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I *so* got my hopes up ..

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]lihan161051)

.. when I got an email on one of the lists I'm subscribed to, with a link to Lousiana Conservative's Why I am switching to the Democrat Party. I really hoped that maybe someone on the right had realized some of what I've realized about the philosophical similarities between the fundamentalists on the right and the ones on the left, and was reaching across the gap and striking a blow for tolerance, and maybe, just maybe, it was a sign of some unusual sanity and courage over there.

Then I clicked through and read it. Words fail me.


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This is just insane. In reading this community I understand what the dominionists are doing and I know that their bleating about being persecuted is all part and parcel of the way they gather people to their cause, but Jesus Christ! Advocating murder is okay? It's sickening, it really is.

The American Family Association opened its airwaves to advocate for executing gays, adulterers, abortion doctors

Summary: Far-right Christian author and American Vision president Gary DeMar was the guest on the February 2 edition of American Family Radio's Today's Issues. In the past, DeMar has advocated the installation of a theocratic government in the United States in which homosexuals, adulterers, and abortion doctors would be executed.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

DeMAR: The definition of Christian Reconstruction is simply this: The Bible applies to every facet of life. That means not just the judicial aspects of life, such as civil government, church government, but business, economics -- every facet of society. The Bible has something to say about each area. For example, on homosexuals: We do not believe that homosexuals ought to be executed. The Bible doesn't say that homosexuals ought to be executed. What it says is this: If two men lie together like man and woman, they are to be put to death.

PORTEOUS: What the hell do you think that is?

DeMAR: Well, wait a minute. If a guy comes up to me and he says, "I'm a homosexual," that doesn't mean he's to be executed. If you understand the Scriptures, it says very clearly: If a man comes up to you and says, "I've murdered somebody," that doesn't mean that person ought to be executed.

GONZALES: Oh, so what you are saying, Gary, is, if you catch homosexuals in the act, then the Bible says to execute them.

DeMAR: The Bible lays forth the severest penalty, which would be capital punishment for two men who publicly engage in sodomy.


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Phredd Felps is hatecasting

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and I have listened.... Oy.....

to keep your ears to the madness, iTunes music store has the hatecast available.

as his theme song goes:
(with apologies)

God hates America
Land I abhor!
Stand beside her
and defile her

Through the night
jeer the plight
of military dead

From the Gay bars.
to the coal mines
to the parents
filled with Grief

We Hate America
You are all damned to Hell

In listening to him, he really is a nutjob. He'd be amusing if he weren't so powerful within his Church. I predict, a Waco-Jonestown Flavr-Aid fire drinking end...

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Second Jewish group in two weeks condemns dominionism

This time, the head of the Reform Judaism movement in the US (the most liberal of the three Jewish denominations) has sent a stinging rebuke to dominionist groups in the US:

(from http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/647755.html)

The approach of American "religious right" leaders toward gays is akin to the anti-gay policies promoted by Adolf Hitler, according to the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Eric Yoffie.

Yoffie made the comments Saturday, during the movement's national biennial conference in Houston.

"We cannot forget that when Hitler came to power in 1933, one of the first things that he did was ban gay organizations," Yoffie said. "Yes, we can disagree about gay marriage but there is no excuse for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry."

(Yes, he actually stood up and said before one of the largest Jewish groups in the US what hatecrime.org and other groups have said for some time)

Yoffie proceeded to state that the behaviour of dominionist groups is "blasphemous":

(from http://www.forward.com/articles/6927)
"When people talk about God and yet ignore justice, it just feels downright wrong to us," Yoffie said. "When they cloak themselves in
religion and forget mercy, it strikes us as blasphemy."

This could well be the beginning of the two largest congregations in the Jewish community rising up against dominionism, including dominionist-apologists within Judaism itself, according to some observers:
Several Jewish communal insiders based in Washington told the Forward that the Reform union's decision to oppose Alito could prompt several other major Jewish organizations to take a similar stance, including the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Hadassah, a women's
Zionist organization that, with 300,000 members, is the largest non-synagogue membership association.

