May 2014





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July 30th, 2013

[info]blondebat in [info]doors


[comm: batman/batgirl]

[Beeeep beep until he picks up. As soon as he does. Worried, but trying to stay even:] So, what are we doing about Kara?

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Public, Winnie, Veronica

[Locked to Winnie]

How are you, Win?

[Locked to Veronica]

Did I sell you on the sights?


I'm remodeling the office.

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This month has been crazy, I'd say! I had the awesome showcase for karate earlier this month that went amazingly well. I'm still offering a 10% discount to anyone on here who might want self-defense classes or anything as such.

Also, Japanese lessons. If anyone's interested, we can talk about prices.

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[Jamie Madrox]

Sooo can you fly yet?

[info]chanteuse in [info]doors

Do they often bring things with them? Maybe if you got say, Red Riding Hood's wolf, you get a hankering for blood and meat?


Are You Was he talking about you?


Y'all doing okay?


Good lu [Nothing written]

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Isildur's Lamant

If only I hadn't picked it up.

I'm sorry, my sons, for this legacy I pass.
A tower of stone, can crumble like glass.
I picked it up not thinking the evil it kept.
And into my heart this evil has crept.

Throw it away, they advised, Elrond and Cirdan.
To keep it will destroy us, that was for certain.
But my father was dead and so was my brother.
This wield-gold I'll keep, for tis like no other.

Now this burden lies heavy on my heart.
I watch and worry over it, will a new evil start?
Am I really Mordor's foe, or do I just pass the cup?
I'm sorry, my sons.
If only.

I hadn't picked it up.

[info]plagued in [info]doors


[From within her containment chamber, because no one's been brave enough to risk coming in to take her sunstone away from her. She doesn't bother posting anonymously.]