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24th-Jun-2013 12:23 am - Fic Rec: Enough Is Enough (HP/FGW Triad fic)
Excerpt from "Enough is Enough" Chapter 21: The Goblins have decided enough is enough and help Harry overcome Dumbledore's manipulations. This is going to be fun.

Fudge had had enough. The Aurors hadn't been able to get to the boy because of some shied of sorts. It was time to call in the help.


The air started to get chilly as the creatures answered the call. Some students began to panic and flee as far away from the doors as possible, making the teacher's table very crowded. The ones Harry taught had drawn their wands. Harry quickly had Lady Hogwarts place a shield over the student body. She wasn't all that happy to allow these creatures in but he's asked so nicely. He planned on showing Fudge just who he was dealing with.

The six remaining dementors closed in on him. He smirked.


Prongs had a grand old time scaring away the buggers. Prancing around it tossed them around and gave a couple a good kicking. The dementors knew they were beat. All but one fled the scene, the remaining one backed into a corner.

With Prongs at the ready Harry approached the last one.

What happened next would go down in history.

'Hey buddy, want a hug?'


'Aww come on gimme a hug. You know you wanna'.


'I'll be your best friend'.

His joke backfired when he suddenly had an armful of sobbing, he thought it was sobbing, dementor. Prongs jerked towards him, before realising Harry wasn't in danger and faded away. The dementor was letting out wails and other such noises that Harry couldn't understand, but he was pretty sure the dementor was talking. And he'd be right. If he were able to understand dementor speech, he'd hear:

'You called me buddy! *sniff* No one's ever *sniff* called me buddy before! *sniff* No one's ever even *sniff* hugged me before! I just want a *sniff* friend! Everyone runs away *sniff* from me! I'll be your best buddy for ever and ever! *sniff* I won't steal your soul or *sniff* make it all cold! I'll be good *sniff* I promise!'

The entire school population stood in astonishment as Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, stood soothing a wailing creature of darkness.

It would appear that Potter manor would be having another house mate.

Fudge and the Aurors began to back away slowly until they reached the corridor, where they proceeded to run all the way to the gates and apparate to the ministry.

Arrest Harry Potter, not bloody likely!
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