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November 24th, 2019

05:32 pm - My cat is dying
Had to take one of my cats to the emergency vet clinic yesterday. Two vet hospitals later and she doesn't have cancer. First one sent us to the bigger hospital in tampa that has departments and such just like a human hospital.

They originally thought it was lymphoma since they could feel what turned out to be really large and chemically off kidneys.

Instead it was worse. There are treatments for cancer. She has polycystic kidney disease.

Both kidneys are full of cysts. The vet report I printed out for our primary vet uses the term obliterated by cysts.

Apparently the cysts are small and tiny and present at birth but undetectable and then around age 7 they enlarge and lead to renal failure.

We're going to our vet about follow up care.

But she's dying. I'm losing another one. She's only 7 years old.

She's at home. Technically she's my roommates cat but she's lived with us for three years now and the three of us just say that we have four cats rather than I have 2 cats and my roommate has 2 cats.

She's still young. Still playing and acting normal and yet her kidneys are so big food has trouble staying down and her kidneys are enlarge and failing.

At least she's not in the hospital. The same hospital my Maine Coon died in 2 years ago at age 17. She's home and with us...

And we're going to make every day count.

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