Dark Road
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In the Beginning

Rain had been pouring down all day, but the long, straight road the carriage followed was comfortably elevated above the floodplain. Frontier weather was eccentric, at best, and this season featured steady fall rains paired with smothering tulle fog.

The driver of the carriage was unconcerned with fog dense enough to blot out the road before the lead cyborg horses, because he was an android. His elegantly tooled titanium chassis was quite waterproof, and his sonar worked quite well enough to tell him not only the lay of the land, but also of the few travelers behind him on the road. Rain on the Frontier was a comforting thing, the bane of the Nobility and the vast majority of their monstrous servants... at least, during the daytime.

However, through the dense fog layered over with rain clouds, it was impossible to tell the moment of sunset.

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