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Sep. 28th, 2012


Who: Steve Rogers & Tony Stark
What: Steve wants his shield back, Tony can totally make that happen
When: backdated, before Jane Foster was kidnapped
Warnings/Rating: PG-13, atm

Though he wanted his shield, this was Tony who’d offered to help so he really should have thought the offer through just a bit more. )

Sep. 20th, 2012


Who: riven lund & mike gideon
What: a chance meeting on the street
When: backdated, sunday, 9/16, late evening/after-dark-thirty
Where: a sidewalk on a street in the city
Warnings/Rating: none that i know of; general audiences or maybe teen at best
Notes: i'm sorry i let the week get away from me. <3

sometimes a guy playing a guitar on a sidewalk is just a guy. playing a guitar. on a sidewalk.Read more... )

Aug. 7th, 2012


WHO Justine & Mike, then Pepper & Steve
WHAT Dragging Mike through the door
WHEN Recently.
WHERE MGM Grand -> Passages -> Stark Tower

Benji and Mike would always look out for her and since they were both in her door, she knew Thor and Cap would take care of Pepper. She was set, and Pepper had Tony too! It was just too perfect. )

Jul. 26th, 2012


WHO Justine & Mike
WHAT Bonding
WHEN A few days after Benji left [Four years ago]
WHERE The Sorenson House in England

She’d hoped by now that she’d run out of tears but it didn’t look like that was ever going to happen, as much as she wanted it to. )

Jun. 30th, 2012


Who: Tony, Peggy and Steve
What: Chats
Where: The Lobby of Stark Tower
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: None

Peggy expected Tony Stark to be difficult. )

Jun. 24th, 2012


WHO Steve and Peggy.
WHAT Reunions.
WHEN Recentish!
WHERE Grand Central Station, Marvel Door.
“You know,” he said, the beginning of an echo from a last communication before he hit the ice all those years ago, “I still don’t know how to dance.” )

Jun. 23rd, 2012


Who: Maren
What: Narrative: A failed hit (An attempt to set fire to the Fulton Garage)
Where: Fulton Garage
When: Saturday
Warnings/Rating: Nope

Saturday dawned hot and dry. A hundred degrees, and Maren thought it fitting. )

Jun. 20th, 2012


Who: Jack and Maren
What: A meeting for penpals!
Where: Rehab
When: Before Alexander kidnapped MK.
Warnings/Rating: None!

No, sir. I would rather burn. I would rather burn, and burn, until there was nothing left of me, because then I would at least know what it felt like. The exquisite pain of loss, the indescribable feeling of love, the sensation of joy, of contentment. I’d take any of it. If feeling just as terrible as feeling too little, then I will take the former and shrug off the latter. )

Jun. 17th, 2012


Who: Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers
What: Catch up on things
Where: Steve's gym so Anton can perv swoon
Warnings: Excessive adorable and pep talks?

In which Bruce and Steve become sort of roomies and Bruce resolves not to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle )

Jun. 12th, 2012


Who: Steve Rogers and Thor
What: Talking
Where: The diner across the street from Stark Tower, New York, Midgard, Marvel Door
When: Following this
Warnings/Rating: None

It was impossible to miss Thor, who was as physically out of his element as Steve was internally. )

Jun. 7th, 2012


Who: Hank Pym, Captain America
When: Earlier in the week after this
Where: One of Pym's warehouses
What: Old friends hugging it out, I swear
Warnings: Pym yells. A little violence

Seventy years worth of ice. )

Jun. 6th, 2012


Who: Maren and Kellan
What: Drinking, discussion, dissing their Alters.
Where: Money Plays
When: Not long after the Altersplosion.
Warnings/Rating: Relatively tame. Some implications of offscreen activity.

She would be the heroine of her own story, even if the world deemed her a villain for it. )

May. 19th, 2012


Who: Deadpool, Captain America and Stephanie Brown.
What: Just a friendly traipsing across the town. What, why are you looking at him like that?
Where: Starting on the top of Luxor, then down on the strip.
When: During the crazy.
Warnings/Rating: A little bit of gore. Will update if there is any change.

Oh #$%@. )

May. 18th, 2012


Who: Superman and CLOSED! Various supers handled the dragon, Hulk, and split up to handle everything else.
Where: The Strip, and immediate environs. Probably somewhere around the Wynn and the Venetian.
When: Now.
Warnings/Rating: Probably fine. Maybe some people will swear, but it won't be Clark.
Notes: Don't bother with the posting order. Fine writing not required for smashing and quick tags. Chi is at work, as certainly many other people are likely to be, so just carry on. We assume the monster keeps going until Ace says otherwise.

The lindworm was in the process of trying to crack a tour bus load full of screaming tourists with the exact same frustration off a terrier attempting to peel the tin foil off a steak when a streak of red and blue shot through the sky at an acute angle. The streak hit the dragon hard on the side of what approximated the head (the part just behind the teeth) causing it to drop the tour bus. Fifty-plus people plummeted down toward the sidewalk where more milling, screaming inhabitants attempted to find shelter without understanding where they were going.

Superman, perhaps the most iconic superhero in living memory, caught the bus twenty yards from the ground. He had the red cape, the S, the big muscles, the whole nine yards. He caught the bus with both upturned palms and quite literally flew off with it. Everyone stopped screaming for about ten seconds to gape.

May. 15th, 2012


Who: Captain America, Iron Man, and Loki
What: Loki comes for a chunk of Tony's suit. Chaos, explosions, and banter ensue, as well as Steve gallantly catching Tony in his arms like a gentleman.
Where: Stark Tower
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Some violence.

'You don’t call, you don’t write. I was beginning to think that big brother and mommy managed to ground you.' )

May. 11th, 2012


Who: Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner
What: Regrouping after the Avengers Conference Call of non-productivity.
Where: Bruce's lab space in a warehouse in New Jersey
When: After the Avengers Conference Call of Non-Productivity.
Rating: r u srs rn?

Getting to knooooow you, getting to know all about you. Getting to liiike you, getting to hope you like meeeeee. )

May. 8th, 2012


Who: Maren, Kellan (and some Delano NPCs)
What: Taking care of things
Where: Maren's RV
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Violence and dead peeps
TL;DR: There are three (Delano) bodies, burnt to a crisp in the desert, and Maren's RV has gone up in convenient flames. None of Hunter's dogs were harmed in the making of this doc.

The tightness of her grip, both on his hand and then on his shirt, almost made Kellan wince. )

May. 6th, 2012


Who: Maren and Hunter
What: Talking
Where: The RV
When: Immediately after Hunter found Hannah's body, before Maren's botched hit. In other words: Recent.
Warnings/Rating: Nope

Hunter seemed to feel it was necessary to preamble all his replies to questions with that movement of his head and shoulder, as if he wanted to footnote every conversation with the warning that he didn't actually know what he was talking about. )

Apr. 30th, 2012


Who: Maren and Kellan
What: Original plan: go drinking, complain about life, part ways amicably. Actual result: winding up in bed together. (Part 1!)
Where: Diablo's Cantina and then Kellan's motel room.
When: Recently, after this.
Warnings/Rating: None really - some implications for part 2.

It matched the red, the smile, all dark terrors on the night and promises that shouldn’t be spoken aloud. And then she laughed, a young woman’s laugh, shattering the effect with dark eyes that smiled instead of cursed. )

Apr. 18th, 2012


Who: Maren and Hunter
What: Sibling reunions
Where: Maren's RV
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: I shall warn for dogs and literature

He was not put out with her for backing away, nor even deeply hurt, and he was almost relieved that he wasn't going to have to be particularly affectionate, since he wasn't by nature. )

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