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*Original* Closer Than Yesterday 
8th-Jun-2009 02:34 am
Sorry guys and gals...I need a serious break from fandom at the moment. I found this on one of my cds and decided to see if inspiration strikes.

Title: Closer Than Yesterday (originally titled Fourth Times A Charm)
Author: Lady B
Date Started: July.14.2003
Date Picked Up Again: June.07.2009
Genre: Original Het
Rating: R
Summary: Zander loved Ava, but couldn't take that final step to make her a permanent part of his life, so he ran away...again. For Ava, being stood up at the altar for the third time was the last straw and she has written Zander out of her life, seemingly for good. When Zander comes back to town, determined to cross that line, will Ava take him back, or is it too little, too late?
Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction. Any reference to real persons of interest are wholly coincidental. All characters are from my own imagination. I am not making money from this fic...darn it.

- - -

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.  ~Author Unknown


It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. And for the third time, it turned into a disaster. Ava stared down at the miles of white Vera Wang in her hands, gently rubbing the gold brocade trim that had taken nearly two weeks to sew. The flowers that made up her bouquet, flown in from Hawaii only hours before were slowly wilting on the bench next to her.

Around her, friends and family milled about the antechamber of the church she should have been getting married in, the buzz of their conversations passing through her ears in a fog.

Her name was spoken softly and she looked up into the kind faces of her almost in-laws, "Ava, are you all right?" Janessa asked.

"I'm fine, Mrs Wallace." Ava told her. Hickory gave her a smile.

"Ava, if I you'd like, I could beat that boy's ass for you." he suggested. That garnered a small laugh from Ava.

"As much as I'd like to take you up on that offer, I think I'll decline, Mr Wallace."

"I did not raise my son this way. I don't know what gets in his head sometimes." Hick sighed. Someone touched her shoulder and she looked up into the worried face of her mother.

"Are you all right?" Jordana asked.

"I'm fine, Mom." Ava sighed.

"You don't look fine." her father growled, coming up beside them.

"I'm fine, Dad. Honest."

"Avalonia Tristiana Rashleigh, I warned you this would happen!" her brother, Zachary stated.

"Zach, I really don't want to talk about this. It's over, it's done and I'm moving on with my life."

"But Ava...this is the 3rd time! How many more times can that man break your heart?"

"It's never going to happen again." Ava vowed with a fierce scowl on her face, "This is the last time I let Zander Michael Wallace walk all over me."

And with that, Ava got to her feet and announced to her friends and family – again – that the food was not to be wasted and everyone should enjoy it. Then she went to change her clothes and headed home.

And unlike the last two times, she refused to cry.

9th-Jun-2009 06:17 pm (UTC)
DOH!!! THREE times?! *smacks her upside the head* Woman, ONCE is too many times. *sniffs*
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