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13th-Jul-2009 09:44 pm - *New* (tentative title) Rogue of the Rune Heart (original)
Title: Rogue of the Rune Heart
Author: Belinda aka Lady B
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Action, Adventure
Rating: R
Summary: She was a princess with the heart of a warrior. He was a space pilot with the heart of a knight. When the fates conspire against them, will they be able to withstand the pressure?
Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction. All characters and plot lines are mine alone.


Andras, Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom of the Four Lances, stared at the paper in his hand, a frown on his face and fear in his heart. He looked at the person that delivered the news to him.

"Are you sure of this?" he asked, his voice betraying nothing.

"As sure as I am of the sun rising in the morn, My Lord." came the smooth reply. Andras took a moment to think.

"And what of the messenger?"

"Dead, My Lord. A necessary thing, I assure you."

"I see."

"What shall we do, My Lord? The princess must be protected at all costs, if this note is to be believed."

"Call the Council. I will meet with them in a few hours to get their opinions."

"As you wish." the man bowed and turned to leave.

"And Akor?" Andras called. The man known as Akor turned to look back.

"Tell no one of this. Secrecy is of the utmost importance."

"As you will it, Sire." Akor bowed and left. If anyone had been looking at him then, they would have wondered about the smirk firmly planted on his face.

- - -

Akor du Xian had been in a position of power for many millennium, as Senior Advising Council to the Supreme Ruler. He held many dark secrets, that if brought to light, would have ended his life many times over. It had been him and him alone who had conspired against the former King Wulfcot, thus ending his life and allowing Andras to become Supreme Ruler at the tender age of 15.

Despite his plans, Andras refused to bend to his subtle hints of giving up control. To say he was "upset" when Andras returned from a diplomacy mission with a new wife – a Xylonian princess no less - would have been an understatement. Akor locked himself in his chambers for two days and destroyed everything he owned.

After he had calmed down, he rearranged his plans to try and discredit the new Queen, but he hadn't thoroughly done his research on Xylonians. Eideann fought him at every turn. He tried assassinations. She showed her skills as a warrior in her own right. Even when she was pregnant with their firstborn, she still demonstrated the sharp skills that her people were known for. Akor was frustrated to the point of madness. So he switched his attentions to the heir. And was thwarted again when the little princess took down her first assassin at five years old. This began to threaten everything Akor worked so hard to achieve, even the death of the Queen did not satisfy him. He was now dedicated to ending the line at any and all costs.

- - -

He hurried to his chambers and to the secret room he had there. From his "central command" he could monitor Andras from anywhere in the castle. He had attempted to put up surveillance in the King's own chambers but the guards always prevented him from even nearing the room, and the King's personal guard always swept his room for hidden devices on an hourly rotation.

He watched the King pace the length of the throne room, muttering to himself before he turned and strode from the room. Turning a few dials, Akor followed him to a familiar part of the castle where his daughter resided.

Flipping a switch, the center monitor became focused on the chambers of the Princess, where he could see her on her bed, reading something he couldn't see. She hastily placed it under her pillow a moment before her father entered the room. Flipping another switch, Akor began to listen in on their conversation...

- - -

Kellan stared at the note in her hand that had come into her possession not a few hours before. She had found it in the back of her wardrobe, hidden beneath some of her mother's possessions. It was written in the language of her mother's people, something she had learned to read and write when she was old enough to do so.

My dearest daughter,

If you are reading this, then the plot to end my life has come to fruition and I am no longer there to see you grow into the beautiful woman I know you'll become.

You must be shocked that I would know that I was fated to die the night I did. I've always known I was to die, I could see it on certain faces of the Council – Akor's especially.

DO NOT TRUST THAT MAN! He is evil! I believe he may have been the one who had your grandfather killed, and the one who tried to have you murdered when you were five. He hides his secrets well, but I uncovered those secrets, which I knew would forfeit my life.

I am entrusting you, my daughter, with a task. You must go to my homeworld, Xylon. There you will find all the proof you need of Akor's evil deeds to try and take over the Kingdom. Do not let your father know about Akor until you have this proof.

Be brave my daughter and remember all that you have learned. Know that you were the one bright light on my darkest days.

Asth'lia Z'ya Cei Swi'lothar Bom'li
(Until we meet where the stars shine bright)


With a scowl on her face, Kellan made a vow to avenge her mother's death and to succeed in the task laid before her. She heard footsteps near her room and quickly shoved the note under her pillow.

Her father entered the room a moment later.

"Father." Kellan smiled.

"Kellan, we need to talk." The smile slid from her face and she brought her hands up. To anyone else, it would look like a nervous gesture. But to Kellan and her father, it was their way of talking in case someone was listening in or watching.

"What's wrong?"

(Something has happened.)

"I plan on convening the Council this evening to set up a time for the members of the Four Ruling Houses to meet."

(I've discovered a plot to try and kill you and have the blame fall at King Rolfgard's feet. This would start a war between the two Kingdoms where no one would survive.)

"Is that good or bad?"

(What do you need me to do?)

"You know how it is when a bunch of old guys with a foot in the grave get together in one room and the wine flows freely."

(You are going to take a trip.)

"I don't think I want to be around for that. I've always wanted to visit Arai. I hear the shopping is wonderful."

(I found a note from Mother. She said she had proof of a plot against our family on Xylon.)

"I think that's a fine idea. When will you go?"

(Take Alsia with you.)

"This weekend I think should be soon enough."


"Be sure to check out the fruit markets in Di'thain. I took your mother their just before you were born and she had a fondness for their pearchains."

(Captain Arsene wants you to use her as a decoy. You will play her bodyguard.)

"I was thinking of getting a pet. Mother always did say I should have a bird or something."

(People may recognize me.)

"I think a dog would be better."

(That is why you will wear something covering your face but leaving your eyes to see.)

"Is there anything else you'd like me to do while I am there?"

(Who else knows I am going?)

"Just have fun, and give your old man a call every couple of days."

(No one except Lydia and myself. The less who know, the better.)

"I think I can do that." Kellan smiled. She got to her feet and was pulled into a hug.

"Stay safe." Andras whispered into her ear.

"I love you, Dad." was her reply. Andras squeezed her gently in reply. When they stepped apart, he was all business again.

"Don't go overboard on the spending."

(Please try and get along with whoever goes with you.)

"I'll try." she laughed, needing no special signals against that piece of advice. Her father nodded and left the room, secure in the knowledge that his dear wife left the means for their daughter to protect herself.

- - -

In his secret chamber, Akor sat back with a grin. He needed to get a team to Arai before the princess's arrival. He rubbed his hands with glee as he shut off his equipment. If he had left them on a moment longer, he would have seen Kellan call for Alsia to explain what was really happening.

Let the fun and games begin...

Thoughts, opinions? :)
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