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December 24th, 2013

[info]doorsverse in [info]doors

[Plot: Stockings]

[Posted to every journal on the network]

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."

Access to the lobby by all guests of Passages, Las Vegas or through a Door.
Presents to be delivered as received.
Anonymous gifts permitted.

[Tuesday morning, everyone is returned to their adult selves, and winter holiday stockings go up in the lobby of Passages. Alters may walk through their doors as themselves, if they have a gift in hand that they intend to place, but they cannot enter other doors or leave the hotel. The stockings will remain where they are, untouched by anyone but the deliverer, until December 29th, when the last batch of gifts is delivered.]

(Please identify recipient in the subject line of each thread within this post. Gifts may be left anonymously, or with character journals. Gifts may, also, be left erroneously in incorrect stockings. Reactions can be posted at any time.)

[info]truth in [info]doors


Never a boring day around here, is it?
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[info]lovesthechase in [info]doors


I think I'd prefer the war with the Adversary, thank you very much. Although running away with a mysterious girl on a train is precisely the type of thing I'd do at any age.

Prince Charming, at your service. Or rather at your service at a later date, as I could absolutely use a drink first.

[info]anything1 in [info]doors

Ella D, Jack C, Luke H, Dylan M, Lin A, Bo D, Preston R

[Group lock: Ella D, Jack C, Luke H, Dylan M, Lin A]
Everyone survive a second round of puberty?

[Group lock: Bo D, Preston R]
I got some leaked intel this morning that didn't come across my desk like it should have. I'm thinking it might not have come across yours, either.

[info]handlewithcare in [info]doors

[Call to Jack C]


[info]bella_black in [info]doors

[Anais M, Lyra V, Noah C, Public]

[After finding herself an adult again. Jittery, messy writing combined with the marks of spilled liquid on the page.]

[Anais M, Lyra V]
I need the day off. [To be honest, she doesn't know what the day is and can't remember her work schedule even if she did.]

[Noah C]

[Public, Anonymous]
I'm not dead.

[info]onerule in [info]doors

[text to wren h.]

[Early morning. After his last shift before Christmas ends.]


[locked to jack c.]

Scale of one to ten, how traumatic was it? Not too bad? I think our childhoods were normal.

[locked to matt + jenny]

How'd we all like being kids again?

[info]chanteuse in [info]doors


[Neil D, Luke H, Marta F, Lin A]

I figured I'd check in. Y'all doing okay?


I'm pretty sure we were going to steal donuts before we got blinked on out of there. Whoever it was planning pre-puberty baked good heists, want to name yourself?

[info]ex_thisismym190 in [info]doors

liam r, jack r, public

[Locked to Liam R, Jack R]

Did you two make it out okay?


Thank you to the little boy with the stuffed bear who offered to take me home. That was very sweet.

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors


Grown up roll call.