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An interesting resource or two found over weekend browsing...

Interesting note the first:

a glossary of dominionist-speak? )

Dominionists and the misuse of Blair's 3am Reserve, or the hot-saucing of kids )

It should be noted that one of the major promoters of "hot saucing" as noted above is James Dobson, as in the fellow who runs Focus on the Family--who has also, as an aside, a href="http://www.nospank.net/n-n84r.htm">promoted the use</a> of "chastening rods" on kids as young as 18 months old, and who actually documented the blatant beating of his family dog as an example of how children's spirits should be broken.

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Dobson has proved that he shouldn't be pitching in the major leagues of public discussion


(from today's Wall Street Journal Opinion Page)

Dobson's Choice

August 10, 2005; Page A10

Last week, James Dobson of Focus on the Family proved that he lacks sufficient control to be pitching in the major leagues of public discussion and ought to be sent back to the minors. He compared embryonic stem cell research to Nazi death-camp experiments. I too (and millions of others) oppose broadened federal funding for stem-cell research, but Dr. Dobson has damaged rather than helped this cause. He has made conservatives look bad by suggesting that some are just as incapable of moral distinctions as the Howard Dean left -- and just as unable to treat their opponents like human beings and not wicked moral dwarfs.

Read more... )

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Extremist Cleric Dobson Teaches Gaydar for Parents

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Via Sadly No!, here's some words of wisdom from extremist cleric James Dobson:

Is My Child Becoming Homosexual?

Evidences of gender confusion or doubt in boys ages 5 to 11 may include:

1. A strong feeling that they are “different” from other boys.

2. A tendency to cry easily, be less athletic, and dislike the roughhousing that other boys enjoy.

3. A persistent preference to play female roles in make-believe play.

4. A strong preference to spend time in the company of girls and participate in their games and other pastimes.

5. A susceptibility to be bullied by other boys, who may tease them unmercifully and call them “queer,” “fag” and “gay.”

6. A tendency to walk, talk, dress and even “think” effeminately.

7. A repeatedly stated desire to be — or insistence that he is — a girl.

What's interesting is that this series is entitled " Helping Boys Become Men, and Girls Become Women ," but I see no warning signs of lesbianism.  This is male homophobia, pure and simple.

I think my favorite is #2, A tendency to cry easily, be less athletic, and dislike the roughhousing that other boys enjoy..  As a four-year letterman on the Brother Martin High School Debate Team, I find this to be highly objectionable.  Telling fathers that emotions and non-athleticism in a boy is bad is an invitation for many of them to engage in behavior towards their sons that is both physically and emotionally abusive.

Then there's #5, A susceptibility to be bullied by other boys, who may tease them unmercifully and call them “queer,” “fag” and “gay.” The kids who get bullied are often the overweight/underweight ones, or the "smart" kids, or the loners.  Bullying doesn't make them "become gay," but it can lead to them wanting to shoot up their high schools.

Now, I'll buy #7 as a problem.  If a boy consistently insisted that he/she was a girl, I'd look into counseling, not because I was worried that he was gay, but that he has some serious issues in general.

This is the sort of stuff about Extermist Cleric Dobson that everyone needs to know.  There are all too many people who listen to his radio spots and think that FotF does good work.  The radio spots are a bait-and-switch, to get you on their mailing list and to get you to go to their website, where you read crap like this.

YatPundit entry)

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One nation, divisible


Today's Salon magazine has a book review about "Divided by God".

An excerpt:

The trouble with "Divided by God" is that Feldman seems to accept McConnell's legal argument as the actual political motivation of the Christian right. Values evangelicals, in his telling, just want to be heard along with everybody else. "In its most sophisticated and attractive form, values evangelicism is actually a type of mutliculturalist pluralism, professing respect for faith as faith and for cultural tradition as tradition," Feldman writes. "This inclusive vision of a society in which one can partake in the common American project by the very act of worshipping as one chooses is more than broad enough to accommodate new religious diversity that has come about as a result of Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist immigration."

If this is what "values evangelicism" is, then the term is almost meaningless, since it doesn't apply to any of the leadership of the Christian right, the group that's actually fighting the culture wars that Feldman is trying to mediate. Consider, for example, how the Family Research Council -- the Washington spinoff of James Dobson's enormously powerful Focus on the Family -- reacted in 2000 when Venkatachalapathi Samuldrala became the first Hindu priest to offer an invocation before Congress. "While it is true that the United States of America was founded on the sacred principle of religious freedom for all, that liberty was never intended to exalt other religions to the level that Christianity holds in our country's heritage," the group said in an apoplectic statement. "Our Founders expected that Christianity -- and no other religion -- would receive support from the government as long as that support did not violate peoples' consciences and their right to worship. They would have found utterly incredible the idea that all religions, including paganism, be treated with equal deference."

