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Wiccan chaplain kicked out of Army

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Full article here; excerpt below

A year ago, he was a Pentecostal Christian minister at Camp Anaconda, the largest U.S. support base in Iraq. He sent home reports on the number of "decisions" -- soldiers committing their lives to Christ -- that he inspired in the base's Freedom Chapel.


Larsen's private crisis of faith might have remained just that, but for one other fateful choice. He decided the religion that best matched his universalist vision was Wicca, a blend of witchcraft, feminism and nature worship that has ancient pagan roots.

On July 6, he applied to become the first Wiccan chaplain in the U.S. armed forces, setting off an extraordinary chain of events. By year's end, his superiors not only denied his request but also withdrew him from Iraq and removed him from the chaplain corps, despite an unblemished service record.

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Dominionist denominations?


What are some of the big dominionist denominations? I know the Southern Baptists have their share, and I think Assembly of God. What others?

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We All Fall Down: Pentacost or Party?


A couple of articles in today's Beliefnet caught my attention. Since Pentacost is near, they have been focusing on the miracles that occurred during the first Pentacost- mostly the speaking in tongues. Once exclusive to the Pentacostal sect, this phenomenon has spread to other Christian sects, too- even mainstream ones.

What Speaking In Tongues Feels Like talks about how this has spread, and what to expect.

Unfortunately, such things as 'tongues' open the gates wide for abuses and even fake visitations of entities other than the Holy Spirit.

Drooling In The Spirit" talks about some of these abuses, and the toll they take on congregations when this gets out of control.

Groups like the "Toronto Blessing" spread a terrifying form of this spiritual virus in their 'revivals', leaving surreal scenes of twitching, howling, spastic churchgoers who have a difficult time returning to some semblance of sanity. Some have even described the experience as an 'attack' rather than a benign and healing blessing by the Holy Spirit.

Hank Hanegraaf goes into detail in the above article about the origins of this 'holy laughter', and what it means for the Christian Church and the rest of the world. The picture he paints is frightening in its implications. Does the Holy Spirit really leave twitching, screaming people in its wake? Is it safe to participate in a TB-style revival? Decide for yourself.


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