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Easter Canceled?

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Apparently, Bill O'Reilly is at it again.

Easter axed, clearing way for All Soulless Day

I got the Easter cancellation news straight from the horse’s patoot. Bill O’Reilly has been addressing this important issue on his helpful and extremely patriotic television and radio shows for the better part of a month now. Other topics have included the illegal immigration crisis, the war in Iraq and Why Bill O’Reilly is the Smartest Being in the Known Universe.

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ACLU jihad

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If this is too off topic, let me know and I'll delete!

I know O'Reilly gets old, but c'mon...

"At this point, anyone who thinks the ACLU is looking out for the folks, sticking up for your rights, is absolutely hopeless. The American Civil Liberties Union has become the attack dog in the secular progressive jihad to change the culture and political landscape in America."

Yeah, that's it.

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Bill O'Reilly got into it with David Letterman last night. It was spectacular when the gloves came off.

My $.02: O'Reilly could have been a typical Letterman guest and loosened up and had a few laughs, but instead decided to try to make a scene of his appearance on the show, and it really cost him. Lesson learned: Don't f*** with a professional! ;-)

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Falwell threatens people who 'subvert' Christmas.


Falwell fighting for holy holiday
He threatens to sue, boycott groups that subvert Christmas
- Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, November 20, 2005

Evangelical Christian pastor Jerry Falwell has a message for Americans when it comes to celebrating Christmas this year: You're either with us, or you're against us.

Falwell has put the power of his 24,000-member congregation behind the "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign," an effort led by the conservative legal organization Liberty Counsel. The group promises to file suit against anyone who spreads what it sees as misinformation about how Christmas can be celebrated in schools and public spaces.

The 8,000 members of the Christian Educators Association International will be the campaign's "eyes and ears" in the nation's public schools. They'll be reporting to 750 Liberty Counsel lawyers who are ready to pounce if, for example, a teacher is muzzled from leading the third-graders in "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."Read more... )

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Moonies at it again


While this community mainly concentrates on the excesses of the Christian Dominionists, it is clear that they have a rival for the theocratization of the US- the Unification Church. Moonies hold some major media outlets, like the Washington Times (not to be confused with the Washington Post), UPI, and lots of little businesses all over the country. They pretend to be Christian, but on closer examination, they are most definitely not.

This Alternet article talks about their latest sneaky tactic to take over the country: "Tear Down The Cross" ceremonies- desecration disguised as peacemaking.

In Monday's video, Bush declared: "I want to salute a man I respect: Wes Pruden," referring to the Times editor, whose paper frequently publicizes Moon projects that most newspapers would ignore. On December 7 he ran a piece by ACLC Rev. Donnie McLeod, who has argued for the removal of the cross in sermons covered by Unification Church publications.

The cross-disposal theologian wrote: "as the president is now free from the election concerns and can never be reelected, he can now build a legacy for America and the world." ACLC leaders, he said, "are ready to see the president as I see him, a man to God who is truly ready to make the sacrifices and commitments to create a legacy of faith and family that will guide our nation for the next 200 years."

The Washington Times Foundation is slippery to define, an organization with multiple public faces that morphs when convenient into the ACLC and other religious organizations. The Senate coronation, for example, was booked under the name of the foundation, though it was treated as a photo opportunity for the South Korean religious arm of the church, which trumpeted it as the U.S. government's official stamp of approval on plans for the future of Christianity.

A former Times editor, James Whalen, told me that the protean nature of the group makes it easy to involve national-level figures in "showcasing" Moon – yet conveniently allows politicians to claim, for example, that they only dropped by to lift a glass to the awesome investigative reporting of Times reporter Bill Gertz.

And meanwhile, at the other end of the invisible line between mainstream and eldrich, there is the ACLC and its persistence in seeing the Christian cross disposed of like nuclear waste. A month after Easter last year, the group flew holy men from all over the world to a graveside in Israel, where undertakers had draped a cross beneath the blue and yellow flag of Reverend Moon, and buried the cross forever – another casualty at the hands of the armies of compassion.

Spurred on by the likes of Bill O'Reilly, conservatives are outraged at the war against Christianity supposedly declared in department stores' "Happy Holidays" signs. But secularism is one thing, and sacrilege is something else, especially coming from Sun Myung Moon's cult, which indulges dreams of becoming the state religion. The president has built his reputation on being a good Methodist, but he rarely attends church, come to think of it. And he has cozied up to a desecration spree that Tim LaHaye couldn't make up in his "Left Behind" books. Is he what he pretends to be?

So, it is clear that there are many sects to watch out for. The Dominionists are by far the most powerful and most deceitful, but it's clear that the Moonies aren't far behind.

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Mel's new flick


What are your thoughts on Mel Gibson's upcoming movie, "The Passion?"

Bill O'Reilly comments on Mel Gibson's movie

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