"Does it influence us? Yeah," said Shelley Klein, Hadassah's director of advocacy. But Klein said the organization would withhold judgment until Alito fills out his Senate questionnaire and testifies before the Judiciary Committee.

Like the Reform movement, Hadassah did not oppose John Roberts. The United Synagogue, the congregational arm of Conservative Judaism, endorsed Roberts as "qualified."

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Latest ADL press release on dominionism

If anyone doubted the ADL is sick of dominionists, they've put that nicely to rest; their featured article on their front page is all about dominionism:

http://www.adl.org/Religious_Freedom/religion_public_square.asp (which is the speech that Ha'aretz was referring to in their news release)

One of the especially interesting things is that the ADL freely admits this is going to be, in their own words, "delicate":

On one hand, there is an extreme element in the community that believes
it is unsafe to confront Christianity. We heard it, read it, saw it in
the Mel Gibson debate. Rabbi Marvin Hier and I were the subjects of a
“fatwa” because we were supposedly undermining the safety and security
of the Jewish people by supposedly criticizing Christians or
Christianity, when in fact we were criticizing Gibson’s portrayal of
Jews in his film, “The Passion of the Christ.” There are also those who
say that because evangelicals are friends of Israel, “don’t fight
them;” “don’t make them angry;” “don’t upset them.”

This is why the ADL is being *very* careful to emphasize they are not criticising Christianity but rather dominionism--to the extent of explaining not only to Ha'aretz, but also in an editorial in rebuttal to a previous editorial by David Klinghoffer (an Orthodox Jew writer who has frequently championed dominionist causes including attempts to make the Smithsonian Institution include sections on "intelligent design" and has even claimed the Holocaust was G_d punishing the Jewish people).

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Been Lurking

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Hey, I joined a while ago and have just recently jumped in the fray with comments.

I am not sure if pointing this site out is on topic, but I found it interesting, scroll to the bottom and look at the note to ministers. Jesus would be ashamed.

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Update on ADL's condemnation of dominionism

The ADL has not only confirmed now on their website their condemnation and concern regarding dominionism, but also has written a specific letter to Ha'aretz newspaper clarifying that their concerns are regarding dominionism, not Christianity in general. (Ha'aretz, as you recall, originally broke the story on ADL officially taking a stand against dominionism.)

The ADL is now the second major anti-hate group, and the first Jewish-affiliated anti-hate group, specifically to take a stand regarding the tactics of dominionist organisations; the first group was the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has written an extensive report on dominionist hate speech, is now investigating multiple dominionist groups, and has listed two Christian Reconstructionist groups (as well as the major group spewing nearly all of the pro-"degaying therapy", anti-gay/les/bi/trans spew used by dominionist groups, in particular the AFA, Freedom's Heritage Forum and Repent America) as hate groups equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazi groups. (In fact, most of the same groups the ADL has listed as being of specific concern are the same groups listed by SPLC as of concern.)

I have been in contact with the ADL giving them some backgrounder info (and also giving them some additional information regarding at least one "Christian Zionist" group associated with dominionist groups that has claimed ADL support, as well as info re the AoG being the *other* major force in targeting Jews for conversion; the latter has been a concern for them for awhile). The ADL will need support from non-dominionist groups in the coming months, as (at least based on the Ha'aretz article comments) dominionists are *already* starting to dead-agent them.

The ADL has given some condemnation of attempts by the Southern Baptist Convention of promotion of "Messianic Jew" (as in "kosher dominionist") groups, but this is the first time they've explicitly come out against dominionism in general.

In another indication of the ADL's new antidominionist stance, they have issued a statement that the "Bible curriculum" promoted by the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is unacceptable due to it being essentially a dominionist indoctrionation program. (Texas Freedom Network, a major antidominionist group, has already reported on how the NCBCPS curricula is heavily skewed towards dominionist viewpoints, and a long list including many Biblical scholars and theologians has joined in the condemnation of that particular program. The same curricula was the target of a court challenge in Florida which led to it being removed from the schools in that state.)

