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Faith & Family Against Senate Bill 1105

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]raven_oreilly) Hello all... awhile back I posted a piece of mail that came to my family's home while my parents were on vacation. Today I bring you another piece:

Faith & Family
National Committee for Faith & Family
A project of Citizens United

Basically asking my dad for money and signing a petition against Senate Bill 1105 Hate Crimes Legislation to be sent to Arlen Specter and Robert Casey (I live in PA).

Do we know who these people are (Faith & Family and Citizens United)? I'm thinking of tossing this in with that mailing from the Christian Coalition. Is this another group with ties to 'the bad guys.' I don't know much about this Senate Bill. There's nothing in wiki (I know it's not the best source) about it. I'll do some more snooping around. Though, seems there are some clergy out there in support of it.

However, seems my parents haven't been answering their letters. LOL I don't think it's on purpose and I hope they're not planning on sending them $50.00.

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