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[08 Aug 2012|04:53pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

To all the IM's I've been getting - I'm sorry guys. I started work this past Saturday and now with two jobs I am barely staying awake and when I do I get on poke around or zone into tumblr for hours on end. But the rest of my time is devoted to trying to maintain a social life so I do not have to go back into therapy to once again wage war on my brain.
I also am moving a week early so I might not have internet for a few days or weeks.. depending on how much money I make from my second job. My first one barely pays for my other bills, and my new one is for my rent and car.

With how tired I honestly am these days, I might have to ask for a hiatus. So I can get a regular schedule worked out and find a day to sit down and write.

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I've decided... [02 Aug 2012|10:33am]

[ mood | busy ]

As much as I love Billie Piper I think there really isn't much more that I can do with her as my PB and since I've been talking to the mods about either deleting Lilly or changing my PB I've been stressing for like a week about what to do. Lilly was my first character in this group and I feel attached to her so therefore I just can't delete her. I am however going to change her over to Emma Stone. The back story will stay the same though but her endgame will obviously have to change. I don't really know who to ship as an endgame right now but I would definitely ship more people with Emma than Billie.

With that being said, if I'm super extra slow today, not like that's a hard thing because let's face it I'm always slow and I suck at life and I apologize, it's because I'm re coding Lilly's page, making new icons, re coding Lilly's facebook page post and I still haven't made Annie's yet so I should probably do that too. I will be occasionally checking the friends page though so hopefully I don't miss anything but it's me so it's always a possibility lol.

continue here for a shameless plug because i'm awesome )

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Work [25 Jul 2012|02:32pm]

Okay guys - letting you know now. I am now working two jobs, I do not know what my hours are going to be like anymore; until I quit the part-time job my updates will be random at best.

Gonna be at work on random nights for parties. (like tonight)
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[25 Jul 2012|07:03am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

So because of recent events I'm kind of at a crossroads with Lilly. I know for a fact that the relationship between Lilly and Ethan has to come to an end, and that saddens me deeply, however, after talking to Fern to get her input (since Ethan was her character) we came up with a realistic reason for them to end.

Right now they're supposed to be in Paris, I'm going to continue with that stroyline. Sometime during the week there he's going to tell her that he just couldn't make things work in Casa Grande and he is going back to Scotland. He is also going to ask her to move to Scotland with him. As much as Lilly loves him, she is going to feel like things are too rushed and decline. She is then going to leave Paris and come home, alone, slightly heartbroken because she really thought things were going to work out with Ethan. She just couldn't justify picking up and moving to another country for a guy she has only known like four months.

Now since that relationship is over I have a problem, the only two people I have ever shipped Billie Piper with is David Tennant and John Barrowman and since David is no longer an option and our John PB is gay I'm not quite sure what to do. I was offered by the mods to change my PB but I don't know who to change it to.

If anyone could give me some ideas that would be really appreciated, although, I also kind of feel like maybe I should just drop Lilly and just focus on Annie. I seem to be really in character for her lately *shrugs*

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[19 Jul 2012|12:45pm]
I'd LOVE for either a Ryan Kwanten PB or a Joe Manganiello PB for a love interest or hook up buddy or something for Annie.
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[15 Jul 2012|12:00pm]

Hey Everyone

As I'm in the process of moving I won't be online much this coming week. I don't know how long I'll be without internet but I'll keep you all updated on how it's going.

hope you'll miss me like I'll miss you.

aka Declan, Hannah, Iain, Jason, Kahlia, Kahvi and Violet-s
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Great News Everybody! [12 Jul 2012|01:09pm]

Okay starting tomorrow - I am working all weekends from 4 to 10 PM, some times I go in earlier and some times I stay later.. some days I might get out early, it all depends on the weather and if parties are booked. (I work for a play park)

In August I am going to be moving, so I might not have internet hooked up right away at my new house, so please be gentle with me. I am going to attempt to make updates and such before then but living in a house with six people and six animals is about the most frustrating thing on the planet.

I am looking at moving on August 20th and 21st, I am also going to be helping my parents move into a new house as well. Sorry that the job warning didn't come sooner, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be taking the job till today.
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[20 Jun 2012|09:29am]

Hey folks,

Okay okay, I know that I shouldn't but I really want to PB as Kato (Steampunk designer and Goddess!), and I want to know if anyone is looking for a girl to fill a line? All I know about her is that she might be gay and she has a thing for making costumes. I haven't decided anything else. So tell me what you want / need.

If you want to chat about my new girl, or Ethan, Gabe or Kaidan, hit me up on AIM. TerrorAndBlythe.

There's a pic of the PB under the LJ cut.

Fern -x-

Kato )
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[ mood | bouncy ]

For what i have to say can only be expressed in Gif form.

