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Infatuation by T. G. Tsiamis


The dizzying lights, the intermingle of conversations,
The changing constellation of bodies on the dance floor-
Evaporated and crystallized in her eyes.
Then, the rush of streets, the calm of fields
and hill-sides,
The song of the sun rising
from the horizon and meeting my innocent eyes,
the parting of clouds that sully the spring day,
The thirsty desert anticipating a drink
as a storm looms in the distance
and then moves closer-
Her unassailable passion for life collided thunderously
with my soul as she approached me.
Her short-lived breath died on my ear
as she whispered words
I regretfully no longer remember,
Her fingertips caressed my hands
that trembled like heavy clouds;
She sat on my lap, I was a mountain,
A formation of rock carved elegantly
and violently by time; eroded by the thrilling
power of mesmerizing attraction and unfulfilled desire…
My heart was exposed to these
extreme forces, without warning
or adequate preparation;
it twisted and malformed, a piece of rubbish
unworthy of a place amongst the clatter
of the junk yard.

Days passed, then weeks,
My joyless rivers did weep
their waves into the deep
while she peacefully slumbered
somewhere in the city of dreams, unwary
of the torturous realignment of the planets,
My immeasurable agony
the catalyst of this unnatural spectacle,
A state of hopelessness
also unknown to the solitary faces that passed
me by on the half-empty streets,
the half-empty will to continue like the sun,
rising and falling, dawn until dusk.
I shouted her name from the tallest building,
My voice carried on the eddies of the wind,
away from her.
Oblivious to this fact I continued to crow
like an aggressive rooster in mating season,
The people of the city beneath me
objected to my irritating whimpers
and I was soon flicked from my lofty perch.

The memory of her smile that night was inescapable,
Inextricably linked to my memory
like bacon is to eggs,
and beer is to kegs,
And so I resolved to advance toward her,
This time prepared, or so I thought,
Wearing thick sunglasses
to avoid being blinded by her brightness,
A grave underestimation that cost me my sight,
But I retained my hearing
and lurched into the darkness,
following her voice
that rose and fell; an arrangement of notes
that would never be heard again.

One morning I awoke and the sun failed
to christen my room with its golden radiance,
a tree had somehow grown overnight at my window,
fertilized by the silver luminosity of the moon?
Its leaves had tragically shrouded my naked body
from the precious sunlight.
But months had passed, a consequence of thoughts
submerged in one sweet woman, one sweet night,
an excruciating romantic fantasy exacerbated
by the distance between us,
finally came to an end.

Before by Cutieindahurley

I’m glad you’ve had fun trying to knock me down,
Just when you think that I’ve forgotten.
It all comes back to hunt you down.
I have to say that I love being at the opposite end of this table.
Watching you beg to be left alone, sorry it’s a little late now.
You should have thought of that before.

I laugh, now that you’re the one at the bottom,
Isn’t it ironic?
All the jokes have twisted back around.
Blinded by the hypocrisy of it all,
Can you even see the way out?
After all the things you loved to do,
Now it’s your turn to figure out why.
And wonder how your friend could do this to you.
I don’t care about your feelings,
or even how much you used to mean to me.
You should have thought about that before.

SoRRY? by PotHead

I'm sorry that i'm shy at times,
i'm sorry that i'm scared.
I'm sorry that i'm not the way,
the way that i never shared

People sit and laugh at me,
thinking I do not care.
Everynight i sit at home
I cry
and lie
to myself
Not because i'm teased
Not because i'm unloved
Not because i'm friendless
Not because i'm shoved

The reason is this,
and this i know.
I just wish that i could be
the person i show

Illusion by DarknessChick

I think I am seeing things; Things that cannot be explained, nor descrbed by human beings; Things that aren't even real; I hear sounds that the human ears cannot hear, its silent to us all; I feel things, that cannot be felt, by human beings, and cannot be touched neither? I think I am dead, but I can see my reflection, so I must be alive?" Or am I just an illusion?" As I walk pass people, I seem to be unnoticed and unhearded? As I try to reach out to someone, I'm not answered or understood? I think I am an Illusion. I need some answers, I need some explinations for all of these mysterious things that're happening around and to me? I think I'm unreal; I don't exist, I am fake, bogus, and fiction. I am like a shadow on the walls, the whispering winds, the breath you take, the curses that're possessed upon humans and immortals; The emotions of the world, the unfortunate events, the nightmares, the dreams, the hopes, prayers, and wishes; I think I am the soil that soaks into the Earth, the rain that falls down onto the ground, the clouds up in the sky, the questions, that're unanswered; I think I am an illusion, a shadow, a curse, a breath, a wind blowing, a forgotten and forbidden soul, thats roaming around, so freely, not knowing where to go, nor what to do, say, nor think?" I ama illusional mistake, I think I'm too late, I think I am caught between heaven and hell, life and deth, earth and space, I think I'm your illusions, your nightmares, your imaginations, your shadows, your curses, your air, your sacrfice, your clouds, stars, and skies? I am an illusion, I am not real, I cannot be real, its plain to see, I ain't me anymore, I'm not even alive anymore...?"

by me aka talitha lindsey or darkprincess_me

spread across the sheets
blood stains
the lifeless of souls
warning forever forgotten

the visions of lust
before giving
quickly becomiong
the minds eyes
for the once hated

by me aka darkprincess_me

the truth spoken
the words torn
lie in riddles
on the ground
before you

threaten the very
truth you seek
the lies you tell
to climb to the top

are not forgotten
in the haste
of life forgotten
to see once again

tomorrow somehow
you are already dead
to the eyes
that seek to kill
that words that
ban the banter
of your cries
the tears that
spread like the
mississippi river
thru the untamed sheets
and gone nowhere

tears somehow
weaken the blow you gave
long gone


P.s this poem never ends

Don't Try To Lie Anymore
by Lauren

Looking into your eyes, I see so many things.
Lies and deciete, your love that sings.
Can't tell what you want, me or her.
I know one thing, I'm crying for sure.
Tell me why you did it so I can have some peace,
My heart is now folded with a jagged crease.

Don't try to lie anymore, because I already caught you,
Tell me only things that are true.
Your feeling for me were all complete lies.
The hardest parts are always good- byes.
Left alone again, shattered and broken.
Found out I was an expired token.

My feelings for you were true you know,
My love for you would always show.
Can't help but wonder why you lied,
All that time I sat and cried,
Just because you said those words.
Been trampled be dozens of heards.

Don't try to lie anymore, because I already caught you,
Tell me only things that are true.
Your feelings for me were all complete lies.
The hardest parts are always good- byes.
Left alone again, shattered and broken.
Found out I was an expired token.

Hurting so bad from all the fibs.
Someone stabbed me between the ribs.
Can't fight it anymore, it's got to be over.
Running away, got to take cover.
Never thought it would be this way,
I guess I never know what to say.

Don't try to lie anymore, because I already caught you,
Tell me only things that are true.
Your feelings for me were all complete lies.
The hardest parts are always good- byes.
Left alone again, shattered and broken.
Found out I was an expired token.

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