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Anti-Abortion Movement Borrows Tactics from the KKK

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"At least once a month, I have women who call me and ask whether abortion is legal. That type of misinformation is rampant," says Ayers. "We're in the middle of the Bible Belt. It's not just religion, it's the fanatical religious aspect that keeps stirring people up who are opposed to us."

It's a place where the Christian Coalition holds sway over politicians, and many people vote the way they're told in church. The legislative climate is "very hostile" toward abortion, says Felicia Brown Williams, who oversees Planned Parenthood's advocacy agenda in Mississippi, one of two states with only one abortion clinic.

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Operation Save America dumps GOP?

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Further to this post about Dominionists deserting the GOP, a trawl of some of the less savoury sites around the web came up with this rather outraged article :

Operation Save America's fury at GOP candidates

According to the author (Rev. Flip Benham, the apparently "Methodist" director of OSA), the Republican Party has forfeited the right to govern because everyone - from Jerry Falwell to James Dobson to Rudy Giuliani - has failed to focus "properly" on the "war" on abortion, sodomy, etc ad nauseam. In fact, the apparently certain victory of Senator Hillary Clinton has been recast as God's judgment on America. Dobson and Falwell should stand aside and let "the hammer of God" fall, rather than attempt to rehabilitate the GOP candidates.

There's no talk here of a third party candidate - rather, an inevitable Democrat victory is something that should not be resisted by people of faith.


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Is this possible dominionism in action?

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The Saga of Aurora has begun... (long) )

So. Your thoughts? Am I on to something here, or is it (I would prefer) just my paranoia talking?

Edit: Fixed links and other assorted junk. My bad. :/

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