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Mar. 24th, 2014


Who: Neil
What: Narrative: Waking up.
Where: UMC.
When: Nowish?
Warnings/Rating: Language and glossing over medical stuff woooooo.

Except yeah, he did. )


Who: Neil and Sam
What: Homecoming. (1/2)
Where: Their house.
When: Before Neil gets stabbed lol.
Warnings/Rating: None.

'Such a fucking romantic,' she said with a laugh that was all brightness, despite the rapidly fading black of the dye in her hair, and despite how pale that black made her. )

Mar. 19th, 2014


Who: Neil and Chloe
What: Stabbity stab.
Where: Neil's house.
When: Now? Post this.
Warnings/Rating: Brief violence. Blood.

Chloe didn't wait, didn't linger to see his face, his expression of recognition. )
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Mar. 4th, 2014


Who: Wolf and Phantom
What: Wolf gets to hear some pretty music.
Where: An abandoned church in the Tales door.
When: After V-Day.
Warnings/Rating: None!

But all dreams died eventually, and he had resigned himself to solitude, to playing only for himself, where sound echoed down empty halls carved of stone where water rippled as though it heard. )
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Feb. 4th, 2014


Who: Sam and Neil
What: Hospital visit.
Where: Whatever hospital Sam is at.
When: Recently?
Warnings/Rating: Uh none.

'You said that already,' she told him of his never having met Iris, a lopsided grin and it was only the fact that she wasn't actually the jealous type that didn't make her assume that he was lying, yeah? )

Jan. 22nd, 2014


Who: Neil
What: Narrative: new evidence = more questioning.
Where: Police station.
When: Nowish?
Warnings/Rating: Swearing.

He hadn't thought it could get any worse. He was wrong. )

Dec. 9th, 2013


Who: Raoul, Christine, + the Phantom
What: Old friends reunite and the Phantom is not pleased.
Where: Paris Opera House.
When: Uh recently?
Warnings/Rating: Just the Opera Ghost doing his thing.

The haunting voice that beckoned from the top of the darkened staircase drew all of Christine's attention for a moment. )

Oct. 23rd, 2012


Who: Neil
What: Ruminations and alter-changing things.
Where: His Aria suite.
When: Vaguely after this call.
Warnings/Rating: None.

Well, well, Normie, looks like we have a new friend to play with. )

Oct. 5th, 2012


Who: Neil, Sam, Tess + Jack
What: A night out.
Where: XS.
When: Recently~
Warnings/Rating: Nah.

Sam was busy asking the waiter - bartender, really - for a couple of lemon drop martinis and a round of shots and chasers for the cabana, and she didn't notice the familiarity in Jack's greeting to Tess until she looked back up. )

Aug. 11th, 2012


Who: Neil and Loki!Louis
What: Post-memories chat.
Where: A coffee shop.
When: Sometime after the memories.
Warnings/Rating: None.

Loki couldn't help it: he scoffed. He covered the derision by looking out the window and pretending nothing had happened. How many times had he heard the same from Thor? They were words, only words. )
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Jul. 24th, 2012


Who: Sam and Neil
What: Almost-sex? And panicking.
Where: Cathouse
When: Just before the Memories Plot
Warnings/Rating: Drugs, language

Tonight he looked the part, like old money rather than new, but cash was cash all the same and he turned a few greedy heads as he made his entrance. )

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: Neil / The Phantom
What: Memories Plot.
Where: His swanky suite.
Things to avoid: Lol seriously. It's me. No holds barred.

Like any sane person at this hour of the day, Neil was asleep. He had no reason to be up early, and so he often slept in, his mornings lazy and languid, before he dragged himself out of bed and searched for the motivation to do something with the rest of his day. There were still a good few hours before he felt he needed to get up, and Erik had long since ceased to complain about his laziness. His level of sleep meant that the headache began as a dull ache, one easily ignored, until it built, a heavy tempo, and he dragged his eyes open with a groan. Aspirin, he thought hazily, pushing himself up into a sitting position, and then a wave of dizziness struck, nearly knocking him back against the pillows. Fuck. He couldn't be hungover, since he hadn't been drinking the night before, unless he'd been drinking so much that he forgot about it entirely. That didn't sound right, though, and he brought a hand to his forehead as he struggled to keep upright, but he lost the battle a moment later, burying his face into the mass of pillows with a string of muffled curses.

Jun. 27th, 2012


Who: Erik and Christine
What: Erik shows up to check out Christine's new living arrangements and does not approve.
Where: Montmartre, Paris.
When: Errr recently.
Warnings/Rating: None.

It should not have surprised her to find him there before her, in the shadows and the darkness. He was full of such tricks, and she had always thought them magical. )

Jun. 2nd, 2012


Who: Neil and Sam
What: Post-hotel fuzz.
Where: Aria.
When: After the Vegas plot.
Warnings/Rating: Some mentions of injuries.

She crawled back under the blankets, pulled them up over her head, and willed the entire fucking world away. )

May. 18th, 2012


Who: OPEN to Phantom peeps and their Las Vegas counterparts
What: Trying to stay alive?
Where: The Venetian
When: Las Vegas Plot
Warnings/Rating: Oh probably. It's the Phantom kids.

She didn't know what was supposed to happen at the hotel, but she was certain this wasn't it )

May. 14th, 2012


Who: Christine → Sam
What: Short narrative
Where: Paris → The Ranch
When: Recent
Warnings/Rating: Language

She made her way to Montmartre, to where songbirds could earn a living in a way that was better than the docks. )

May. 11th, 2012


Who: Sam and Neil (kind of) → Christine and Erik (kind of)
What: Discussing the Raoul problem
Where: Aria
When: Nowish (AKA, while Loki is beating Raoul's ass)
Warnings/Rating: Nope

Neil had never realized that he could miss someone who, for all extensive purposes, was standing before him, but that hint of warm, teasing familiarity made him wish none of this had ever happened. )

Apr. 19th, 2012


Who: Aiden, Neil, Sam, Shailee
What: Plotting and drinks
Where: Foundation Room
When: Recentish
Warnings/Rating: Language

Nadir would be the one responsible for keeping an eye on - and ideally pistolwhipping - Raoul and making sure that nothing really exciting happened. )

Apr. 14th, 2012


Who: Erik
What: Taking Christine up on her offer (short narrative).
Where: Christine's place.
When: idk recently.
Warnings/Rating: None.

That night, for the first time in recent memory, Erik slept in a proper bed, in a home he never once imagined he would ever inhabit. )

Apr. 7th, 2012


Who: Erik
What: Discovering the state of his lair.
Where: Paris, the Opera House.
When: Nowish?
Warnings/Rating: Sad.

The Opera House was empty, Christine was gone, and the ghost was no longer wanted. It was far past his time to disappear. )

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