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Taking Another Stab At It (tag: Styx) [11 Dec 2014|03:43pm]

Seshat had never been one to mourn missed opportunities; if something did not work out as hoped or planned, the best way to deal with it was to learn from the experience and move on. The only time she'd ever been persistent in the face of discouragement had been when she'd pursued Djeheuty. There had not been much early encouragement for that, but she'd wanted him in a way that she'd never wanted anything before, so she became determined. But usually, she was just as happy to chalk it up to a life lesson and carry on with her life.

So she was a bit at a loss )

Well, That's That... [open to friends and family] [20 Nov 2014|10:19pm]

Well... this was... a new... feeling...

Harmonia wasn't crying. She hadn't cried during the conversation, the decision or when she ultimately walked away for the last time. She didn't cry when she wandered into the grocer, bought herself four bottles of red wine and a couple pints of ice cream. She'd cried enough lately, she wasn't going to cry. She'd gone through all that trouble of purging herself of her grief and loss... this was not going to break her.

So even when her ice cream and wine was put away so she could scald herself in a hot shower and then change into sweats, she fought crying. Harmonia even managed a small laugh when she fed Bubbles. But once she was on the couch, alone, wrapped in a blanket with a glass of wine and a pint of ice cream it started to sink in a bit more.

It was over.

The strange part was that while she was sad, really sad... she was okay. She had loved him. She still loved him, but... she was okay. Maybe she shouldn't be, but she was.

She'd just have some ice cream and some wine -or a lot of both, watch some tv and snuggle on the couch... alone. Well... with her pig. Later, when she was up to it, she was going to have to erase a lot of stuff out of her phone. Or at least dump it onto her computer. Later.

Right now it was a bit too... new and raw.

Polite Visit (tag: Taweret) [30 Oct 2014|05:14pm]

It was a cool, crisp autumn day, and to Sigyn that seemed to signal that it would be a good time to bake. That was the plan in her mind as soon as she got out of the shower, so she started with some peanut butter cookies. Several other cookies, a couple of quick breads, a pie, two cakes and a pan of brownies later, she paused to look at her now full counter tops and came to a realization: she was hiding. )

Hiding (tag: Anubis) [27 Oct 2014|10:37pm]

Normally )

Now what? (tag: Bragi) [26 Oct 2014|11:31pm]

Hermod had stood in his bedroom without moving for at least twenty minutes after Bast had left him. It didn’t even occur to him that he should put his clothes on. He was just too stunned to think about anything. She had left him. For some unknown reason, she had left him.

What the...? )

An Uphill Battle with Apathy - [open] [14 Oct 2014|09:14pm]

It wasn't something Enyo ever though she would say, but the chaos in the sandbox was getting monotonous and therefore... was no longer holding any interest for her. It was basically the same exact thing over and over again and at this point, until someone was willing to something in even a remotely new fashion, or at least on a grander scale, she needed to wash her hands of it. It wasn't her territory anyway. Technically. It was Nergal's. Sort of.

And she hadn't even had the delight of catching a glimpse of him out there to make inhaling that dust and having to rinse sand out of every crevice on her body for days after leaving worthwhile. So, that was out. Perhaps she could go stick her nose in the Russia-Ukraine business. The Slavic gods were cranky but, hey... she could pick a side and throw some wrenches in that mess.  )

Well, Well, Well... [tag: Hera] [13 Oct 2014|08:34pm]

The chase... was on.

It was a peculiar chase. It wasn't one he hadn't had to engage on in quite some time. Longer than he could recall, actually. But it was becoming necessary. It originally hadn't been necessary, it hadn't been necessary in centuries or even milleniea because he'd just grown so accustomed to it being there when he wanted it to be so that Zeus had been getting irritated at first.

Hera was avoiding him )

Facing the Music (tag: Ninkasi) [01 Oct 2014|04:33pm]

Kratos was a patient guy. He had the strength of will to wait for things when it was required, and he didn't really get anxious about the passage of time. Because most of the time, what he was waiting on had little to do with his personal life, and more to do with his job. And even when it was something that was closer to the heart, it was more likely that he'd be calmly waiting for a resolution than seeking to force the issue. It just wasn't his style.

But this was different. )

Earl Grey... Hot. [open!] [28 Sep 2014|07:08pm]

It had been a very interesting lecture.