The ADL is also a party in filing an amicus curae brief in a court case involving a public school board in Louisiana opening meetings with dominionist prayers and in fact blatantly refusing to allow nonsectarian prayers; the ADL has also recently issued statements criticising promotion of creationism and "intelligent design" in schools as well as statements criticising the USAFA tolerating dominionist abuse of non-dominionist soldiers.

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Dominionist hate crime against Catholic church in AL


Two persons--neither of which are from the Hartselle, AL area--interrupted a Mass held at a Hartselle-area Catholic church and attempted to destroy the altar claiming they did so "on orders from God".

The article does not detail which churches they are affiliated with, but the description of theology by the two persons (being held in jail) indicate they may be involved in the "third wave"/"spiritual warfare" flavours of dominionism. There are also indications the reason they destroyed objects in the church is on account they saw people in the church as "worshipping objects".

In fact, per statements from witnesses (http://www.al.com/news/huntsvilletimes/index.ssf?/base/news/1129454346261710.xml&coll=1) the church invaders were accusing the church of "idol worship" before the attempt to destroy the altar.

Per other reports (http://www.decaturdaily.com/decaturdaily/news/051005/church.shtml) the persons who disrupted the service have been in town for approximately one month, mostly in libraries reading "religious books"; http://www.waff.com/Global/story.asp?S=3931897&nav=0hBE has a video interview with a neighbour of one of the persons accused of attacking the altar.

At least one report (http://www.boston.com/news/local/new_hampshire/articles/2005/10/05/suspect_says_attack_on_church_followed_vision_from_god/) indicates they may have even felt the present pope was the Antichrist.

The second article is especially telling in regards to the potential involvement of dominionist groups into "deliverance ministry/spiritual warfare", as they are reported to have harassed a coffeeshop owner (who has also been subjected to hate speech due to claims he is having Wiccan meetings in the coffeeshop--see http://www.hartselleenquirer.com/articles/2005/09/28/news/news1.txt for further details) and who in fact were called to the area because of the article re the coffeeshop in the Hartselle Enquirer.

Per http://www.decaturdaily.com/decaturdaily/news/051017/church.shtml the FBI is now investigating the act as a hate crime.

I am noting this as a) this sort of theology is very common in dominionist circles (in that, especially in regards to dominionist groups practicing "third wave" and/or "latter rain" theology it is literally preached that people are being used as "God's puppets" to institute a theocracy) and b) I intend to post a very large post to this community later today regarding dominionism (and in particular the groups associated with dominionism) as coercive groups.

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Dominionists and racial/ethnicity questions

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]polypolyglot)

Correct me on some of this, please.

One of the things I recall from being a Conservative Baptist is that there seems to be an overriding sentiment that God is strictly behind America (and, to some extent, Israel). And that all other nations have fallen by the wayside or are, in some ways, being punished by God. (The recent reports of starvation in Malawi make me wonder if Dominionists have been saying explicitly that AIDS and starvation are punishments of God towards pagan African nations.)

What, then, of the differences between the races? I have a vague recollection of slavery being justified because the descendants of Ishmael were/are being punished. Am I misremembering this?

Thanks in advance for all of your input and any citations to other sources where possible.

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More shenanigans...


[info]gairid pointed this group out to me:

This group has representatives is down in Louisiana right now, in front of the Student Union of LSU, Baton Rouge. They have their children with them, passing out pamphlets abut the killer storm visiting righteous vengeance upon the sinful city of New Orleans. A Fred Phelps clone organization?

On the website, this is listed as an 'outreach'. Yeah. Right.

Phelps clones? Sure looks that way...

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Fred Phelps weighs in on Katrina


"Thank God for Katrina"


Now not that I feel Fred is only offensive here, using his regular scripture twisting and hate mongering...but he's also definitely crossing the line into Blasphemy when he declares that God is a terrorist. I kid you not...he does...and he says it proudly, implying God's waging revenge because someone pipe-bombed Phelps church.

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Ultimate Irony


A religious supremacist group says that Katrina is "God's punishment for LA having 10 abortion clinics".

The War Room on Salon has this quote:

We knew this was coming.

