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Mikey Weinstein on BookTV


Here is former USAF JAG officer Mikey Weinstein ("With God on Our Side") talking about the infiltration of dominionist Christians into our military. This is a must watch. You'll need the Real player to watch it.


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ABC Nightline Debate- RRS vs Banana Design Squad

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This was discussed a while back. It's the debate where "The Way of the Master" Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are supposed to prove God's existence without using faith. This is part 1 but you should easily find all of the clips on YouTube.

I haven't finished watching yet so I don't know whether the banana is the proof. :p

ETA: You can go the Rational Responders website for a highlight summary if you'd rather not watch the entire thing. http://www.rationalresponders.com/

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Bill Maher: "Now We Know Where They Get All The Screwups : Pat Robertson"


Invalid video URL.

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Jesus Camp video.

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Being from the UK I'm lucky to be spared from most forms of evangelicism and I stumbled across a documentary about several Christian movements in America including an appearance of Ted Haggard (for those who don't remember he was the evangelical preacher that got caught with crystal meth and having a relationship with a male prostitute)

The video can be found here:


more info from wiki:


Watching this sickened me to my stomach but then again it is rather amusing to watch a lady pray to a powerpoint presentation in tongues.

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Penn & Teller on Creationism

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Don't know if this has been posted here before, but here's a video hosted by Penn & Teller on Creationism. A little bit of "bad" language, but, as you will see, they are as pissed off as the rest of us.


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This Video Dog blog at Salon.com talks about the "War on Christmas" and a certain conservative commentator's comeuppance:

We're waking up briefly from our holiday slumber to bring you the breaking, woeful tale of a fallen Christmas Warrior. It began when Fox News anchor John Gibson, who has been shilling a quickie, inflammatory book on the Fox News-created war on Christmas, was nailed by Media Matters for his comments on a religious-right radio show on Nov. 17. On the show, he warned all the non-Christian infidels who are "following the wrong religion" that "they're not going to have to answer to me. We know who they're going to have to answer to." Nice. "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann blasted him for it in early December. Then Gibson (with an assist from Bill O'Reilly) attacked back, claiming that Olbermann was "misquot[ing] to justify saying some truly disgusting things about me." (Like scandalized church ladies, neither O'Reilly nor Gibson will deign to mention Olbermann by name.) But Olbermann returned Tuesday night to play the tape of Gibson's performance on air (Media Matters has it here) and the proof appears irrefutable. In fact, the long excerpt of the pandering Gibson is even more nauseating, and the fact that he's denying it, more shocking.

Or is it? Take one look at the 59-year-old Gibson's whipped blond pompadour and you suspect the guy's a bold liar. Will Fox stand by their golden-tressed prevaricator or come clean? Yeah, we don't think so, either. Still, don't miss the terrific Olbermann segment (captured by the equally terrific Crooks & Liars) below. His "800 billion flies" reference is a keeper. And catch the full coverage, including all referenced transcripts, at TVNewser.

You'll need to go to the post to follow the embedded links. Also make sure to click on the video at the end- it's pretty hilarious.

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What do we want to teach our kids?


This wicked little DefCon flash video tells us what we don't want to teach them!

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Video: Soldiers in New Orleans spooked by spirits


This video is worth watching for the chaplain's statement that "wherever US Soldiers go, God goes with them." What the heck? Are they Crusaders, now?

This illustrates the growing influence of the dominionist oriented majority that are now in the Army and Air Force chaplain corps. Mainline chaplains are disappearing rapidly.

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Phreddy is at it again....

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Video Channel scroll down the page...
This is from http://www.sky.com:
The Sky Report at 7pm
Inside The Church of Hate
Updated: 20:01, Tuesday October 25, 2005
The Sky Report has secretly filmed one of America's most controversial Christian ministers praising the London bombings.

Fred Phelps says that terrorist outrages and natural disasters such as Hurricane Rita are examples of God's wrath against countries such as America and Britain for tolerating homosexuals and homosexuality.

Fred Phelps, who set up the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, told our undercover reporter about the attacks, which killed 52 people:

"Oh I am so thankful that happened. My only regret is that they didn't kill about million of them. England deserves that kind of punishment, as does this country (America)"

Listen carefully. He is PRAISING the Terrorists. We are at War. Why is he preaching his Fifth Column diatribe(s) Phelps is a Traitor to America.... oh, wait... he's a White Christian... never mind....

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This just...wow. There are no words. None.

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Taking action, doing homework


Today's Talk To Action entry talks about what books and magazines to read, what websites to monitor, and other things you can do if you think that the Religious Right is a problem.

If You Think the Religious Right is a Problem....
There are lots of things to be done.

One of the first things to do --- is to learn more about it.

The Christian Right is one of the most successful political movements in American history. Yet people's level of literacy about the subject is often, well, shockingly low. The Christian Right is the dominant faction in the GOP. There are reasons for that. But few seem to know what those reasons are. If we are going to have intelligent conversations about all this, let alone be able to have coherent discussions about what to do, we need to have more people who share a common base of knowledge and the language necessary to have meaningful conversations. After many years, I know that useful knowledge and conversation in this area can be hard to come by.

So here is my up-by-the-bootstraps, do-it-yourself program for coming up to speed: books, magazines, conferences, videos, blogging -- and a radical idea.

Fred Clarkson goes on to list various places to go- including this board!- to learn more about the Religious Right. It's an excellent reference.

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Television spot


Check out this television spot from People for the American Way. It's 25 years old, but could not be more topical if they'd tried.

Here's something interesting: a similar problem in 1980 created this ad, as well as the People For the American Way 25 years ago. Funny how history repeats itself.

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Theocracy Watch streaming video


Theocracy Watch, an organization committed to bringing the excesses of Dominionist Theology and those who would try to impose it on the US to light, has several interesting streaming videos about Dominionism. These videos trace the history, leaders, and goals of Dominionists and put them into perspective. I watched one this evening, and it was very insightful and enlightening.

If you are running Firefox, the streamer for WMV video will not work. You will need to switch to IE for that. I tried to watch the RA version, but it kept halting every 45 seconds or so, and the Quicktime will not work properly through a Zone Alarm firewall, even with the mobile code options turned off, and accesses enabled for the site.

These streaming videos are also available to purchase on DVD.

If you watch them, let us know.


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