Dark Road
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April 2008
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In the Beginning

Pleasant temperatures vary from person to person, but it was perhaps unusual that one of the carriage's occupants was wrapped in a coat made from some of the best of the Nobility's research into temperature-preserving garments. Meant to maintan a pleasant 'room temperature', the fabric gleamed faintly in the carriage lights, thin, glittering darts of reflected brilliance. The elegant cut and shaping was simply something to be expected. Just as having a pleasing - but not too dramatically gorgeous - a figure was simply to be expected.

It had always been a pleasing thing to her to have needed so very little modification to suit her Mistress's needs.

Watching the plume of her breath rise in the nippy air of the carriage interior, Miss Estiel leaned back against her seat, inwardly going yet again over the supplies and surprises packed and built into the carriage.

Shifting slightly at a change in the drum of rain on the carriage roof, Miss Estiel turned to her traveling companion, raising an eyebrow. "Enjoying yourself?"

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