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May. 11th, 2009


Available Characters

Our current list of available characters:

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May. 7th, 2009


Application Process

If you want to apply for a character, put a post in at the community with the header being, “Application For XCharacter.”

Player Information

Name: Your Name

User Name: Your User Name

Age: Your Age

Gender: Your Gender

Timezone: Your Timezone (so we know when you'll be around)

Contact Information: Your e-mail and instant messenger (preferably MSN)

Favorite Couplings: Your Favorite Couplings

Least Favorite Couplings: Your Least Favorite

Is there anything you're opposed to role playing (relationship wise)?

Character Information

Name: The Character's Name

Current Activities: Work, school, etc.

Location: Where does your character live?

Hobbies: Soccer, reading, killing people.

General Information: How do you see your character? Personality, flaws, quirks, etc.


Once you've applied, the mods (that's myself and [info]jade_d_green) will review your application and post a reply at your post. If your application is approved, you will continue on and role play with one of us (as a character of your choosing). We just want to make sure yours and our role playing styles coincide. The chances are, if you apply, you'll get in. :)

-The Mods
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Digi World News!

The Digi World has been formed!

We are a Digimon Adventure (seasons 01 and 02) role playing community. We rock a current time line, putting the Digidestined between 16 and 22 years old. There is not (presently) anything or anybody trying to take over either world, so we will just be role playing their every day lives. At least until something does take over the world(s).

Currently, we are seeking new members for almost every character.

Iori ([info]jade_d_green), Ken ([info]manic_amethyst), and Daisuke ([info]stubborncourage) are already taken.

The Rules:

  • No drama. Drama between characters is understandable, realistic. Out of character drama will no be accepted. This is supposed to be fun, so please try to get along. :)

  • Any large change or action that will effect more than just your character has to be approved by the mods. (This only includes large things that will effect the whole community in some way. You do not have to ask permission to dye your character's hair or anything. A take over the world plot or something of the like falls into the “must get permission” category.)

  • Relationships are accepted, no matter who the participants are. As our great Moderator Jess once said, “Love is love.” Yaoi, yuri, and hetero are all welcome. If you do have a relationship (or your character just likes to sleep around, haha) and you want to do an overtly sexual role play: make sure the other person is okay with it, and (if posted on the community) give it the high rating it deserves so people know it's not safe for work.

  • Please, no character death. This falls into the “need to ask for permission” category, and we will say a loud and unanimous: NO. *^-^*; k?

  • There are a few different types of role playing:

      • Journal Posts: Your character's journal is to be written in first person, as if by your character. There are three different types of posts: public (all other characters can see it), private (just like writing in a diary, but the other players can read it and see what you're character is thinking), and screened (only the characters of your choosing can read it). Put this as your heading.

      • In the Community: This is done in third person, a story-like format. There can be 2+ people and you, basically, just take turns. You put the first post in the community, then respond via the reply button. This works best if you're in different time zones and you might not be on at the same time a lot.

      • Instant Messenger: Any instant messenger works, but MSN is preferred. It's free and easy to get, plus you can add as many people as you'd like to a conversation. Again, this is done third person. Once it's complete, add it to the community with the tag “rplog” just so the other players know what's going on even if their character wasn't there

This information provided by: the mods.
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