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21st-May-2018 08:19 pm - Return of the Heir Chapter 4: Plots and Plans

Title:Return of the Heir
Summary: During the Marge Dursley Incident justbefore Harry's third year at Hogwarts, his accidental magic not onlycauses her to inflate like a balloon, but it also transports him to alittle-known island on the other side of the planet. It is there hediscovers the true meaning of family. Watch out, Hogwarts! Harry'sgot a brand new attitude and a whole lot of new friends!
Genre: AUbefore third year.
Crossover: Jurassic Park
Characters: Harryand the Velociraptors, various other HP and JPcharacters.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters andsituations created and owned by JK Rowling, Michael Crichton, StevenSpielberg, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures, variouspublishers, including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, ScholasticBooks and Raincoast Books, Knopf Publishing and Warner Bros Inc. Nomoney is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement isintended.
Author Note: I'm attempting my first novel-length storyin probably 4 years.


`Parseltongue speech`

-Hedwig speech-


It was several hours later when Dobby returned with a reply and an oblong velvet box. He handed the letter to Harry first, stepping back a pace once he did so. One of the new raptor hatchlings moved closer, curious about the strange creature in its nest. For his part, Dobby remained motionless, letting himself be studied without showing any fear. The little raptor trilled with happiness before nuzzling against Dobby's shoulder. He looked at Harry in surprise. Harry smiled at him, having watched the whole thing.

"“Looks like you have a new friend, Dobby.”

With a smile of his own, Dobby rubbed the small snout as Harry opened the letter.

To the Lord Most Noble of the Ancient Houses of Potter, Gryffindor and Perevell and Heir Presumptive of the Ancient House of Black:

I am Ragnarok of Clan Clawtooth. I also am the Director of Gringotts Banking Institution and Leader of the entire Goblin Nation of Her Majesty's Commonwealth. Upon receiving your letter, the manager of your family accounts grew angry on your behalf and brought your plight to my attention. I called for an immediate audit of all your accounts and destroyed any and all keys not already in your possession.

I was disgusted to discover that various personages had been pilfering from your accounts since your parents passed away. Not to mention the fact we discovered that your rightful guardian, Sirius Black, Lord Most Noble of the Ancient House of Black was tossed into the wizarding prison of Azkaban without benefit of due process, a situation we've brought to the attention of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and your family lawyer, who are working quickly to get him removed from that place and into the care of a mediwizard.

I understand you do not wish to be found by certain parties. In the box your house elf has brought to you is a silver torque that belonged to your great-grandfather, Charlus Potter. It was gifted to him as at one time, he saved my life, making him a Friend to our Nation and one of our most valued patrons. It is a family portkey that can be worn along your bicep and will remain invisible and undetectable at all times. It will bring you straight to my office when you speak the activation phrase “Honor Above All!”. It is untraceable by any who look for you and will immediately return you to your current residence or any place you deem safe, as we can program it that way for you.

If it is amenable to you, I would like to meet with you around 10:00 tomorrow morning. You may bring anyone you wish if you feel your safety might be jeopardized. If I am not in my office when you arrive, I will be alerted and meet you momentarily.

I look forward to continuing the alliance between our families.

May your gold flow and your enemies cower in fear.


Clan Clawtooth

Director, Gringotts Bank

Goblin King

Harry sat back, a feeling growing in his chest that he'd never felt before in his life: Hope. For the first time since he could recall, he was hopeful for his future, of actually having a future to live. Dobby held up the box to Harry as Hedwig landed on his shoulder. Bruce moved closer as well, feeling his bonded's emotions as clearly as his own. With a deep breath, Harry opened the box, laying eyes upon the first thing he'd ever owned that belonged to his grandfather. It was a silver steel braided band with two dragon heads facing each other at the open ends. He smiled when he saw it. He rolled up his left sleeve before removing the band from its velvet prison. With his new magical aura, he could feel the power and love that went into making it and he had to blink away tears. Slipping it over his bicep, it immediately resized to fit against his skin comfortably. It felt like it wasn't even there.

'I have a feeling that your life is about to change for the better, Harry,' Isa commented.

