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April 18th, 2013

[info]fuadan in [info]doors


[She has seen how Faol uses the phone and the app and she has been watching to see if anyone she knows already is using it, but there has been nothing. Nor has there been any sign of anyone from the facility, but she knows better than to believe they aren't around. If they're not, it's only because they haven't found a way in yet. Entries are made to Logan, Remy, Scott, Kaden, and Julian. When they are not answered:]

[As Laura X]


[info]estel_crowned in [info]doors

Public, Iris R

[Locked to Iris R]

How are you, Iris? Still doing well?


Winnie's right It's nothing I don't already know I don't miss city living at all, but I need to keep Spot socialized. Anyone use any of the dog parks around? Have favorite spots?

[info]torresdedios in [info]doors

[cautiously, oh so cautiously]

Sam? Dean? You both have one of these, too?

[info]ex_roses104 in [info]doors

[Snow White, Beast, Quasimodo]

[Locked to Snow White]
Have you ever been humbled, Snow?

[Locked to the Beast]
You don't need to come. I'm fine.

[Locked to Quasimodo]
Faust is sad.

[info]author in [info]doors

[Seven M]

[Call to Seven M, immediately following this]


[info]the_huntress in [info]doors

Bruce, Damian, Jason, and Kara

[Locked to Bruce and Damian, as promised]

[Her new phone number. No message.]

[Locked to Jason]

Hey. I'm not in Gotham, but I'm around if [...] well. Just if. I don't have a comm but I can be reached at [number].

[Locked to Kara]

[...] I wish I could talk to you. I miss her so much. [Nothing posted.]

[info]thelazarus in [info]doors

[locked to the batfamily+]

So, anyone want to volunteer who left a mobster with his balls ground into a fine bloody pulp in the basement of the manor?

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[News: Gotham]

[It begins early on Tuesday, and it's marked enough to make the evening news by Thursday. For once, it's nothing bad, which is strange for Gotham. Petty crime in the city has dropped drastically, and the booking sheets at local precincts are nearly blank. No petty break-ins, no home robberies, no domestic disputes between hookers and their pimps. Crime Alley is seemingly safe enough to walk down without loss of limb, and no one hears bodies splashing off the docks into the night. Families comment on the new peace over their dinners, and cops linger on their cigarette breaks. The city is declared the New Metropolis! by the newspaper. It is, it would seem, a good night in Gotham.]