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Blog Against Theocracy (more additions?)

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]aureantes)

I posted mine yesterday morning to Blogspot (listed) and then to LJ:



(The former account's where I post my most political/scholarly/controversial articles, but my friends know the second better so far as actually posting replies.)

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Blog Against Theocracy

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]sapphoq) Mine can be found here.  I already sent my blog in.  Thanks, spike

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Blogswarm Rollcall


Sunday July 1- Wednesday July 4 is the second Blog Against Theocracy". The purpose of this blogswarm is to talk about the separation of church and state, and how important it is to the continued functioning of this country as a democracy, rather than a theocracy. In a democracy, all faiths have the freedom of worship. In a theocracy, only one narrowly defined faith would have that freedom, and would suppress all the freedoms we now take for granted: speech, assembly, association, thought, and many others. Few would have power, and many would suffer.

If you go to the Blog Against Theocracy website, you'll get instructions on how to let them know that you've posted in your own journal, and how you can be included in the list of people who posted. This community was included in the first, and many esteemed blogs and people also posted. It's a chance to remember the purpose of the American Revolution- part of it was to get out from under the heel of theocratic governments and their oppressive rule.

I know we have a pretty good sized population of folks in this community who live outside the US: you are welcome to participate also- in fact, your outlook would be welcomed. Consider these questions: How would the US becoming a theocracy effect yours? How do you perceive this whole thing? Is the separation of church and state a good idea, or an element of governance that is doomed to failure? How do you think the US becoming a theocratic state would affect the relationship with your country? would it get better or worse? How is religious governance treated in your country? Does having a state religion make a difference? For good or ill? Would you want such a 'wall of separation' in your country?

If you decide to participate, reply here, with a link to your post. And if you wish to post here separately, you are welcome to do so as long as you adhere to the posting guidelines of this community. That means no bashing, no profanity, etc. It's OK to be critical, it isn't OK to be hateful. Theocracy isn't necessarily a Christian thing, but it's more likely to be Christian oriented here than anywhere else. So please remember that, and happy posting!

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The power of the Internet


The power of the internet meets the power of the blogswarm.

Seems that the Speaker of the Indiana House got an earful after the blogswarm spreading his high-handed behavior to the world got back to him. His horrid behavior towards a Jewish delegation protesting secterian prayer in the statehouse really got around.

More here.

The bottom line: blogswarms work!

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