'It already has, Isa. It already has,' Harry grinned, looking around at the new home and new family he'd made for himself.


At 10 on the nose the following morning, Harry and company materialized in Ragnarok's office with a silent sound. Griphook was also waiting for them and was slightly surprised to see what he assumed was a dinosaur.

“You keep some interesting company, Lord Potter,” Ragnarok chuckled, seeing Hedwig and Dobby had come with him.

“These things tend to happen to me often, sir,” Harry shrugged.

“Please, be seated and we will get started,” the Leader of the Goblin Nation invited as they moved to the small conference table that had been set up. There were refreshments and an assortment of foods and Harry felt secure in taking a couple of things to eat since he'd missed breakfast in anticipation of this meeting. There were also some things for Bruce, Dobby, and Hedwig to eat as well, to their pleasure and they settled in.

“First, Lord Potter -,” Ragnarok began.

“Please, call me Harry. My friends and those I trust call me such,” Harry interrupted. Surprised and pleased, Ragnarok nodded.

“First, you should know that your official name, the name your parents gave to you is actually 'Harrison James Potter'. Your sworn godfather, Lord Black thought it to be too much and nicknamed you 'Harry' much to your father's amusement and your mother's endless disgust,” Ragnarok began, passing Harry his birth certificate. There, in bold print, was the beginnings of his life. He bent his head for a moment, wrapping his emotions around him like a blanket, feeling his parents love for him. His eyes were bright when he glanced up with a smile of thanks.

“What do you mean by 'sworn godfather'?” he wondered at the turn of phrase.

“It means that your godfather could not have done the thing he was accused of and thrown in prison for. As your sworn godfather, he has vowed upon pain of death that he cannot harm or bring harm to you or your parents. If he had been guilty of causing their deaths, his magic would have turned on him and killed him instantly.”

“How did no one know this?”

“Upon the death of your parents, the Chief Wizard of the Wizengamot declared the wills of your parents State Secrets and had them sealed from everyone who was mentioned in them, including potential guardians for you and the mentions of who the actual secret holder for your hideaway was.”

“Why would he do such a thing? I don't understand.”

“Simply put: Power and Recognition. Albus Dumbledore was no longer in a position to get people to bend to his will so he wanted a scapegoat. With your family's death, he was in a perfect position to rise to the top. What more prominence can you get than proclaiming yourself the guardian of the one who defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort? By controlling you, he controlled Magical Britain. He had been offered Minister of Magic many times but he liked to be behind the scenes, having people come to him for his counsel and advice. They practically handed the leadership of the International Confederation of Wizards to him on a platter. By declaring himself your guardian, he had unfettered access to your legacy and money without check, bribing your former account manager into helping him. Fortunately, Griphook figured something was wrong the first time you came to us and brought it to his supervisor's attention, who then brought it to mine. That it why Griphook is your current account manager.”

“So what do I do?”

“We've already begun. As I stated in my letter, we've audited all your vaults, recalled and destroyed all keys, not in your possession and denied access to everyone but yourself until you say otherwise.”

“Who, exactly, had access to my money?” Harry frowned. Silently, Griphook placed a sheet of parchment in front of Harry, who looked it over carefully. He wasn't surprised to see his headmaster's name at the top of the list, given what he knew of the man. What did surprise him was seeing Hermione's name, and the names of the adult Weasleys as well as Ginny. One other name on the list made his magic flare and caused Bruce to hiss in anger: Severus Snape.

“That greasy bastard had access to my money?”

“His 'reward' from Dumbledore for sharing part of a prophecy about you and your family to Lord Voldemort and painting a target on your back,” Ragnarok stated. A glass chandelier that was hanging over the desk shattered explosively, sending glass dust flying around the room. Dobby quickly brought up a shield to protect the two goblins as Hedwig and Bruce moved to calm down their wizard. They were unharmed by the flying glass, as they shared a part of Harry's magic.

'Harry, you need to calm down,' Bruce stated.

'I will kill him next time I see him! He got my parents killed!'

