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Oct. 29th, 2013


Who: purr and hiss
What: Reveal
Warnings: Talk of (and to) a corpse?

Back to work we go )


Who: See no evil
What: Reveal
Warnings: None

Her hand was shaking when she found nothing but what should have been there, smooth skin, unmarred and lacking in scars, and she stared at her fingers as she tried to calm her pounding heart. )


Who: The Knight
What: Reveal
Warnings: None

The bravest of all )

Oct. 28th, 2013


Who: Stole the beans from Lima
What: Reveal
When: Post party
Warnings: Feels.

From the Red Sea to Greenland, she'll be singing the blues. )


Who: Captain Canuck
What: Reveal
When: Post-Party
Warnings: None!

The True North strong and free! )


Who: Rainbow Brite
What: Reveal
When: Post-Party

Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,and rainbows have nothing to hide. )


Who: Jaeger pilot
What: Reveal
Warnings/Rating: Tame, lots of mythos.

Monsters were real )


Who: Follow the creed
What: Reveal~
Warnings/Rating: None.

And, if he'd made so much progress, then why was he only capable of opening up to strangers when he was barely himself at all? )


Who: dead time
What: Reveal
Warnings/Rating: Language.

Nobody wanted to hear how hard it was to not fuck up. )


Who: an illustrated woman
What: a reveal
Warnings/Rating: some language

The party was much more boring when she was left to her own devices. )


Who: Harlow
What: Reveal
Warnings/Rating: None

It all made her itchy in a way that was old and familiar. )


WHO: Rubik's Cube
WHAT: A reveal
RATING: Pretty light

At the moment, that wasn't as reassuring as it usually would be )


WHO: Fairy Princess
WHAT: A reveal
RATING: Light!

This is never going to wash out )


Who: Officer Friendly
What: Reveal.
Warnings/Rating: Uhh language I guess.

Dying really fucking sucked. )


Who: Between life & death
What: A reveal
Warnings/Rating: None

There was no peace in his life, just an endless string of struggles that left him wondering at times if it was truly worth it. )


Who: Convicted
What: Reveal (and life-changing event thinger)
Warnings/Rating: Language

A half hour later, and the bottle was mostly gone. )

Oct. 18th, 2013


Who: Everyone!
What: The Halloween plot
Where: Passages → The RMS Mauretania
Notes: This is a group log, so anything goes as far as adult content. Please provide locations and warnings, whenever appropriate, in subject lines. Characters may only be in one place at a time, not in multiple threads simultaneously, and you must post using the “doorsween” anon account. This post is anonymous; no names, accents, or defining fonts, please. Lastly, comment with "dibs" on threads you intend to hit, and feel free to exit your characters from threads at any time.

The Mauritania is a ghost ship. )

Oct. 22nd, 2012


Who:Dorian & Hunter
What: Reveal
When: Backdated to group-plot end.
Notes: *falls over dead.*

In which Dorian does some healing and some mocking. )


Who: Daniel & the Beast
What: Reveals!
When: Backdated to the morning of the plot.
Warnings: None.

In which the Beast gives Daniel a talking-to. )

Oct. 21st, 2012


Who: Jewel Man & Sugarman
What: A Reveal.
When: Backdated immediately after the party.
Notes: Please be patient with me, I am trying to catch up on so many posts!

For a moment there was a struggle without aggression as both men tried to stretch into the confines of a single body once more. )

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