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[15 Dec 2017|09:45am]
Characters: OPEN to ALL characters
Setting: The Facility Ballroom, Saturday 12/16, 6pm to 1am
Summary: Destruction Island's 5th Annual Holiday Event

A formal affair, the Facility Ballroom was built years ago specifically for island-wide events such as this. Transformed into an elegant banquet room, complete with dinner, drinks and dancing, the room was swathed in red velvet, sparkling crystals, and fine black and white china, the event was by far the most luxurious thing to take place on the island each year. As with all events, all residents and government members were not only invited, but heavily encouraged to attend. Appropriate formal wear was provided by the government for everyone. For this evening only, musicians, wait staff, caterers and others were brought in from off-island so that no residents would be required to work during this time, freeing everyone to enjoy the evening completely.

During the event, guards patrolled the parties with concealed weapons. Throughout the island, random 'checks' were performed not only on resident housing, but in every business in the marketplace. Depending on which unit performed the inspections, some places were completely trashed, windows and doors broken, belongings taken or damaged. Other locations were inspected with no evidence of entry or exit, without anything being obviously disturbed. Any residents who were found not to have attended the event were escorted to the party by armed guard.

[OOC Note: Feel free to create individual scenes that occur within/without the party by posting the intro to such scences below. Play can occur on this post or elsewhere. If these scenes are completed outside of IJ, please post the completed scene below when possible. At some point during this event, there will be a second mod-posted event available for reactions/replies that will also be posted below. Have fun!]

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