'Think about this for a moment. He doesn't know what you now know. He thinks you're an ignorant toe-rag, not fit to lick his boots. The best revenge will be one he isn't expecting,' Bruce stated, having seen some of Harry's memories when their bond formed. He was itching to take a bite out of a certain Professor.

'And that would be?'

-Proving him wrong. You can be smart when you want to be. Isn't it about time to let your inner Slytherin out to play?- Hedwig smirked. Between the two of them, Harry began to calm down as he thought out the possibilities. His magic retreated and with an absent wave of his hand, undoing the damage he did to Ragnarok's office. He looked sheepishly at the two goblins as Dobby dispelled his shield.

“Thank you, Dobby Elf,” Griphook nodded. Dobby smiled in return and moved to stand by his master, touching Harry's knee.

“I'm okay, Dobby. My apologies to you all. That man is a sore topic for me.”

Ragnarok and Griphook retook their seats, “May I ask why?” Ragnarok wondered.

“Do you have some way to view memories? It's probably easier if you see them, rather than having me explain.”

“Do you know what a Pensieve is, Harry?”


“It's a device, similar to a large stone basin that we can use to view memories. You put them inside and we can go in to view them from an outsider perspective.”

“Like a film projector?”


“What do I have to do?”

“I will teach you the spell that can remove specific memories you think about,” Ragnarok began as another goblin brought a large stone basin into the room before leaving, “and they go into this basin. This is what we call a projector Pensieve as it will show the memories in the air so we won't have to go inside. Ready?”

Harry took out his wand and nodded. Ragnarok showed him the correct wand movements and Harry took a moment to think of every interaction he had with Snape since the first year. A thick silver strand of magic caught onto the end of his wand and he carefully pulled it away from his temple. There was a dull feeling in his mind like he'd forgotten something in his life but there was an echo of what he was missing. He touched the end of his wand to the silver liquid and the memories immediately began to play...

...Ah, yes. Harry Potter...our new - celebrity...

...Detention, Saturday night, my office...I do not take cheek from anyone, Potter...not even ‘the Chosen One.’...

...Clearly, fame isn't everything...

The memories moved through all his encounters with Snape, none of them pleasant in any way, shape or form. What was clear to all was the fact that Snape was taking his anger of a man long dead out on his son in some sort of petty revenge. Ragnarok didn't like it one bit.

The memories ended and Harry placed them back into his mind with a sigh. There was a moment of silence between them before Ragnarok dropped his next bombshell.

“Did you know that there was an avowed life debt between your father and Professor Snape?”

“Life debt? What's that?”

“When your father and he were still in school, there was an incident with another student that nearly resulted in the death of Snape. Your father saved his life at a risk to his own and magic created a debt between them. When your father died, the debt was passed on to you.”

“Wait a tick...in my first year, a Voldemort-possessed professor was jinxing my broom during a Quidditch match. Hermione and Ron told me they had seen both Voldemort and Snape muttering, but didn't know who was doing the deed. I later found out Snape was chanting a counter-jinx. So he's avowed on his magic to keep me safe? Is that what you mean?”



“According to our ledgers, that debt has been removed.”


“This is just speculation on our part, but when you performed the Familiar Bonds ritual, it seems Magic Herself decided to grant you some gifts...and found that Snape was unworthy of such a vow and removed it from him.”

“You say Magic like it's a person.”

“In a way She is. There are myths and legends that speak of Magic who granted all magical beings their powers, and those that abuse them, She will seek retribution in some way. Treat them well and She grants gifts, as she has with you.”

“So that's what that was!” Harry exclaimed, remembering the lingering soreness after the ritual when he discovered that he was no longer scrawny and thin, having filled out and gained some height. He was even more shocked when he found out his scar had disappeared. He explained those happenings to the goblins, who nodded.

“Indeed. She has blessed you well, young Harry. Do not abuse her gifts.”

“I definitely won't,” Harry agreed.

After that, they moved on to other things, as Harry began to wonder why Ron's name wasn't on the list of people who were stealing his money. That was something he would find out for himself upon his return to school...

Harry's Family Portkey can be seen here: http://amazon.com/Double-Bracelet-Adjustable-Stainless-polished/dp/B01MdIWH1C
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