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April 26th, 2013

[info]elfen in [info]doors

[Cerise S]

[During her conversation with Jack.]

[Locked to Cerise S]

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风向转变时,有人筑墙,有人造风车. 福无重至,祸不单行

This apartment is quite big now that I am here by myself. I'm not entirely certain what to do. Kitane, do you want to do something this weekend?
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Sam A, Ford C

Text: Sam A

your big fucking brother wants to ban me from thinking about you. and it ain't even dirty.

Ford C

you. kicking any more cars recently?

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[Update: Gotham]

[Gotham's new Mayor is elected on Friday. He's a low-level politician, one that barely anyone knows, but he's handsome and enigmatic, and he can give one hell of a speech, which he does immediately upon taking office. He's full of regret and sadness for the prior Mayor's suicide (as it has been officially ruled by the ME, who is now in possession of a very nice car). He explains that Gotham has experienced a new dawn, and that his main priority will be ensuring Gotham is protected from any outside forces that might prove negative. He begins establishing checkpoints to this end. Crime is almost non-existent by Friday, and even the smaller, domestic disputes have gone quiet. Families have picnics in the park, and they walk to the movies, and they plan holidays. For once, even Metropolis is envious of Gotham's tranquility.]

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[Public, as Mouse]

Feed your head?
I said no such thing.
What nonsense.
Whatever does it even mean?

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[After judicious reading first]

Wish they were giving away free books this nice back when I needed em. It's real fancy but I don't know how much use it'll be if you can't even order pizza from em.

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[An elaborate riot of watercolors in a red and orange palette, layered with skill and extreme precision. It progresses for some time, until the shadow of cacti and the Spring Mountains indicate the painting is simply upside down.]

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wren h., thierry b.

[text to wren h.]

Hey. How'd your lunch go?

ETA: [locked to thierry b.]

Why isn't she Is Wren with you?

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So...anyone weirded out by the current state of affairs at all? The new mayor, the old mayor's 'suicide' which, hey, that got decided pretty damn quick, and the checkpoints? I know things look sunny, but I don't buy it.