Saving your dashes )

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Home - but extreamly busy. [08 Jun 2012|06:40pm]

Back early by a week, but I am still busy. Chat me up if you see me online.
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[25 May 2012|01:40pm]

Hullo folks,

Sorry that Tascha and I haven't been around much. The internet keeps dying randomly and we're not sure if it's been fixed yet. Hopefully, we'll find out soon.

Until then, we'll try and keep as active as we can. Plot and storylines are love.

Fern -x- aka Kaidan, Ethan and Gabriel
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Travel Plans and computer time. [18 May 2012|11:12am]

[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Ironman 2 ]

On May 30th ASS early in the morning I am leaving with my dad to go to Georgia and then to Florida before coming back home by the 13th of June and re-enrolling into college classes for the fall semester...

He and I are gonna be tired those first few days; but I can be reached by my phone if you guys wanna text me. I will also be taking my laptop with me so I can get online now and then.

(if you see me online do not assume I am actually around) My AIM doesn't go idle for some reason and I can not figure out why, ALL of my character names are linked up to my personal AIM name so if you seem them on and I don't respond to a message, I'm not here.

Just letting you all know now because my Psych teacher and Finals destroyed my brain there for a few weeks; don't want to vanish on everyone and have everyone be like 'Huh?? Dante??'

Peace, Love, & Gold Body dust in all the bathrooms.. Make good choices!

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I'm sorry Lilly player.. and to make others giggle too.... [12 May 2012|04:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Oh lord I apologize )

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[15 Apr 2012|01:05pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

NEVER take Psychology online EVER!

I need a mini hiatus guys - I have 6 papers to write and 4 discussions due. ... it's all due May 10 which is coming up very very soon and that means I have an entire book to read.

Sorry I am doing this on such short notice, but I logged in to do two replies on the discussion board and saw an email stating all of this work was due.

Thank the gods there is no word count limit on these papers.

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[11 Apr 2012|08:48am]

Hey folks,

Firstly, I am really sorry I haven't been around. I've been really busy trying to sort things at another comm, and after the mods went hard ass on us, I had to go into helpful mode and make sure my writing partners remained calm and collected. Now that the panic's over, I can get back into shape. I'll do an update for each character, and if I missed anything, please let me know here.

Again, very sorry about my lack of activity. Sorting that out now.

Fern -x- aka the mental home of Gabriel, Ethan, Kaidan and Shilo.
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[10 Apr 2012|01:43am]

I need a day or two guys.. possibly the remainder of the week.

My dog just passed away about 30 minutes ago, she was the only dog I've ever owned. I'll be online just.. please give me time.
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[06 Apr 2012|10:18pm]

Soooo hello everybody, sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Truck got broken into and my laptop got stolen, my dad's been in the hospital, and I've been swamped with work. I'm back now however, dealing with a bad case of strep throat but back. Thank you to the mods for being so understanding and I promise from here on out that I'll be so active y'all will be begging for me to stop.

So the question is, Who wants to play?
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[03 Apr 2012|08:05pm]

Sorry Ive been mia guys! Got a new job baby sitting these two cute lil muchkins. My hours are 730-4 and then i hang around andrews work til he leaves at 5. I will be more available on friday and on the weekends because im not needed there, but i will try to make myself available during the week when the munchkins are asleep. Talk to you soon!
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What's this?? [22 Mar 2012|07:09pm]

So I might be getting a job here soon which means I will not only be tackling 14 credit hours of school (attempting to get a business degree) but also a full time job -- so yea I will be updating as best as I can, if I don't get the job no changes.. if I get the job I'll do as much as humanly possible.
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[21 Mar 2012|12:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | The Other Boleyn Girl ]

So yes, hello I didn't even think to do this.

I'm Dante and I play the following people..

[info]cleosarfati, [info]mad_marisol, [info]lex_has_angel, [info]austin_slave1, & obviously [info]gertrudeborg.

I have two more coming into the community in a bit.. I have to get my brain together to get one bio rewritten and another completely made up. (I'm still getting Austin's out.. >_<) But all my characters are looking for lines. I think nearly all of them have been snaged up on the romance line.. Gertrude is the only one without a set end game romance. But there were talks being done OOC on AIM. So yes they are all open for lines - Family, Friends, Enemies, Coworkers, Neighbors, Someone that's known them forever now?

Marisol Mendoza - Mesa AZ
Anjelica McKinney - Phoenix AZ
Gertrude Borg - Casa Grande AZ
Gina (WORK IN PROGRESS) - Casa Grande AZ

Cleo Sarfati - New York
Austin Gray - Texas
Robert Takala (not in the group yet) - Finland

Oh yea, I am screening comments so that way people can bring up any ideas they want without other members reading up on them. As some people might want to make a line where the most hated enemy becomes the best friend, or ya know.. they want to run one of my people over.

If you have an OOC AIM name and want to talk there cool - just uhm leave it in a message no one will see it but me. I'd leave you all mine but I have my AIM set up that unless you're on my list you won't see me ever.

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