May 18th, 2009

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Imp status

My name is Dagless, Rick Dagless.

For this many weeks I've been the primary doctor of my patient that goes only by the name of Imp 13.

I would say his only doctor but unfortunately, I've not rid myself of the little red headed menace that goes by the name of Washu.

Somehow, one would presume by the sister of my patient, word has gotten out that Imp 13 is being treated at my hospital Dark Place.

I was surprised by the amount of cards and letters came flooding into the imp's room. Firstly, because wouldn't you think people would realize that someone turned to stone can't read cards and letters? And secondly, the subject matter of the cards and letters.
One would normally think such things would be heart felt wishings for health to be restored or at least 'feel better soon'

No, the letters and cards that came to the imp were more along the line of 'Ha. ha. Got what you deserved' and 'I hope you rot in Hell'. Or Sanchez's favorite one, 'now you can be stiff all you want and not bother any of us'.
Sanchez and Liz were the ones to note that almost all the cards and letters were in the female hand. Our little imp patient must have been quite the lady's man or as Liz after reading one particularly long and tear stained letter had put it. A right and proper bastard.

That is not to say that all the cards were angry, hateful or wishing for a bus to fall on the small imp creature from past girlfriends. There were also a few threats from 13's business associates demanding to know how long it would take for the imp to be back on his feet. Seems my patient is quite the supplier of pornographic materials and marital aids.
Sanchez even mentioned that a few of his favorite skin mags seemed to come from publishing firms owned and operated by the Imp.

I have not heard from the patient's sister or parent demon. I'm told the sister is off trying to find leads on who may have attacked her brother and the parent demon is still missing in action off in some dimension and unavailable for contact.

I had made the comment to the 'Red Menace' a.k.a. Washu that whenever you find some who has fallen off the path of decency as 13 obviously has, you find a neglectful parent. To which she replied, "Oh when Weirdbard does show up, please tell him exactly that. I haven't seen someone dismembered by a demon's talons in a long time. It'll be educational and fun to watch him do that to you."

In any case, I've read all I could find in my occult books and they haven't been exactly helpful in pointing out a course of action to take to bring the imp back to non stone status. Washu reluctantly admits her flashy science isn't working either.

It is almost time that I go visit my patient and do my daily test to see if there has been any change in his stone status, visa a vie, hitting him with a rubber mallet to see if the stone has gotten any softer yet.

May 2009

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