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October 14th, 2013

[info]atrophy in [info]doors

[Rose R, King Henry]

After this: [Locked to Rose R]

Might I seek out my press, Your Highness? I will leave you and the king be as soon as it is within my possession, or I've found no trace. I [...] will cause no mischief in the interim. I simply [...] must follow my story. He wishes me to stay away as long as it upsets you. I will remain at a distance, if it pleases Your Highness.

ETA: [Locked to King Henry]
She does not wish me to come. [...] What does kiss ass mean? I assume it is reminiscent of sycophancy.

[info]fair in [info]doors

rose red, public

I think you don’t need my glowering after all. You’re doing a fine job.

Is anyone else finding that this flipping between worlds is causing some unwanted [...] changes?

[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

[Private to Draco Malfoy]

[Private message to Draco Malfoy]

Hi, Draco. Free soon? I've been reading up on potions, though I'm only good at them because of Snape's book. And my dad's going to try to start up the Order again. Not sure...if I like that idea much, to be honest. I'm really not sure. I think I might sign on for the next Auror class after all. Maybe. I'm not certain yet, but I want to do something with my life besides just be a political figure for everyone.

[info]riddlethem in [info]doors

[Private to Stephanie Brown]

[A couple different sketches of a model train he's repairing. There's a lot of "extra" stuff like green lights, a working smokestack and ambient sounds. Typical Eddie stuff. He sends a couple pictures of the scraps and most of it looks like it'd be impossible to repair. Somewhere on one of the sketches is a time (around the afternoon) and a message comm me maybe?]

[info]author in [info]doors

Callie N

[Locked to Callie N]

I'm sorry about what happened. With Castiel.

[info]provenance in [info]doors

I'm officially tired of pudding. Especially vanilla.

Bruce? Alfred wanted to come through. If you've been missing him. But I haven't so he hasn't. Applies to whoever thinks of themselves as 'the children'. Your guess is as good as mine.

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[News: Harry Potter]

[Monday evening, there's an impressive display above muggle London Bridge.

Three mostly-dead muggles in their early twenties are suspended high above the bridge for a full three minutes, with a firework display lighting up the night above them. The trio is in their early twenties, and there are two males (one with dark hair, one with red hair), and one girl with bushy brown hair. Emergency services come, only to find they cannot get the suspended trio down.

Once the three minutes pass, the three muggles fall onto the bridge, where traffic has been halted. The trio falls on stopped cars, as the Dark Mark appears in the sky above them. They are rushed to the nearest hospital, where they repeat one phrase over and over, despite the broken state of their bodies: "Victory to the Dark Lord!"]