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Jan. 2nd, 2014


Who: Damian and Death
What: Death. And Post-Death.
Where: The rooftop of the apartment in Gotham.
When: Instantly following this
Warnings/Rating: Talk of death and more sads.

In the back of her mind, she knew that something was coming )

Jan. 1st, 2014


Who: Batman, Robin and NPC Firefly
When: Recently!
Where: Gotham
What: Two characters die! Guess which ones!
Warnings: violent death, sads

Damian didn’t understand a world where he wasn’t the best at what he did. )

Dec. 26th, 2013


Who: Damian, Jason and Helena
Where: Bat mansion
When: backdated to before the xmas events
What: birds fighting
Warnings: talk of depression/self harm, sad stuff

Why was he being so shrill? It made her ears hurt, fingers frantically tugging on the cuffs of her hoodie instead of covering her ears. )

Nov. 27th, 2013


Who: Dex, Dylan, Ella (+Beth), Jack, Max
What: The dinner table
Where: Max's townhouse
When: Thanksgiving
Warnings/Rating: IDK

Nothing was decorated, because Max didn't do decorations, not since Seattle. But the townhouse was clean, and she'd rented a table that was big enough to hold six chairs and whatever food Ella was making. This olive branch, which had been as spur of the moment as anything could be, was starting to feel like a bad idea. She had visions of flying turkey and smashing beer bottles, and she couldn't shake them. She knew it was ridiculous. She knew that awkwardness was much more likely than a food fight, but the kitchen counter was lined with beer and bottles of booze (just in case).

Oct. 28th, 2013


Who: Damian and Selina
Where: Bat mansion!
When: Pre plot
What: awkward talkin
Warnings: I have everybody wants to be a cat stuck in my head now and i blame this thread

Does Alfred make a habit of throwing women out of Bruce's bed? )

Sep. 3rd, 2013


Who: Dick, Damian and Bruce (until Damian leaves and parent traps these two eldest batpeople)
Where: The BATCAVE
When: Guys this log was started so long ago, there were like WAY MORE ALIVE characters when this log was started (though, truthfully this could have been started YESTERDAY and it would still be true). Timeline wise, back after Bane made a huge mess and didn't even pick up when he was done. It's like Gotham was my 7th birthday party all over again.
Warnings: IDK Batkid schmoop? Seriously that's whats in here. So basically lots of dysfunctional thinky thoughts and tons of heartfelt dialogue. They'll never speak of it again. You shouldn't either.
Anything else: I love you guys.
Spoiler alert: Dick smiles at the end.

Is anyone going to mention how the batcave is ALSO a jungle gym? No? Ok. )

Aug. 8th, 2013


Who: Bruce and Damian
What: Discussing Helena.
Where: The hospital.
When: Back while Hels was still hospitalized.
Warnings/Rating: Some sads.

Damian bowed his head, eyes staring down at his sneakers as his shoulders shifted weight into his father’s hand. )

Jul. 28th, 2013


Who: Kara, Damian, and Jason
What: Sparring at Sanctuary goes pear-shaped extremely fast.
Where: Sanctuary (DC Door)
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Sadness and beatdowns?

Kara, when are you going to learn this isn’t your freaky Krypton planet anymore? I don’t fight because it’s fun or it builds character. I fight because I believe in honor and justice. )

May. 21st, 2013


Who: Jason, Damian, and the Bat
What: Jailbreak.
Where: Blackgate.
When: Let's say now-ish.
Warnings/Rating: Some violence.

Jason could hardly believe what he was seeing when a bat shape appeared in front of him. For a moment he wondered if it was the toxin still wreaking havok on his system, but, no, he stared and the shape remained. )

Apr. 30th, 2013


Who: Damian and Kara
Where: Dami/Dick's place in Bludhaven
When: recentlyish!
What: Damian and Kara meet!
Warnings: none

Krypton might have been chaste, in comparison to Earth, but she still knew what boys did when they were trying to look good. )

Apr. 15th, 2013


Who: Damian and Stephanie
When: Recently
Where: Bludhaven
What: Damian tells Steph he's moving even though she already knows
Warning: snark. crossed arms.

Urban camouflage, baby bird. I’m trying to get intel. )

Apr. 12th, 2013


Who: Bruce, Helena and Damian
What: Talking. Lots of it.
Where: Wayne Manor.
When: Sometime before Morgan left.
Warnings/Rating: Feeeels.

This time when Helena reached for a coffee mug, it was her own. Did more need to be said? There was still that itch between her shoulder blades like a conflict that still wasn't settled. )

Apr. 4th, 2013


Who: Dick and Damian
Where: Dick's apartment
When: Recently!
What: Big decisions~
Warnings: None

Dick watched as Damian faceplanted on his couch with epic style and grace that was only made possible by virtue of being Damian. )

Mar. 7th, 2013


Who: Damian and Helena
What: Talking and bonding
Where: Batcave, Wayne Manor
When: Backdated to Valentine's Day
Warnings/Rating: Waynesibs cuteness? A little bit of fighting.

He frowned deeply, flapping his little bird arms at her almost like he was about to fall out of his own nest. )

Feb. 23rd, 2013


Who: Damian and Selina
Where: Jimmy's Diner
When: recently!
What: Showdown, but not in the way you might think.
Warnings: Get out your umbrella, it's time for the feels rain.

Oh, see, that little flicker of blue just fed into whatever had been missing since she'd ended up in this miserable place. )

Feb. 10th, 2013


Who: Gabe and Jim
When: Recently
Where: Jimmy's Diner
What: Meeting! Jim trying to decide if Gabe is dead
Warnings: None

People usually wind up dead at diners in Vegas? )

Jan. 27th, 2013


Who: Val and Jim
Where: Jim's Diner
When: Backdated a bit so it's during the plague
What: Jim asks Val for help with renovations
Warnings: Swearing probably

There was pride in his voice, seeping out through the disdain for most of the rest of the world and even a majority of his customers. )

Jan. 24th, 2013


Who: Damian, Dick, and Helena
What: Snowball fight and picking out a tree
Where: Wayne Manor grounds
When: Prior to Christmas
Warnings/Rating: Dami and Hels being cute Waynesibs.

A moment passed in the wake of his suicidal snow fighting tactic and Damian crawled out from under the tree, laying on his back as he picked out twigs from his clothes and hair. 'I am victorious.' )

Jan. 9th, 2013


WHO Damian, Tim, and Ra's
WHAT Recon
WHERE Warehouse District, Gotham

He wanted them alive, wanted them to take this information back to the Detective, and then he wanted them to watch as this city fell apart. And everything they did, it would aid him, he'd make sure of it. )

Dec. 31st, 2012


Who: Damian and Steph
When: Christmas night
Where: Wayne Manor
What: Drunk batkids talkin about the party
Warnings: Just cuteness.

Don't--don't you even think--Damian Wayne, you promise me you'll never even think about--. )

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