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Oct. 9th, 2012


WHO Peggy & Rogue.
WHAT Whoops, someone's doin' a B&E.
WHEN Recently.
WHERE Peggy's apartment, New York, Marvel Door.
From what he gathered about the Marvel door, there weren’t many people who knew her and mutants were barely a blip on the radar yet. In case there were people waiting for an X-Men to show, it was best to hide. )

Oct. 8th, 2012


Who: Max, Ryan and Andrew
What: An undercover meeting with the kid
Where: A coffee shop
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: None

With Max's back turned for just a second, Ryan shot Andrew a look that wasn't just concerned. He wanted to know how much help Andrew needed to get out of this hole his grandfather left in their lives. )

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: Andrew Mumford / Peggy Carter
What: Memories Plot
Where: The back of one of the Mumford cars.
Things to avoid: Nothingggggg.

Andrew was leaving the studio apartment of an undergrad at UNLV that he met at a club only a few hours before. She was a pretty little thing, with not much up there, and majoring in psychology if he remembered correctly. Whatever, it didn't matter. He had skipped dinner with his grandfather the night before, feigning illness, and he knew he would be in trouble. But, he needed the break desperately. Anything but constant dinners with Wayne Mumford and the looming future as the head of a crime family. It was all too much, and Andrew wished he could continue to pretend to be that wealthy bachelor who was just out to have a good time.

He couldn't though, and he knew he needed to go to the Aria to face his grandfather again. So, he told the driver, even as his head pounded with what he guessed was a wicked hangover, to bring him there. As the first memory sneaked in, Andrew leaned his head against the glass. Did the girl sneak something in his morning OJ? Well, this was going to be interesting.

Jul. 9th, 2012


WHO Andrew & Bee
WHAT Maren Fall-out
WHEN After Maren died.
WHERE Turnberry, Bee's apartment

She was the only person who could talk him down right now, and though he didn’t want her to know, he needed someone to talk to more. )

Jun. 30th, 2012


Who: Tony, Peggy and Steve
What: Chats
Where: The Lobby of Stark Tower
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: None

Peggy expected Tony Stark to be difficult. )

Jun. 26th, 2012


WHO Wayne and Andrew Mumford.
WHAT Uh-oh, Andrew's in trouble.
WHEN Recently!
WHERE The Aria, Wayne's place.
WARNING Nothing really!
So, in true Mumford fashion, Wayne intended on playing his grandson so that he’d get some more information. )

Jun. 24th, 2012


WHO Steve and Peggy.
WHAT Reunions.
WHEN Recentish!
WHERE Grand Central Station, Marvel Door.
“You know,” he said, the beginning of an echo from a last communication before he hit the ice all those years ago, “I still don’t know how to dance.” )

Jun. 18th, 2012


WHO Bianca & Andrew
WHAT Catching up
WHEN After the hotel debacle but before she meets Cory
WHERE Andrew's Apartment

That’s funny. Maybe they’ll get through to you since they’re already through that thick skull of yours. )