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[06 Aug 2019|05:29am]
Who: Riley & Finn
What: Recovering from the storm
When: July 20th (backdated)
Where: The Facility Hospital
Rating: Mid - some language
Status: Complete

I’ve gone to Texas.
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[06 Aug 2019|05:58pm]
Blood pooled into the cracks on the sidewalk in front of the Marketplace.

As the sun rose on the sixth day of August a guard lay dead where many would rise to do their shopping for the day. Throat was torn out, mouth agape and features set into rigor in an expression of utter terror. A handwritten sign similar in style and penmanship to the one placed on the guard in the chair before the storm was tilted so that the single word across it could be read: Revolution. His weapon had been removed, taken.

Residents began to discover the grisly scene. Appalled, shocked, any who laid eyes upon the mess strewn before the Marketplace entryway were horrified. Who could have done something like this? Was it related to the first attack which had come before the storm? Who was brave enough to harm a guard? Bold enough?

The Government responded with a statement around midday, after the scene had been documented and cleaned. Though no amount of bleach or sterile chemicals could wash away the event stained and burned into the minds of those who had come upon the guard. A healing community demanded answers.

Mayor Monday released a statement vowing to apprehend the person responsible as soon as the evidence was available. But they already had a candidate in mind - not the usual suspects like Paul. Roman Skye had off-handedly suggested taking a closer look at a man the residents knew as the wolf. A man with a rumored reputation for domestic violence, one who had bitten a guard for no reason during the recent storms.

At 2:15 PM Logan Bloodworth was taken into custody, accused of the earlier assault on the guard left on the Facility steps and for the most recent murder of the guard left at the Marketplace. It didn’t matter just then what evidence they had against him, he was dragged away in handcuffs, beaten unconscious by a group of armored guards, from where he had been at work.

Questioning would be intense. Perhaps others were involved but Logan wasn’t giving them any solid leads. He couldn’t have acted alone. Monday was going to get to the bottom of this.

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