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Apr. 11th, 2013


Who: Thea Wells & Lin Alesi
What: The log that went forever. Mostly fuzz, Footloose and Talking.
Where: Lin's place
When: Reeelatively recently
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm in passing

Quickness in a conversation, the back and forth of banter, was Lin’s proverbial bread and butter )

Apr. 5th, 2013


Who: Angie King & Lin Alesi
What: Shaking their groove thangs
Where: Generic Vegas club
When: After this; last Friday in the pm
Warnings/Rating: Not much! Cute platonic friends and maybe some swearing; also mad moves.

Please. At least you know where to put it. )

Apr. 1st, 2013


WHO Lin Alesi and Rose Dimka.
WHAT Reunited and it feels so good.
WHEN Wednesday, March 10, after this.
WHERE Casa de Alesi.

That's cool, bro. You do you. Ave 8 will give you the real Vegas Experience - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, Elvis, prostitutes, et cetera. Then, you can come here for as long as you're around after we get you tested for rabies. )

Mar. 26th, 2013


Who: Aubrey Rois (as P!nk), Blake Thorne (as Christina), & Lin Alesi (as Lady Marmalade)
What: Three attractive men/divas & a little awkwardness
Where: The Opium Room @ Tao
When: After this
Warnings/Rating: Attractive men, swears, crude humor. We've got it all, folks.

Because it didn’t make sense. Because worlds were not supposed to collide. )

Mar. 24th, 2013


Who: Thea Wells & Lin Alesi
What: A spill, then a meeting in the stacks between two very different kinds of library-goers
Where: 4th Floor, UNLV Library
When: Recently, this past week
Warnings/Rating: Mention of Michael Flatley and Riverdance, swears.

But books distilled life down to the important moments that made you shiver when you read them, or the history that beat through them like sluggish blood through veins. )

Mar. 21st, 2013


Who: Aubrey Rois & Lin Alesi
What: Swings! Honey Boo Boo!
Where: Vegas
When: The day the switch plot ended
Warnings/Rating: None - swearing? Tabs Takeover.

Aubrey knew they had a tentative sort of peace stretched out between them, and he wasn’t exactly in a hurry to fuck it up. )

Mar. 20th, 2013


Who: Daniel Webster & Lin Alesi
What: Back to reality. (Part III of III.)
Where: Daniel’s apartment, Turnberry Towers
When: After Part II
Warnings/Rating: ST, swearing, hurt feels.

The sticky lack of clothes or table and the looming presence of Lin and the expectations his presence seemed to imply made Daniel uncomfortable, and when Daniel was uncomfortable he got nasty. )


Who: Daniel Webster & Lin Alesi
What: Breaking and entering; Lin takes Daniel up on his word. (Part I of - yep! - III.)
Where: Daniel’s apartment, Turnberry Towers
When: Not long after this
Warnings/Rating: Swears and UST.

Lin's eyes narrowed. Oh, right. Riiiight. The Gay Gaze. Because he was so very, very predatory. Like a fucking gay shark drawn to straight blood, he would find confused, shirtless, alcoholic men who lived alone and convert them with a single touch of his fabulous gay magic wand. )

Mar. 18th, 2013


Who: Russell Campbell & Lin Alesi
What: A fight, the attempted break-up of said fight, the loss of an iPod, and an unlikely pair
Where: Back-alley of a seedy hick bar -> Russ' place
When: Saturday, March 16
Warnings/Rating: Swears, punches, and Star Fox being a BAMF

Russ laughed; it was a wet kind of sound like maybe he was choking on blood for a second as his throat worked around laughter and breathing, and it was tired, but he looked at the kid, earnest and dizzy like a prizefighter instead of an idiot bystander and he laughed. )

Mar. 9th, 2013


Who: Olivia Landon & Lin Alesi
What: Not hating each other
Where: Serenity
When: After Lin is sexiled; during the switch plot
Warnings/Rating: Olivia is drunk, Lin swears a lot; muddled emotions; frustration; liquor

She was wary of him, in a way that Olivia was wary of pop-culture and of teenagers and of things like Justin Bieber. )

Mar. 2nd, 2013


WHO: Angie and Lin
WHAT: Hanging out on Serenity and being adorbs
WHEN: Recently

The blond hair, the, thinly-veiled desire for world domination that was most certainly there in her eyes, yes. )

Mar. 1st, 2013


Who: Gwen!Sam Alexander, Beast Webster, Scary Cas!Chloe Murphy, & Lin "I say some things in Chinese" Alesi
What: Hurting, biting, cutting, bleeding, scaring, crying, ditching
Where: Marvel door, Gwen and Flash's apartment
When: After this
Warnings/Rating: Violence; a lot of cursing.

She just wanted down, away, and she fought against the invisible hand that held her, silent screams which eventually gave way to shocked silence, her eyes unseeing, pupils blown wide after a few seconds longer still. Then, yeah, nothing. Just shock calm, eerie and still. )

Feb. 28th, 2013


Who: Winnie O'Hara & Lin Alesi
What: Combat boots, nail polish, & kewt bois: a slumber party Linnie-style
Where: All aboard the good ship Serenity
When: Day Zero of Plot
Warnings/Rating: Here be cutes and swears.

Winnie followed after him, wondering when was the last time she had a sleepover with gossip and nail polish and decided that it had been never. )

Feb. 24th, 2013


Who: Zoe & Wash (Washburne...)
What: A sexy dress, some drinks, and a few words
Where: Dingy bar in Vegas
When: A few days post-switcheroo
Warnings/Rating: Zoe in a li'l slink.

Weren’t nothing wrong with a little downtime - technicalities said if they weren’t flying the ship, they weren’t the crew but she’d never had no mind for technicalities. If Mal said ‘back to it’, that was how it would be but he wasn’t here and he hadn’t found the bar yet, despite his nose for a brawl and a bar. )

Feb. 13th, 2013


Who: Sam Alexander & Lin Alesi
What: Discussing Daniel
Where: Aria Skye Suites
When: Shortly after this convo; January
Warnings/Rating: Some language, implied hotness of Leo DiCap

Lin just held, white-knuckled, onto the hope that this would end differently and that he could go home without wanting to execute Jigglypuff. )