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August 11th, 2013

[info]toberuled in [info]doors

[louis d/saint r]

[One in the morning, a day after Sam is in the hospital.]

Are you awake?
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[public, locked to adam w]


Are dreams affected by the hotel?

[adam w]

I would be overjoyed to hear that you are not dead. Please verify that you are still alive.

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[Unwittingly public]

[As Alexander T.]

I have purchased a decrepit and dismal old house on a parcel of land, surrounded by trees that resemble skeletal fingers rather than any gloriously leafy wood. There is no sight nor smell of any swamp, nor steady drone of nibbling insects or bellowing bull frogs and I could likely hear the wind pass through the cracked slats of my shutters. Or, and more likely still, the hushed whispers of the tourists in this city as they hurry past my home.

I love my hulking beast of a home, with all her aged bones.

And then I was gifted with this journal. A fine gift, yet everyone I know insists that they did not send it to me. Very well. I will find out eventually. Until tomorrow, goodnight and adieu, journal. I have a sister to call.

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Well, that didn't go as expected.

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lin a, louis d

[ After spending too much time door-side, and returning to this Ian mess. LOCKED to Lin A & Louis D ]

What the fucking hell happened?

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[Drake W]

[Locked to Drake W]
[During this, while out searching.] Anything where you're at? We're gonna have Cee to deal with soon, and I'd rather blow this man's face off without her in the room.