December 23rd, 2010

[info]lindsical in [info]digitalkingdom


Hello, hello! Welcome to Digital Kingdom! I am your host, [info]lindsical. I've had my stuff over at LJ for the longest time but I've decided to migrate most of my things to IJ. Much better over here I've found out.

All content on this community is created by lindsical. This comm is strictly for icon/graphics, there will be no talk of real life drama. If you don't want to wade through posts, you could always wade through the icon database.

I have a few simple rules when taking icons:

! G U I D E L I N E S
» When taking an icon please leave a comment stating which icon(s) you took.
» Please credit [info]digitalkingdom in the keywords.
» No hotlinking. Right-click then look for Save Picture As...
» My icons are NOT EDITABLE BASES.
» I will do requests but I require a name of the person you'd like.
» I've been iconing since 2004, I know some of them look a bit like crap. :)

! C R E D I T
Some images taken from Google Image Search and GettyImages, so I don't know where exactly I've gotten every image from. I use my own gradients. All brushes/textures/fonts are not mine. They're other people's.