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Feb. 13th, 2014


Who: Bruce and Alfred
What: More sads and comfort.
Where: Wayne Manor.
When: Backdated to before Damian's funeral.
Warnings/Rating: Sads?

Alfred did not show a great deal of wear. He had the kind of face that wore the same wrinkles as every other day, the same sense of having seen a great deal and surprised by little of it and even when excessively tired and dispirited, he showed it little. )

Oct. 6th, 2013


Who: Saint and Preston (or 'Ash')
What: Attempted rescue
Where: Saint's apartment
When: Backdated to immediately post this
Ratings: Talk of violence?

Preston handled difficulty by forcing it out into the real world, where it had causes and effects, physical movements like planets whisking around each other out in the void )

Sep. 18th, 2012


Who: Selina, Alfred, and Tony
What: Taking care of Kitty, looking for an antidote
Where: Batcave!
When: Post-Night of a Thousand Villains in Gotham

Tony waltzed through the entrance to the cave like a kid coming into science class )

Sep. 12th, 2012


Who: Alfred and Lois
What: Hanging at the BatHouse
Where: *points up* The BatHouse. DUH
When: After she moved in and did some appropriate grocery shopping.
Warnings: Lois.

I recommend letting it sit briefly, to make the cheese easier to cut. )

Aug. 26th, 2012


Who: Sam & Iris → Christine & Alfred
What: Procuring a home in Paris
Where: Passages → Phantom door
When: Todayish
Warnings/Rating: None

Iris was still trying to catch her breath when she reached out to take the rook from Sam. It was heavier than it looked, which betrayed its makeup. )

Aug. 22nd, 2012


Who: Iris, Sam, and Tess
What: Sisterly meetings, hangs, and shopping
Where: Around Las Vegas... really, it's not that specific. A shop.
When: Today? Recently?
Warnings/Rating: Sibling teasing! Talk of naughtiness.

Sam had been trying to agree to get Iris to meet Tess for weeks now, and she wasn't going to pass up the opportunity, even if it came with shopping )

Aug. 14th, 2012


Who: Damian and Iris
When: Before the big villain dance party
Where: Passages
What: Damian wants to check up on Iris
Warnings: Some yelling and cuteness

I don’t know why you’re still here. Why you aren't running... )

Aug. 5th, 2012


Who: Bruce!Luke and Iris
What: Post memory check-ins.
Where: Luke's apartment.
When: Uh sometime after the memories.
Warnings/Rating: None, really.

Iris took the unstated invitation and slipped into the apartment, moving past Bruce to stand near the door. She linked her hands in front of herself and looked at him closely, as if she was trying to find the small differences between him and Luke. )

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: Iris / Alfred Pennyworth
What: Memories Plot
Where: Passages
Things to avoid: Are you kidding, this is Iris. When have I avoided anything with her? (Translation: Nothing.)

Was she stable? By a medical definition, she doubted that she ever was. But her moods had calmed and everything had retreated once again into its cotton swaddling. It was enough that she could at least function, and function meant that she needed to let Alfred back through the door. No matter what Luke had said, she knew in her heart that Bruce needed Alfred, and it was what she could do to deliver.

The dizziness and slight roll of her stomach was ignored, blamed on the once-again rising levels of medication in her system. It would take a while for everything to settle again, and she sighed at a slight wave of nausea. The abrupt turning of the cab she'd called to take her to the hotel did nothing to help, but she ignored it as they pulled up to the front of Passages. Climbing out of the car, the ground seemed to shift again with her vertigo, and she clenched fingers tight around the car's door frame. A moment passed, the driver peering back and asking if she was alright, but she simply waved his questions away and headed for the front door of the building. Her steps wove and she finally began to worry, because that wasn't quite normal, not even as a pharmaceutical side-effect. She hurried, wanting to be inside, and made it as far as a dusty chair in the lobby before she needed to sit down, her legs giving out beneath her.

Jun. 15th, 2012


Who: Iris
What: Life choices (Narrative)
Where: Passages and Anton's home
When: Today
Warnings/Rating: It's Iris, so some angst

The second time Iris got pulled back through to Las Vegas, she looked around the hotel hallway and took stock of things )

May. 29th, 2012


Who: Iris
What: Post-hotel Morning
Where: The hotel where Iris is currently living
When: Morning
Warnings/Rating: Some very sidelong mentions of minor injuries and sex.

Iris had seen more than her share of strangeness in the past few years )

May. 17th, 2012


Who: Luke, Iris and Gus
What: Meetings and things.
Where: A park, because that's where everything happens.
When: Before group plot and the log of epic angst.
Warnings/Rating: None!

She had to allow herself a small, ironic smile at meeting Luke and Gus at a park. )


Who: Selina, Iris + the Bat
What: Stealing something small, or trying to, at least
Where: Passages → Luke’s apartment
When: Las Vegas Plot
Warnings/Rating: Eventual Bat anger?

For one, Blondie didn’t have her own address saved in the phone’s address book. For another, the madhouse escapee outfit really didn’t suit the kitty’s complexion. )

May. 15th, 2012


Who: Damian and Iris
When: Last nightish
What: A shared dream
Warnings: Some violent imagery.

But here. Here is a place no one else ever comes, save memories. And you are not a memory. )

May. 5th, 2012


Who: Iris
What: Released from Prison (narrative)
Where: Women's correctional facility -> Willows -> Fancy hotel
When: Today/after this
Warnings/Rating: Angst? Some abusive language.

For the moment, she simply wanted to return home, shower in her own space with a locking door that she controlled, and then possibly sleep forever )


WHO Wren, Iris & MK.
WHAT Prison chattin'.
WHEN Today-ish?
WHERE Women's correctional facility.
WARNING Nothing big!
Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center was nothing like the small jails Wren was accustomed to. )

May. 1st, 2012


Who: Iris (narrative)
What: An actual arrest
Where: The Willows -> Police station
When: Today
Warnings/Rating: None

She didn't know what they were looking for, but she kept quiet, knowing that they would ask if they needed her input )

Apr. 18th, 2012


Who: Iris
What: Being taken into police custody (Narrative)
Where: From the hotel to the Johnson's home
When: The afternoon of Gus' kidnapping
Warnings/Rating: Iris' thoughts - nothing too bad. Police.

What's going on? ...Where's Gus? )

Apr. 9th, 2012


Who: Iris
What: Returning to the "real world" (Narrative)
Where: Passages, Las Vegas, Park, Passages
When: Morning after the fear gas hit Caesar's, but fuzzy timeline is fuzzy. *magical handwave to make it all work*
Warnings/Rating: S for some sadness

She sighed, giving the view of Wayne Manor one last glance before closing the door behind herself with a quiet snick )

Apr. 7th, 2012


Who: Luke and Iris
What: Meeting!
Where: A park.
When: Um... backdated to before some things.
Warnings/Rating: None.

Iris felt awkward continuing to kneel on the ground when there was someone standing over her, so she slowly rose to her feet, Finch standing again too, tail still wagging as he rested his head against her leg. )

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