Two days after 9/11, Jerry Falwell took to the airwaves to proclaim that God had allowed the United States to be attacked because "the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians" had tried to transform America into a secular society. Just this weekend, wingnuts from the Westboro Baptist Church turned out at the funerals of two fallen soldiers to say that God is punishing the United States in Iraq for its tolerance of homosexuality back home.

So when Hurricane Katrina hit land yesterday, we knew it was only a matter of time before we'd be hearing from the lunatic fringe again. And now, here it is. In an e-mail message we just received, a group calling itself Columbia Christians for Life alerts us to the fact that a satellite image of Hurricane Katrina as it hit the Gulf Coast Monday looks just like a six-week-old fetus.

"The image of the hurricane ... with its eye already ashore at 12:32 p.m. Monday, August 29, looks like a fetus (unborn human baby) facing to the left (west) in the womb, in the early weeks of gestation (approx. 6 weeks)," the e-mail message says. "Even the orange color of the image is reminiscent of a commonly used pro-life picture of early prenatal development."

And in case you're not getting the point, the e-mail message spells it out in black and white: "Louisiana has 10 child-murder-by-abortion centers," the groups says, and "five are in New Orleans."

But why would God single out Louisiana? Other states have many more abortion clinics, and Louisiana and the other states hit hardest by Katrina all voted for the pro-life president of the United States. It didn't add up for us at first, but the Columbia Christians for Life have an answer for everything. God has already punished California with earthquakes, forest fires and mudslides; New York with 9/11; and Florida with Hurricanes Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne and the early version of Katrina.

-- T.G.

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Phelps is at it again--in Sweden

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]hummingwolf)

"We'll hunt down your king," he said ominously to Expressen. "It doesn't make any difference where he tries to hide."

Phelps' hatred of the royal family and all things Swedish is linked directly to his equally virulent hatred of homosexuals. He praises homophobic crimes, including murder. When controversial Swedish minister, Åke Green, was convicted of inciting hatred of homosexuals following an anti-gay sermon, Phelps saw red and turned his attention to Sweden.

"You're doomed to spend eternity in hell," he continued. "All you Swedes and your Swedish king and his family."

Well, Robertson was getting so much press for his views on assassination that Fred must have been feeling left out.

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On relation to dominionists, or "didn't we see this shite a good ten years or more ago?"

Eric Rudolph has been sentenced to multiple life imprisonment terms (see your favourite national news source for details)--reportedly he was apologetic re the Olympic bombing but showed *no remorse whatsoever* in regards to the targeting of the women's clinic or gay nightclub he blew up...

It's also to this day widely suspected that a network of dominionists and other sympathisers actively helped Eric Rudolph hide out from the government for years. (It would, sadly, not shock me--I heard people in the church I walked away from, and even my own family, express praise for Rudolph in regards to the attacks on abortion clinics and that it was "cool he was able to hide out in the mountains, I hope they DON'T catch him"... :P)

Anyways, whilst looking for resources in regards to another post involving dominionist threats in a mental health clinic (which serves multiple populations, including gay/les/bi/trans folks and drug addicts, which are *at best* considered demon-possessed by a large number of dominionists if not actively in worship of Beelzebub) I found the following bits...including some *extremely* interesting, and all too sadly (in hindsight) relevant, info on Chuck Colson:

Backgrounder on Chuck Colson and his support of the nastiest of the dominionist rogue's gallery )

I mention all of that as backgrounder, and Eric Rudolph's years of misadventure, because of this:

In which Chuck Colson gives unpleasant reminders of fifteen years ago )

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God Hit List (x-post)


In the front office at my agency (which one has to have a key to get into because of patient and client files), thumb-tacked to the wall above the sign in sheet, was a hand-written poster which reads (complete with typos):



Needless to say, I filed a formal complaint. The even more fucked-up thing is that when the supervisor on staff started questioning staff, she found out that everyone claims that it was there over the weekend. We are having an audit, so they were all here. They all report that they saw it, but not a single fucking person took it upon themselves to take it down.

I don’t know if they intended their "spreading of the good news" to be taken as a threat, but it was. I mean, is there any other way to read that? And the fact that it’s (obviously) a co-worker (there are only a dozen of us at this site) is really disconcerting. Everyone here knows that I’m gay, that my partner is transgender… We have gay and transgender clients here – what sort of services are they getting? (We provide mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment, as well as HIV case management).

