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Newbie [25 Mar 2005|08:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]
[ music | 764-Hero/ Modest Mouse - Whenever You See Fit [Sientific American Mix] ]

Oh my, a [info]disgaea community and I am so late in joining?! Woe am I! So to start off, I'll do that quiz thing everyone else has been doing~~

You are Jennifer, Gordon's sidekick! You were a
child prodigy, but now work as a Defender of
Earth, to fight against evil.

Which Disgaea Hour of Darkness character are you? (Pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Jennifer. Ha! How very true, considering I seem like a ditz, but my grades in school show different.

Now for the first order of business. There was recently 500 8-figurine sets released to the US and the site that had them... well my boyfriend was a dork and didn't order in time.... so instead of trying to buy them from e-bay, I am looking for ANY and ALL other alternates! Websites, people, anything... I will go to e-bay in a couple days for this bid, but I was hoping there'd be a more legit place to order them since I always have problems with e-bay users >_o Any ideas on a good site to order Disgaea items from? :D

Next up is a download of the song by Tsunami Bomb that you hear as background music if you play the game with English voices. Not many people know of this and it's such an awesome song, so I love to share the love.
The Invasion from Within - Tsunami Bomb

Next post I make will have my characters once I power level my mages more. I've been stuck on the same level for months now only because I suck at throwing characters around. XD;

Who will be born again tonight?

Disgaea Characters: [03 Jan 2004|10:06am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Azure Ray - Displaced ]

Almost 45 hours into it. I deleted quite a few of my higher level characters just cause.. well. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive and didn't like having sooo many characters..

Laharl - 35
Etna - 36
Flonne - 25

Shira (Star mage) - 35
Jade (Fighter) - 33
Zoe (Prism Mage) - 28
Mila (Striker) - 25
Yuriko (Bishop) - 24
Jun (Centurion) - 24
Seven (Warrior) - 20
Tatemi (Bushi) - 20
Jack (Adept Ninja) - 20
Boromir (Knight) -19 (yes i know she's a girl and boromir is a guy but it's hard to tell until after I've already made them.. >_<)
Ace (Bandit) - 14 (deleting soon as well..)
Tao (Brawler) - 11 (ditto)

Maderas - 19
Hoggmeiser - 13
Prinnies - 8,9, and 9

I don't really use the monster guys. At all. Except for decoys. Mwahahaha!

*waiting for enough mana to make one of those "sexy" cat chicks*

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List of all my Disgaea characters. [27 Nov 2003|10:23am]

Name | Type (if applicable) | Level
Laharl | 67
Etna | 55
Flonne | 55
Gordon | 32
Jennifer | 33
Thursday | 33
August | Pvt. Prinny | 38
Indalecio | Dragon- Nidhogg | 23
Poseidon | Serpent | 9
Daena | Fighter | 32
Ayame | Bushi | 31
Ruby | KitCat- Nekomata | 30
Estelle | Star Mage | 26
Miria | Blue Mage | 26
Maderas | 24
Julia | Green Mage | 23
Celine | Red Mage | 23
Corina | Priest | 20
Watari | Ninja | 17
Hoggmeiser | 14
Jeanne | Centurion | 13
Cliff | Brawler | 11
Cyril | Warrior | 11
Nienna | Cleric | 11
Leon | Rogue | 8
Remilia | Blue Mage | 6
Fiador | Pvt. Prinny | 4
Hellicios | Pvt. Prinny | 1
*Tandoori | Faerie- Puck | 31
*Kaiser | Imp- Gremlin | 36

*Captured Monsters

...Yeah. Post all of your characters. Because I said so. XP
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Does my nose have to be so damn POINTY?? [09 Nov 2003|07:42pm]

Kurdis, Defender of Earth
You are Kurdis, the other Defender of Earth. Your
wife and child were killed in an incident which
also destroyed 70% of your body. You lost your
humanity along with it. Now you simply seek

Which Disgaea Hour of Darkness character are you? (Pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla
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[08 Nov 2003|11:03am]

Alright... I'll start this off with a quiz.. Because quizzes are fun, goddammit. :P

You are Etna! The former Overlord extended his
hand to you when you needed it the most, and
ever since you have been loyal to him. You
promised to help Laharl become a great
Overlord, but you promptly lost your memories,
and betrayed his trust.

Which Disgaea Hour of Darkness character are you? (Pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla
Who will be born again tonight?

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