Thoth would have liked to have interjected a few time with some questioned, however, he did not want to interrupt the flow of the speaker. Nor did he wish to intimidate the others that chose to pose their own queries at the end of the lecture by asking something that might have thrown the lecturer for enough of a loop to end the question and answer portion of the program. It was better to allow all that were present to experience this and learn as much as they possibly could from the material presented. Then, with any luck, they would take that information and think on it until they reached their own thought-out conclusions.

One could only hope. It was not always the case. He knew that. A sad truth, but it was all he could do was hope that in time things would turn toward a desire for higher knowledge again.  )

Love is Bittersweet [tag: Sif] [27 Sep 2014|09:45pm]

When not surrounded by those who would raise a stink about it, Hedylogos was not one who ever fought the fact that he was a sensitive man with great breadth of strong emotions that sometimes needed to be expressed with tears. He cried. There was nothing wrong with crying. He was not a violent god and he never would be. He was an erote, a god of love and sensitivity. Of sweet talk and flattery and when something gripped his heart... he cried.

Something had gripped his heart. More than that, something had gripped his mind and then pulled at the heartstrings that had already been twisting and turning and aware they were doing things they shouldn't.

Bragi had given him a great deal of things to think about, whether he had truly intended to do so or not. They'd had a good conversation and it was always great to reconnect with his Norse friend, but... Hedylogos left with a heavy heart because he had to wonder if there were some things about what had been said that Bragi had been correct about.

Especially that part about whether or not he was sabotaging his own happiness. )

Hug Therapy (tag: Ninkasi) [23 Sep 2014|03:39pm]

Lottie wasn't totally sure what she was doing in Chicago, because she wasn't exactly certain that she understood what Kratos had been asking of her. The general gist of it, though, if she got it all, was that he had a friend that needed a friend like her. And even though she was still dealing with some stuff of her own, how could she turn him down? Especially when he preemptively gave her the puppy dog eyes. He knew she was a sucker for that, had been since he was little. It's why the Styxlings always sent Kray to ask her for sweets before dinner when she babysat.

So she'd said yes, and let him set up a meeting. )

Close to the Chest (tag: Hermod) [19 Sep 2014|05:58pm]

Bast wasn't even sure what day it was when she finally woke from an alcohol induced coma. At least, not until she checked her phone, which already had a text message on it from Ninkasi. Apparently she was going to take Bast's advice and stick her hand down Kratos' pants, once he arrived.

It took a day and a half, several showers, and a lot of water before Bast felt even close to normal. Damn tequila. )

At Sixes and Sevens [tag: Kratos] [19 Sep 2014|08:48am]

She was only a little bit chicken shit. At least that was her argument when she texted Bast to tell her where she was an that since Kratos wasn't home, she had to wait outside. That's what Ninkasi was going to do, anyway. The idea of calling or sending him a text -or something, to try to coordinate schedules or something was just going to create a ridiculous build up of anxiety and honestly, it was easier if she just... sat vigil outside his damn door until he showed up again. She'd break in to use his bathroom if she had to, and then back out again, because it was best that she not surprise him inside. He wasn't sleeping. He never slept through the day. Ever. And it was daylight out.

He could be a busy guy, though, depending on what -if anything, Zeus had going on and if even Kray had any plans of his own. So, she might be here for awhile. Oh, well. )

Be It Ever So Humble (tag: Harmonia, Erebos, & Nyx) [15 Sep 2014|04:38pm]

NOTE: Backdated to before this, but after this

There had always been something immanently soothing to Philotes about going home. And by home, she meant the rambling castle/rabbit’s warren/termite mound of a structure in Erebus, the darkest corner of Tartarus. But just going into the Underworld alone was enough to make the tension in her shoulders relax, and her lungs breathe easier in the cooling air. This was where she’d grown up, where she’d had love and acceptance, as well as teasing and tears. This was where her family was, and Lottie loved it here.

But today… )

Bored, Bored, Bored (Dionysos) [11 Sep 2014|09:02pm]

There was nothing to do. No crisis to avert. No family member in danger. No girl to hide from Hera. Nothing. Zelos was not overly fond of having nothing to do. It gave him too much time to dwell in his own head. That always had the possibility of going badly.

Rivalry went to the throne room, hoping that Zeus was there and had some assignment for him. No such luck. The room was empty/ )

Cuddles [tag: Bast] [09 Sep 2014|08:29pm]

This was weird.