When does preaching the gospel become a form of hate speech? Where is the dividing line?

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...and hopefully the Good Guys will have more victories against dominionists

(Edited to make it a bit clearer that the dominionists *lost* for once. Never ever type before coffee :3)


Apparently, town with dominionist influence--which was actually invoking Jesus before town council meeting--gets sued by Wiccan, and the Wiccan *wins* (for once).

Town has only $15,000 insurance, and may have to end up paying over $65,000 in court costs in result (the courts are still ruling on whether court costs are to be awarded).

(Of minor interest--one of the major folks supporting the dominionists is (shock, shock) an AoG preacher at a church with a not-terribly-dissimilar name to the one I walked away from (though in a completely different state). They've claimed if the courts rule for payment of court costs by the town, the church will cover it...I dare say the next step after *that* should be revocation of the church's tax exempt status. If they can shell out $65,000 for court costs to spite someone who sued for violation of the *Constitution*, I think they can afford to pay their damned taxes.)


Backgrounder )

For what it's worth, South Carolina is also a state that has been specifically targeted by dominionists for invasion with the goal of ultimate secession.

the hive of scum and villany responsible )

Some further backgrounder:


Info on the other case that could be tried with this (should this go to the Supremes, as the dominionists are threatening to):



Here's the actual court docket, for the legal minded:


Fark.com has been reporting on this and many of the links regarding information are from the discussion thread (http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=1622014). Props where props are deserved :3


Apparently, per at least one source, the Supremes refused to review the case, hence the court ruling stands (This per the Religioustolerance.org link above).

Also, not only is she *still* not being heard at town hall meetings (regarding a matter of public safety, at that), but the town is making noises about possibly defying the court ruling:

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And the dominionists are at it again trying to wreck the constitution...

...as if that "Flag Desecration Amendment" wasn't bad enough (which has, unfortunately, passed the House)...

http://www.family.org/cforum/fnif/news/a0037064.cfm (warning: triggering to walkaways)

Yes, they're trying to pass yet another amendment to *reverse* court decisions (and mind, the court decision was still regarded as allowing religious monuments if in historical context with *other* documents--aka you can show the Ten Commandments with, say, the Code of Hammurabi or the Six Nations' Accord of the Tree, but *not* as a strictly religious thing (as was attempted in KY).)

They are specifically going after constitutionally reversing the decision in KY, in which dominionist parties explicitly were putting the Ten Commandments in courthouses as a religious statement (as an aside--KY, especially those same counties, were also in a court decision that removed the Ten Commandments from being *required* to be posted in schools--yes, few people know it was required by *law*, and yes, the dominionists are *still* raising hell about it).

(And before people ask, yes, this is by far not the first time this has been tried--Istook has been trying to get this damn thing passed since at least 1997. http://atheism.about.com/library/FAQs/cs/blcs_rfa.htm as well as http://www.atheists.org/flash.line/rfaup.htm list previous efforts, and the asshat's own page (at http://www.house.gov/istook/religiousfreedom/) also details a history.)

Even worse, there is a growing movement by dominionists to actually have Roy Moore considered as a candidate for Supreme Court Justice (including multiple petition attempts):

http://www.conservativeusa.org/JusticeRoyMoore.htm (one of the offending petitions; reportedly the "Constitution Party", a dominionist party formerly called the US Taxpayer's Party that makes the Texas Republican Party platform look downright liberal in comparison (seriously--the "Constitution Party" is blatantly Christian Reconstructionist; http://glaivester.blogspot.com/2004/10/constitution-party-and-christian_08.html notes that one of the actual founders was Rushdoony *himself*; Randall Terry, who runs "Reclaiming America" and formerly operated Operation Rescue, is also a co-founder) also has a petition drive to get Roy Moore as a Supreme Court justice)

