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November 27th, 2013

[info]raider in [info]doors


[At first, the words appear in younger Futhark before they settle into a very rigid English. After watching for several hours as the words appear on the tablet:]

A gift? Who would give such a thing?

[info]truth in [info]doors


[After this.]

Maybe I'll go back home to Minnesota. Seeing those kind of killings on the news...

[info]tithe in [info]doors

[Neil D, Lin A, Russ C, Louis D]

[Locked to Neil D]
Hey, I didn't know where to go when they let me out or whatever, if you'd found a place or something, so I just came to the studio.

[Locked to Lin A]
Meet anyone cute while you were inside?

[Locked to Russ C]
Parenting tip: Call your boy on Thanksgiving.

[Locked to Louis D]
Where's my regularly scheduled Lou freak out?

[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

So what does someone do on this holiday tradition when they don't have family here? My sister was here for a bit, then my brother too, but they've both gone on back to China.

I don't know what to do here, and this is only my second holiday season here. Is there something that everyone does this holiday time? My work is also closed, too! Surprising!

Should I let the other boy through the door? Um. Do you all celebrate Thanksgiving or something similar in England? He's British.

[info]allmother in [info]doors


[Only moments after she replies to the rune-writer. This time in English, just in case someone else knows and can answer her questions. Again in her hand instead of the regular text-type of tablets. Anonymously to start, playing heavy with caution.]

The throne sits empty.
The prisons hold an empty cell that was last known to be filled.
The people are calm and the kingdom quiet.
I search for Asgard's rightful king.
I search for the All-Father and his sons.
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[info]chanteuse in [info]doors

Dex M, Michael K, Public

[Locked to Dex M]

My sister's hosting something on Thursday. I'm cooking. You coming?

[Locked to Michael K]

Are you open Thursday?


They're playing carols in the market. Before Black Friday.