warnings/Rating: Oh probably. It's the Phantom kids.

She didn't know what was supposed to happen at the hotel, but she was certain this wasn't it )


Who: Eliot Spencer and Parker
Where: Vegas baby, Vegas!
When: Before and during the Hulk invasion
What: And suddenly, a wild Parker appears
Warnings: These two are pretty unpredictable but they should behave-ish

Being thrown into Las Vegas was jarring. She'd been with Eliot and was with Eliot again on this side of the door. Things were pretty boring in their world and she was pleased as punch to be trying out a new one. It had taken some coaxing to get Eliot out into the world. Coaxing that was basically Parker rolling her eyes and running out of the hotel at top speed. He'd have to catch her. Or at least follow her.

And he did.

For now she was bored of lifting wallets, so she'd spent some time lifting wallets and putting them in other people's pockets imagining their surprise when they pulled out the wrong ID. Even that got boring and as much as Parke enjoyed Eliot's grouch face, it was time to move on.

They were sitting inside the Venetian while Parker made a big show of doing shockingly well at the blackjack table. Eliot hated his life. Mission accomplished. The Hulk hadn't made his entrance to the Venetian yet, but it was coming. There was a crash outside and across the street and there was definitely a ruckus starting. Parker grinned from ear to ear.

May. 19th, 2012


Who: Harley Quinn & Jaime Lannister
What: You're not who you're supposed to be...
Where: Nikolai's villa.
When: Shortly after the doors stop working.
Warnings/Rating: Spoiler alerts for GoT fans who haven't read the books.

In a coat of Red or a coat of Gold, a lion still has claws. )

May. 18th, 2012


Who: Anyone who wants to be evacuated! Open throughout the plot.
What: A haven for the non-fighters
Where: Las Vegas Rescue Mission
When: During the ice/dragon/Hulk
Warnings/Rating: Location in titles, warn where required, mayhem allowed.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission opened its doors within an hour of the ice appearing on the Strip. )


WHO Pepper & Tony
WHAT Continuing their phone call
WHEN During the dragon thingy
WHERE Outside the Marvel Door
WARNINGS/RATING Probably none. Will update as necessary.

She wasn't going to just leave him there. )


Who: Superman and CLOSED! Various supers handled the dragon, Hulk, and split up to handle everything else.
Where: The Strip, and immediate environs. Probably somewhere around the Wynn and the Venetian.
When: Now.
Warnings/Rating: Probably fine. Maybe some people will swear, but it won't be Clark.
Notes: Don't bother with the posting order. Fine writing not required for smashing and quick tags. Chi is at work, as certainly many other people are likely to be, so just carry on. We assume the monster keeps going until Ace says otherwise.

The lindworm was in the process of trying to crack a tour bus load full of screaming tourists with the exact same frustration off a terrier attempting to peel the tin foil off a steak when a streak of red and blue shot through the sky at an acute angle. The streak hit the dragon hard on the side of what approximated the head (the part just behind the teeth) causing it to drop the tour bus. Fifty-plus people plummeted down toward the sidewalk where more milling, screaming inhabitants attempted to find shelter without understanding where they were going.

Superman, perhaps the most iconic superhero in living memory, caught the bus twenty yards from the ground. He had the red cape, the S, the big muscles, the whole nine yards. He caught the bus with both upturned palms and quite literally flew off with it. Everyone stopped screaming for about ten seconds to gape.


Who: Sebastian Michaelis and OPEN
What: During Loki's Lindworm attack, a demon contemplates what's happening
Where: On the strip
When: During the lindworm attack
Status: Incomplete, threaded, open to anyone to join in
Rating: TBA.

He had to admit, the disaster was impressive... )

May. 17th, 2012


Who: Damian and Mary Jane
Where: The Luxor casino
What: Teenagers getting into trouble
When: Thursday nightish
Warning: Snarky teenagers

Now, he gave himself the job of pest control. )

May. 18th, 2012


Who: The Incredible edible egg Hulk with a brief appearance by Bruce Banner. (and I suppose if anyone wants in this go for it lmao)
What: What else? Smashing.
Where: Las Vegas
When: Oh. About now.
Warnings: So much smashing. So. So. Much. Smashing.

A funny thing about defensive mechanisms, everyone had them. People were liars; dogs and cats had raised hackles; some plants had sharp spines; hell, there were even goats that fainted. Dr. Bruce Banner had the Hulk. )


Who: Squirrel Girl and OPEN!
Where: The Strip, outside on the streets.
When: Las Vegas Plot, during the lindworm attack.
What: SG is evacuating folks off the street and contemplating raising an army.

I don't need luck. I eat nuts )

May. 17th, 2012


Who: Dorian and Zod
What: Dorian Gray being a snazzy dandy immortal and going for a stroll.
Where: Outside the Luxor.
When: Now.
Warnings/Rating: TBA

Dorian Gray was abroad. At first, he wasn't sure he liked the sensation. He was warm and safe in his comfortable rooms in London, or (very rarely) serene in his country home, and he was not a young man anymore, regardless of appearances. He did not find himself in the mood to travel, as to do so with his own mind was to find company, and he found that to be tiresome enough, after a while. Company came cheaply but sometimes cost him more than coin, and while immortality made Dorian a patient man, it didn't make him an empathetic one. Here, in Las Vegas (oh, he recognized it, yes he did), everyone had other things to do.

The streets of the desert froze over, Dorian put on a coat, dove gray with daisy yellow accents. A monster smashed through the buildings, Dorian moved away for quieter pastures, heading toward the end of the Strip where a massive black pyramid crouched. People ran in screaming crowds, Dorian stood aside to watch them pass, leaning on the walking stick he had been holding moments before arriving in the Passages Hotel with no explanation. Standing in the center of the frozen boulevard, a knee akimbo in the neatly straight-legged trousers and his free hand idly stroking the length of his watch chain, Dorian surveyed the magnificent statuary, no doubt meant to mimic that in Egypt.

"Impressive," he said, eying the building as the lindworm tore pieces out of hotels not half a mile away.


Who: Loki and Evan
What: Loki makes some serious monster related trouble, then pays Evan a visit.
Where: The strip, then Evan's apartment.
When: Immediately after the start of the plot.
Warnings/Rating: Some violence and weird monster related things?

Laughing with a mouth of blood, from a little spill I took. )


Who: Sam + OPEN Hawkeye, Black Widow
What: Dealing with ice, and with whatever else comes along
Where: The Strip
When: Las Vegas Plot
Warnings/Rating: Probably bad things & Language

She hauled herself off the couch as the Public Service Announcement warning began to blare on the television, and she groaned to herself a second later. )


Who: Selina, Iris + the Bat
What: Stealing something small, or trying to, at least
Where: Passages → Luke’s apartment
When: Las Vegas Plot
Warnings/Rating: Eventual Bat anger?

For one, Blondie didn’t have her own address saved in the phone’s address book. For another, the madhouse escapee outfit really didn’t suit the kitty’s complexion. )

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