Actually the list of weird things was just growing longer. In the plus column, most of her house was remodeled, which was good because it had been in desperate need of it. Thor's help had been enlisted because well, he was helpful like that and an overall good, reliable guy. No matter what anyone else thought of him, he was. Besides, she couldn't put cabinets in by herself and hiring people meant opinions from people who didn't know her. His opinions had been helpful, and logical. And he'd talked her down from some ridiculous renovation ideas, which was good.

But Ninkasi still got rid of her old nasty shower/tub combination thing in her en suite. Now she had an awesome glass pane shower and a separate jacuzzi jet tub that she was convinced she was now in love with. If it was possible to be in love with a bathtub. She needed a hot tub next, but somewhere that it was actually going to be practical. It was too hot in Queensland for that. Maybe Chicago? It would require thought. )

All Good Things... [11 Aug 2014|10:48pm]

It was time. He knew it, though there was a part of him that just didn't want to leave yet. Admittedly when Dionysos had first invited him to stay, Anteros hadn't wanted to. He thought it just might be a bit too weird, Dio's lifestyle and beliefs could be out there, a bit too extreme for the brooding erote. Surprisingly, it had all worked out. What was at first only going to be a few days, turned into a week, then 2, then a month and more.

He had had fun, though being around Dionysos how could you not. For the first time in what felt like forever, he felt carefree and relaxed. He had been in a rut for far too long. Though the debauchery had been fun, it was time to move on. Anteros had decided it was time to make some changes, and if he stayed here, he'd just be avoiding them.

He had hired a contractor to fix the damage to his place. As soon as it was fixed, he planned on putting it on the market. The condo was nice, but he wanted a change, which was kinda how the renovation project had started. His plan was to look for a little cottage on the beach. A place where all he needed to do was open the door and be on the beach, a few steps away from surfing or just enjoying the sand and sun.

Out With the Old [narrative /or open if you want to bother Kasi at home] [04 Aug 2014|06:50pm]

Dionysos was both a great friend and a terrible friend at the exact same time. Certainly he had provided both the intoxication she had requested and given relatively practical advice. However, he had also embedded a rather unnecessary visual in her brain, one that they both shared a rather vigorous rut of their own out of, and Ninkasi had been quite unable to remove it from her mind since it had been mentioned. This mental visual fantasy of sorts kept appearing at the forefront of her mind at the most inopportune of times. Of course it did. That was always how those things worked out. It wasn't something that happened when she was alone and in a private enough a situation where that was a bit more acceptable and could maybe do something about it. No. Oh no.

No, it hit Ninkasi when she was doing things like wiping down the bar after someone accidentally spilled a bit of beer and she had to bend forward to reach such a bit further down. Her face would go blank, her mind would drift and in her memory she saw those hot abs and that low pelvic v and... and then someone would ask if she was alright. It was so much worse because it wasn't even as if she was just making up the image. She had seen it. All of it. Dammit. )

Easy as ABC (tag: Styx) [24 Jul 2014|09:49pm]

Book stores were amazing places, and Seshat absolutely loved that they existed. While there was some argument that they were dinosaurs that would topple to a digital medium, she didn't think they'd ever be entirely obsolete. As wonderful and convenient as e-readers were, there was always going to be something magical about cracking a spine, turning a page, and holding the passport to another world of fiction or knowledge in one's hands.

Her favorites were the little stores like this one. Rizzoli Bookstore was not a chain, it was a privately owned publishing company started in Italy in 1929, and moved to Manhattan in 1964. There was almost a weight to the history of the place, and she felt it as soon as she walked in the door. It was set up like a classic library, which only added to the ambiance. And best of all, while it carried a variety of books, it specialized in those on art and architecture.

Seshat was in heaven. )

Age Before Beauty (tag: Zeus) [21 Jul 2014|03:31pm]

The problem with Pop-Tarts was their availability. One generally didn't go to the Egyptian marketplace and find street vendors selling them. There were a few countries where they were more common, but among those, the best selection by far was found in the U.S. So every few months, Re took a trip and stocked up. Raspberry and cherry were his favorites, but his purchases were never limited to just those. Variety was the spice of life, after all.

If he got a few odd looks pushing a shopping cart full of cases of Pop-Tarts, Re just smiled in his friendly way and overlooked them for the most part. He had the look of a well-dressed yet senile man, so let them think what they would. They got their money, he got his Pop-Tarts, and everyone was happy. He also never went to the same town twice, because how boring would that be? They might go home, mention the old guy that bought a shit-ton of Pop-Tarts, and that would be the end of it. They'd go on with their day to day lives, and forget it ever happend.

This shopping trip he'd decided to visit Louisville. )

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