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Feb 9th, 11 at 10:27am]

Gonna keep this short, but a friend of mine said something back in December, and it kinda gave me chills.

foREVer lost. foREVer found. foREVer alive in us!

Happy 30th Jimmy, wherever you are.

EDIT: Wanted to add something on that I made for twitter...

TheRevDay 2011 )
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I've always known it, but this is proof... [Saturday
Oct 16th, 10 at 9:40pm]


That Jared REALLY IS A VAMPIRE! Are you serious? Really? This many years apart and NOT ONE FUCKING BLEMISH, WRINKLE OR ZIT???

Image under cut )
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Dec 29th, 09 at 2:30am]

[ mood | numb ]

In light of tonight's events I think the appropriate thing for me to do is put Jimmy on hiatus until further notice. I'm sorry.


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Aug 19th, 09 at 3:37pm]

yeah, lol. So I'm officially shutting down my laptop for the trip. I should be getting there tomorrow night, meaning if all goes well I'll be up and running by friday,

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HEADS UP! [Monday
Aug 10th, 09 at 8:30pm]

You may not see me around too much starting next week. I'm leaving for Europe to visit my dad on wednesday and I'll be gone until mid september. He does have wireless net, but I'm not sure how reliable that is, and either way, I'll be 7 hours ahead of most of you. But I'll do my best to be on around the same time as everyone. But yeah, I'll be MIA a lot for the next month.

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Aug 9th, 09 at 6:25pm]

my aim is being a dick and only letting me sign on one name at a time. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it, including uninstalling and reinstalling the damn thing. Anita tested hers, and it's working fine for her, which is leading me to the conclusion that it's my laptop causing the problem. So yeah, working on it. Meh.
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Out Maybe --- maybe not [Thursday
Apr 16th, 09 at 10:26pm]

I go in for surgery tomorrow. I know I won't be around tomorrow, not sure on the weekend. Will buzz in probably Sunday.
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