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8/28/07 05:17 am - [info]butterflydreams - Official Character List

This entry will be updated each week to show who is officially part of Questions and Answers.

8/28/07 05:08 am - [info]butterflydreams - Application Form

Please fill out the form below for your character of choice. Make the character journal ahead of time, and once you have filled out the form and posted it as a comment to this post, join [info]decrees, [info]questions, and [info]answers with that journal. You are also welcome to join all three asylums with your main journal.

Character Name:
Character's Parents:

All replies to this comment are screened, and characters are handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one version of a character may exist at any time. All applications are processed over the weekend, and announcements are typically made sometime Monday.
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