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Feb. 15th, 2013


Elen síla lumenn’ omentielvo

Who: Chetan Winter / Malcolm Darcy
What: Journal comparisons
Where: MacMullan's Irish Pub
When: End of January.

follows sunset
the darkness descending
until it disappears into
the stars.

Seems to be a lucky thing we don't have any shiny golden rings either )

Jan. 9th, 2013


WHO Spencer & Malcolm
WHAT Lunch
WHEN Recently
WHERE Jim's Diner

We’ll take it slow. )

Jan. 1st, 2013


Who: Spencer and Malcolm
When: Sunday before Christmas.
Where: Out on the town in Vegas.
What: A kind of sort of maybe second date-ish thing, with flowers and a vegan dinner.
Warnings: Just cuteness. And Messiah. But only if you can Handel it.

Malcolm was doing so much for him just by being exactly what he needed most: a friend that didn’t know about his past. )


Who: Gemma, Justine, and Malcolm
When: Before the Christmas plot, while Malcolm is through his door
Where: Malcolm's apartment
What: Justine keeps Gemma company while Malcolm is frolicking through Middle-earth.

Ballet dancers gonna watch ballet. )

Dec. 18th, 2012


WHO Malcolm & Spencer
WHAT Tea after Yoga class
WHEN Recently
WHERE At a Yoga studio & then a nearby cafe
WARNINGS Cute. So cute.

Malcolm found Spencer taking his bag absolutely and unexpectedly charming, and really, he couldn’t stop smiling, walking along companionably. )

Dec. 17th, 2012


Who: Gemma & Miles
What: Gemma tries to watch Kingdom of Heaven.
Where: Malcolm's apartment.
When: After Gemma & Justine talk, while Malcolm is out.
Warnings/Rating: Oblique references to televised violence.

Not a fun film for the whole family. )

Dec. 16th, 2012


Who: Samwise Gamgee, Legolas, Aragorn
Where: The Shire, Middle Earth
When: Today
What: A meeting of friends through time and space
Warnings: None

It was so strange some days... )

Dec. 11th, 2012


Who: Malcom & Gemma (& Miles & Legolas)
What: Gemma arrives in Vegas & learns about doors & keys.
Where: The airport/the car/Malcolm’s apartment
When: Early evening before Legolas & Aragorn talk.
Warnings/Rating: Some profanity.

Does it qualify as gossip if I’m talking about myself? )

Dec. 10th, 2012


Who: Justine and Malcolm
What: Malcolm goes to play for Justine's dancing, to see if they mesh, and improvises some music.
Where: Olive's dance studio
When: Monday morning, bright an early.
Warnings/Rating: There is ballet and classical music. And Elvish. You have been warned.

God, is there like, some club in this city that I just never knew about? They ought to put it in the brochures. Come to Vegas, develop benign schizophrenia. )