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May. 26th, 2013


Who: Gabriel Reed, Laura Daniels
What: A very very tame movie date (with minor lifechanging event)
When: Friday night
Where: Downtown
Warnings: Kissing. Violence.

It was that part that moved first (strike first, questions second), digging her thumb hard into a pressure point on his wrist, one that was meant to cause pain and weakness, the hand that was holding his cane and providing support )

May. 12th, 2013


Who: Gabe, Phee and Ernie Reed (guest appearance: Eloise Murphy)
What: Mother's Day. Absentia one mother.
When: Sunday

They had built their traditions as they had built their home )

May. 5th, 2013


Who: Gabriel Reed and 'JR'.
What: A meet. And turncoating.
When: We're going with 'recently' what with all the continuity blurring here.
Warnings: Violence?

'It didn't have to be like this,' he said to Gabe, giving him one more glance, but now there was nothing in his eyes. Not humor, nor pain, nor anger, only a dim resignation )

Apr. 23rd, 2013


Who: Gabe and Laura
What: Lunch not-a-date
Where: Diner near the flower shop she works at.
When: Before Max and Dylan's exploding adventure
Warnings/Rating: More awkward flirting and hints at bad pasts.

The diner was not quiet. The diner was walled noise and hustle )

Apr. 13th, 2013


Who: Gabriel, Ophelia and Earnest Reed.
What: When children grow up
When: Recently
Where: Eloise's home

He comes back with the parts worn away, with rust where they won’t think to look. )

Apr. 2nd, 2013


Who: Gabe and Laura
What: Meetings! In person!
Where: A really crappy flower shop.
When: Today?
Warnings/Rating: Adorably mild flirting.

Coworkers with temper problems aren't easy to find flowers for. Especially when they don't actually like flowers )

Mar. 24th, 2013


Who: Eloise and Gabriel
What: Tea and unsaid things
Where: Playbill
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: F for Feels

There was a mild calm that Gabe brought in on his heels that didn't suit the shop's contrived quiet at all, it was solid dark gaze that was unblinking and looked a little longer than was strictly polite, as if he might - had the cane not been there, had they rolled back half a dozen years - put his hands into the artless tumble of her hair, put lips to the pale china of her throat and pulled apart the perfection until there was woman along with the actress. )

Mar. 12th, 2013


Who: Max and Gabe
What: Paperwork
Where: The office
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Nope

He was still smiling as he came through the door. His progress was slow and the door opened long before he made it through, but Gabe carried it as if there was nothing unusual about the cane and the progress and the white box in his arms and with that confidence came the matter-of-fact assumption that he was right. )

Mar. 9th, 2013


Who: Emma and Eddie
Where: A shady part of Vegas
When: backdated to the switchplot
What: Trying to make amends after this debacle
Warnings: None!

Emma sniffed. It was a small, poignant sound and it was filled with all the woe that weighed down a twenty year old Regency girl in Vegas. )

Mar. 3rd, 2013


Who: Eddie and Emma
Where: The Forum Shops
When: Recently
What: Shopping and then Eddie predictably says something offensive
Warnings: None!

He did, Emma decided, lovelorn exceptionally well. )

Feb. 18th, 2013


Who: Eddie Nigma and Emma Woodhouse
When: Early Monday morning
Where: Passages
What: Eddie feels sorry for a complete stranger and doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile Emma shows grace even after a freak out.
Warnings: None!

But the man was ridiculous and she wasn’t certain whether he was a lunatic or simply a gentleman with a very poor line in conversation. )

Feb. 10th, 2013


Who: Gabe and Jim
When: Recently
Where: Jimmy's Diner
What: Meeting! Jim trying to decide if Gabe is dead
Warnings: None

People usually wind up dead at diners in Vegas? )