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*Older Fic* Blue 
18th-Sep-2007 01:29 am
Originally posted 05.12.2006

Title: Blue
Author: Lady B
Genre: RPS (see author's note and disclaimer)
Rating: I'd say PG13 but I'll settle for R just because of who's in it.
Pairing: Tom F/Dan R
Summary: Tom's a little...blue
Word count: 685 words
Author's Note: This is RPS aka Real Person Slash. If this kind of thing squicks you immensely, I suggest you skip this immediately. This ficlet was inspired by a recent picture of Dan I came across that you can see by clicking [here].
Disclaimer: I do not know Tom Felton or Dan Radcliffe or any of the other actors and actresses from the HP movies. I know neither one is gay but they are both real good friends. I intended no harm with the creation of this ficlet. All things Harry Potter are owned and operated by JKR - batteries not included. *Poem used in this is not mine and I've forgotten where I found it.

- - -

Tom Felton, age 18, was sitting in a corner alone, nursing a soda. All around him, cast and crew were celebrating the final filming of the next movie for the Harry Potter series, Order of the Phoenix. He let a small smile grace his lips when he saw Alan sharing a lewd joke with Dame Maggie near where Tom was sitting.

He sighed. A part of him was glad filming was over, but another part of him was not so happy. Filming for the next movie wouldn't begin for another year or so and he was spending his summer attending University. He should have been happy about it, but he wasn't. Something was missing and he was afraid to acknowledge it.

The table where he sat shook slightly and he looked up. Rupert and Emma were sitting next to him, looking at him expectantly.

"What?" he wondered.

"Are you going to moon over him forever or are you going to go find him and tell him how you feel?" Emma asked.

"What are you talking about, Em?" Tom asked, taking a swallow of his soda to calm his nerves.

"We've seen the way you've been staring at Dan, mate." Rupert added.

"I wasn't staring. Why would I be staring?"

"Because he's hot!" Emma stated.

"He's your friend!" Tom exclaimed.

"So? I'm a girl, I can appreciate hot when I see it."

"You're not helping, Em." Rupert whispered.

Emma stood up and snagged Tom by his sleeve, "Come on, we need some place quiet to talk."

- - -

Safely ensconced in his hotel room, Tom waited for Emma to talk.

"All right. Close your eyes. We're going to try a little exercise." she demanded. Tom closed his eyes and sighed.

"Now what?" he wondered.

"Now picture him in your mind, and tell us what you see, what you feel."

"How's this supposed to help me?" he asked.

"Tom, just do it!" she snapped. Sighing again, he closed his eyes and concentrated.


"What's the first thing you see?"

Tom frowned, she sounded like she was on the other side of the room when she'd been sitting on the floor near his feet a moment before, "His eyes."

"Tell me." she asked. He heard a soft sound but couldn't place it. He went back to concentrating and the feelings he'd been hiding bubbled to the surface.

"Blue eyed baby boy
Timid, soft spoken
Yet boisterous and bold
Kisses so soft
As the stroke of a feather
Skin creamy smooth
Hands rough like leather
Massaging my body
Stroking my skin
Stirring my passions
I've held deep within
Bringing the side of me
I like to keep hidden
Up to the surface
It feels too good
As if it's forbidden
I don't really know
Tomorrow where we will be
I do know that you
Have awakened something in me
The epitome of sweetness
And all that is good
Yet the devil reincarnate
Reflected in those eyes of blue.

He finished on a sigh, head bent low.

A hand suddenly touched his cheek gently and he leaned into the comforting touch. In the next instant, warm lips were covering his own and he gasped in surprise. A tongue took advantage of his surprise and he moaned at the feeling. His head was titled and the kiss deepened, heightening the awareness of his own heartbeat. Hands around his waist pulled him close and held him secure as his mouth was plundered. He made needy sounds in the back of his throat.

Gradually the kiss softened and then ended. He opened dazed eyes and came face to face with the eyes of the young man he'd fallen in love with over the last year or so. He vaguely noticed that Emma and Rupert were no longer in the room.

"Dan, I-"

"Shhhh." Dan smiled, his blue eyes sparkling, "It's okay. I love you, too." And he kissed him again, this one, tender, full of love and a promise of the future.

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