This is Bad All Around (especially since Roy Moore is blatantly Reconstructionist; I think if (gods above, gods below, and gods in between *forbid*) he DID manage to get in as a Justice a *lot* of people would suddenly have very good grounds to apply for political asylum in Holland; I know *I* would be moving that "plan B" into place)...it does NOT help that he's presently the "Golden Boy" of dominionists (http://www.pfaw.org/pfaw/general/default.aspx?oid=11927)

More info on this at MooreWatch, http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/warliberal/archives/get_your_moore_on/roywatch/index.html

The "Constitution Party", of course, has links to racist groups all around, both from Moore and other members who address the modern version of "white citizen's councils" (http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/warliberal/archives/2004/10/more_links.html as well as SPLC's reports). They're also known to be linked to militia groups, including "Christian Identity" and "Christian Patriot" groups (such as Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph are suspected of having been involved in).

As it is, Roy's been a bit of a liar all around: http://mediamatters.org/items/200506290001 notes how he actively lied regarding the criteria the US Supreme Court used in the Ten Commandment cases in KY, and apparently the IRS has rejected nonprofit status in past for Roy Moore's groups (http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/news/112029583832200.xml&coll=2).

Still...it's not going to be a smooth ride at all. People *need* to be contacting the ACLU and SPLC and likeminded groups. Unless, of course, Holland and Canada want to see a lot of asylum cases in future :P

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Major news (re the SPLC)

As I have previously noted, the Southern Poverty Law Center is now aggressively investigating hate activity (including hate activity against les/bi/gay/trans folks and, for that matter, hate activity against anyone who isn't dominionist) and considers several of the major dominionist groups hate groups on par with Klan or Neo-Nazi groups (see http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/intrep.jsp?iid=31 for this months' Intelligence Report)

I have been providing SPLC as much info as I can (including links to Dark Christianity here, as well as to Yurica Report, mikeditto.com, and Theocracy Watch) regarding this, including detailed info on Frank Simon (Kentucky's local hater) who, as it turns out, *is* linked to Family Research Institute (which is one of the groups SPLC lists as a hate group) and the info on the FRC/David Duke associations.

Per private email from SPLC, their next Intelligence Report will be focusing on the "ex-gay" movement, and they will be doing heavy focus in future regarding hate activity among dominionists. (I would also expect that the list of groups formally listed as hate groups will also expand.)

When the new Intelligence Report comes out, I will post a link.

Anyone who has info that may be helpful to SPLC is *strongly* encouraged to forward this to them via their comments page (at http://www.splcenter.org/center/contact.jsp and yes, they will keep your comments anonymous). (Sunfell, anyone who's suffered harassment at the hands of dominionists--this means *you*. One of the biggies that would be useful is if we can get folks from Yurica or Theocracy Watch *directly* to contact SPLC, too--I've emailed them both to let them know regarding the SPLC beginning active investigation of and warnings regarding dominionist groups. We also need to get more info to them regarding things like links between groups (I've notified them on how the Family Research Council is pretty much the "official" political wing of Focus on the Family, and how Exodus International links together many groups--the more they have, though, the more it's going to be helpful) and how dominionist groups infiltrate organisations (the US Airforce Academy's takeover by dominionists is a *prime* one here).)

(Again, as backgrounder for folks who might not know--Southern Poverty Law Center is the group formerly known as Klanwatch. They, along with the Anti-Defamation League, are probably the two single largest and most active groups fighting racism and hate. SPLC offers, among other things, training courses to law enforcement on hate groups and hate activity; SPLC has also successfully sued and shut down Klan and neo-Nazi groups in past. This is *very* historic for them to start listing dominionist groups as hate groups and investigating dominionism as hate--for that is, at its core level, what it is--and they are going to need all the support and help they can get on this, especially from those of us who are walkaways from those groups.)

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News Roundup


Chuck Currie has a great blog post about the religious right adapting the tactics and strategy of 1930s Germany:

After listening to James Dobson and his evangelical Christian colleagues talk about controlling the federal judiciary through the Republican majority in Congress – to the extent of punishing judges and defunding courts – one can’t help recalling the events in 1930s Germany. The National Socialists removed judges who didn’t go along with the party program. Law became what they party said it would.

