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September 18th, 2013

[info]atrophy in [info]doors

[public, as Belle]

[After some watching and reading (with difficulty; what are these letters?). The penmanship is terrible. She has read many letters, but only ever written them before with sticks in dirt. This ink and quill are new and unwieldy. Ink splatters, as she has not yet mastered volume, and letters appear slowly, painstakingly.]

I am searching for the creator of these enchanted books.

[info]hiemo in [info]doors

[public, locks to march h, ford c]

[locked to march h]

Baby, it's bad out there. I'm scared, can I come sleep on your lap?

[locked to ford c]

How're you holding up now that we've gotten hit by our first plague from the bible?


Fucking sand.

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors


[A pen-rest of ink before the words start. The writing is loose and angles down toward the bottom of the page in mostly parallel lines.]

What do desperate doctors turn to when they are trapped and the broken in their care cry and rage in fear at the dark? Even good doctors, with limited patients, are still human, and frightened themselves. You can see it in their eyes.

I wonder what it is like elsewhere.

At least it is quiet now, other than the sand and the wind hitting the windows.

[info]estel_crowned in [info]doors

Veronica, Chetan, Public

[Locked to Veronica]

Are you holding up?

[Locked to Chetan]

Are you and yours okay out there?


The sand is becoming problematic.

[info]ex_thisismym190 in [info]doors

[Locked to DC Gotham Knights and Allies*]

I should really stop being surprised by the strange things that happen to us.

[* ooc: okay with anyone considered an ally of the Gotham Knights in this door seeing it :D]

[info]provenance in [info]doors

[Fuzzy timelines are a-go. As 'Alfred P']

We all do seem to be in a state. Either side of the doors.

[info]crimsonstar in [info]doors

[Special Evening News Report for The Quibbler; The Daily Prophet]

[Released in special editions through both The Quibbler and the Daily Prophet, Harry Potter has kept true to his promise to Narcissa Black and has released two identical articles attempting to explain the recent additions to the wizarding world. He contacted Kingsley Shacklebolt before sending both articles to the papers, making sure he had Kingsley's support in this announcement before it was delivered.]

It has recently come to my attention that there are several displaced persons living amongst our population. I have verified personally that these people are who they say they are, somehow brought forward in time to this time. It's not yet clear why. However, I ask us to respect the wishes of the former Headmaster Dumbledore. He believed firmly that it is our choices who make us who we are and it was through this advice that many of us chose the paths that we currently live. We could think of their jump through time as a second chance in life, a chance to re-choose some of those decisions that perhaps sent the world spiraling before.

I'm probably one of the first people who would easily condemn some of those brought forward through time, through reasons that I do not feel necessary to explain in this moment. However, I ask that you give them space. Allow them time to adjust to their new lives. It cannot be easy to jump so far into the future, to learn all that might become of them, and to try to fit into our world. To their world now. They are not yet the people that they became in our time, in our memories. I am more than aware that some of their actions had led to terrible disasters; however, they have a unique opportunity to relive their lives. Rather, to live it a first time in a completely different environment. Let us hope that events have a different future than the one we know currently.

With support from Minister Shacklebolt, I hope to assist these citizens with their adjustment to their new lives. I cannot speak for the Ministry nor am I yet part of it, but I'm certain that in the future, the Minister will make his own announcement in regards to treatment of these new people. You may direct your questions or concerns regarding these people to the Minister himself. I thank you for reading this article, and hope that, if you cannot respect my choices as Harry Potter, then perhaps you could remember Albus Dumbledore's memory and respect his choices.

[info]innumerable in [info]doors

[Lily P & Harry P, Lily P, Narcissa B]

After this. The post makes its presence known with all the volume (read: screaming) of a Howler until Harry responds: [Potter lock]


ETA: [Locked to Lily P]
I'm in Diagon Alley at present. But we need to speak.

After Harry outs Narcissa...: [Locked to Narcissa B]
What in Merlin's name did you tell Harry to go to the Minister for?