Dobson, speaking on his radio show it April, imagined political change proceeding this way: “The troublesome Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco could be abolished and then staffed by different judges immediately.” He complained that “Congress has not had the political gumption to take any such action.” House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has encouraged such views: “We set up the courts. We can unset the courts. We have the power of the purse.”

Dobson seems not to realize that an independent judiciary is essential to the rule of law. As one prominent jurist explains: “If we are to be a nation of laws and not of men, judges must be impartial referees… By insulating judges from external retaliation and from internal temptations of ambition [by life appointment and irreducible salary], the framers hoped that the judiciary would be free of pressure not only from the government by also from the people.” These words are not from the left-wing fringe; they belong to archconservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The whole post and some of the comments are definitely a must-read.

The transcript of the June 10 segment of "NOW" is up. It features an interview with writer Chris Hedges and the '10 Commandments Judge' Roy Moore. I may post the transcript seperately. There's lots of good stuff in it. Hedges wrote the article in the May Harpers about the Religious Broadcasting convention.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a feature about the 'holy war' against gays.

Here's an example of what might be called the "pro-discrimination" (or even the 'pro-hate') movement targeting homosexuals. More about it here.

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This could be a *major* bombshell, if the media were to follow up on it

(posting this, even though I noted it already in a response to another thread)


The head of the Family Research Council, one of the major dominionist groups in the US, has been actively supporting racist groups (including the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group, and also contributing over $80,000 to the campaign of Klansman David Duke for Louisiana Governor).

Also, the Southern Poverty Law Center (a major clearinghouse for education and fighting against hate groups--among other things, they successfully have fought neo-Nazis and "Christian Identity" racialists in court) now officially lists three dominionist groups as hate groups and is raising the alarm regarding dominionists targeting gay/les/bi/trans individuals (many dominionist groups which are not yet listed as "hate groups" are being listed as groups of concern).

The full report, along with other side articles, is here: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=862

The three dominionist groups that are officially listed by SPLC as hate groups include American Vision (profile: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=870#3), the Family Research Institute (which is the source of much of the "de-gaying therapy" bull...profile: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=872#9) and Chaldecon Foundation (aka Rushdoony's own group that has been promoting the "Christian Reconstructionism" brand of dominionism for upwards of fifty years and is also the promoter of textbooks such as "Our Providential History" used in dominionist homeschool curricula...profile: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=870#4)

Other groups of concern listed are the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, Coral Ridge Ministries, Focus on the Family, and the Traditional Values Coalition (in other words, a veritable who's who of dominionist groups nowadays).

Also, the SPLC reports on how the Washington Times (a newspaper which is owned by the Unitarian Church aka Moonies, and is known to be friendly to dominionist causes in general) has links with racialists: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=526

Also, the SPLC reports on how Roy Moore (yeah, as in Mr. Ten Commandments Judge Moore, as in "Author Of That Legislative Abortion Known As The 'Constitution Restoration Act' Which Establishes Theocracy Under Law" Roy Moore...yeah, *that* asshat) apparently was meeting up with known racialists in a "Tea Party" which promoted dominionist causes: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=528

SPLC officially lists "de-gaying" clinics as a form of hatred: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?sid=327

At least one group of dominionists are now going to outright Holocaust revisionism, claiming that not only were gays *not* killed in the Holocaust but that gays *started* the whole thing: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?sid=328

A former dominionist, who now works against them, speaks out to SPLC: http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=525

This is quite historic, folks:

a) Groups are starting to call the dominionists what they are...*haters* and *unchristian*.
b) This is coming from what is probably the second most widely recognised antiracist organisation in the US (B'nai B'rith/ADL is more well known, but they too have also written articles re dominionism (either on links with known hate groups, or in context of worries re "Messianic Judaism" pushes among dominionists)
c) The SPLC's guidance is actually used in courts and police departments, and this also means the SPLC is likely to render legal help in the event of harassment by dominionists and could even work legally to stop the harassment (the SPLC is known, among other things, for having shut down at least one neo-Nazi group in past and having the group's assets given to their victims in awards).

Those of you who have specific experience in dealing with dominionists or have further documentation may wish to forward this to their contact folks:


I myself will likely be forwarding info in regards to this.

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