This was not an isolated outburst -- it wouldn't be hard to find enough similar quotes to fill a volume larger than Feldman's entire book. Sure, the Christian right may invite a token rabbi -- often the South African ultraconservative Daniel Lapin -- to its functions to promote an image of ecumenism, but that cannot hide the motivating belief in Christian supremacy, spiritual and political, at the movement's core.

The author of the review, Michelle Goldberg, will be publishing a book next year called ""Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism" which I plan to get and read.

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Today's Cultural Warfare Update

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Selected headlines and blurbs from [info]solarbird's cultural warfare update for 7/15:

* Focus on the Family (FotF) claims that women who have abortions are more likely to abuse drugs later.
* FotF criticizes an anti-discrimination bill in Oregon, claiming that adding gays to existing basic civil rights law would "force churches and religious institutions and organizations into hiring homosexuals."
* FotF protests the dropping of charges against a mayor arrested for performing gay/lesbian marriage ceremonies.
* Albertan premier Ralph Klein says Alberta will allow marriage, but "will focus its attention on protecting those who support traditional marriage."
* Robert Knight, director of Concerned Women for America’s Culture & Family Institute, was recently interviewed for comment on the Fx Network’s show ’30 Days.’ The show featured a young man with strong Christian faith living with a homosexual in San Francisco’s Castro district for 30 days. During that time, the young man is persuaded over and over to change or renounce the biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin.
* Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich declared Tuesday that the state will spend 10 million dollars on stem-cell research -- both adult and embryonic. FotF is predictably pissed.

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Cultural Warfare Update

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Here are some items from [info]solarbird's latest Cultural Warfare Update that may be of particular interest to members of this community:

* Virginia United Church of Christ church hit by arson, anti-gay graffiti
* Focus on the Family (FotF) and other fundamentalist [religious supremacist?] groups oppose an effort to ban Federal Government workplace discrimination against gays
* FotF action item urges letters against a Johnson & Johnson ad targeting gay consumers
* FotF whines about news coverage not being positive enough towards President Bush
* FotF newsbrief supportive of Kenneth Tomlinson's political interference at PBS
* FotF newsbrief on the Supreme Court nomination fight
* FotF newsbrief - New Jersey senators won't support anti-abortion nominee
* FotF newsbrief - "Angry" Arlen Specter behind push to open more lines of stem cells for research
* Concerned Women for America (CWFA) doesn't want Gonzales to be nominee to replace O'Connor
* CWFA condemns bill that would project Federal employees from on-the-job discrimination based on sexual orientation
* Washington Times on Senator Santorum's new book, which claims that women not working outside of the home would solve many of society's ills [The Washington Times is owned by the leader of the Moonies cult, BTW.]
* Family Research Council demands USAID dismiss all groups which support birth control in international family planning [Huh???]

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Another potential ally in the fight against religious abuse targeted at kids


Coalition Against Institutionalised Child Abuse is a watchdog group, much like ISAC (http://www.isaccorp.org) and Emancipation Project (http://www.emancipationproject.org) that focuses on awareness of and fighting against coercive "behaviour modification" facilities.

(Again, this is of note because many if not the vast majority of "behaviour mod" facilities of this type are in fact operated by dominionist groups; Love In Action is promoted in literature from Focus on the Family and the American Family Association, for example. Some groups such as WWASP have also been known to promote causes in the dominionist community (such as "de-gaying therapy"); many dominionist-run schools are also promoting themselves as "tough love" schools. A number of former WWASP schools, too, are now owned and operated as blatantly dominionist "correction schools".)

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Another Cultural Warfare Update

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Here's today's cultural warfare update from [info]solarbird. Topics include:

* Decision against divorced Wiccan couple upheld by higher court. Both want to raise their son in their faith, but a lower court ordered in the divorce decree not to "expose" their child to their religious beliefs because that might "confuse" him since he goes to a Catholic school. An appeal is in process to the Indiana Court of Appeals.

* Focus on the Family calls the end-of-term Ten Commandments decisions "dangerous."

* Focus on the Family complains about CDC school survey about sexual activity.

* Focus on the Family report on "threats to religious liberty" -- including marriage rights, abortion rights, and "secularism in culture."

* "Christian" groups plan to install 100 Texas-like Ten Commandments displays in cities across the country, in reaction to the recent Supreme Court rulings.

* Concerned Women for America blacks the new GBLT-themed television cable channel LOGO as an "assault on children."

* The Traditional Values Coalition attacks the latest Supreme Court decisions as "attack[s] on religious freedom."

She also includes the following update on Love in Action from Focus on the Family's webfeed:

Frightening Love in Action Update )

I hope you all find this informative.

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Cultural Warfare Update

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A couple of times a week, [info]solarbird posts a "Cultural Warfare Update" in her blog. It includes links and transcripts concerning dominionist activism, many from dominionist sources, with an emphasis on GBLT issues.

Here's today's update.

Subjects include:

* Southern Baptist Convention passes resolution urging churches to investigate local schools and try to shut down any GBLT-affirming or tolerant activities there
* Older (2002) article by Rick Santorum: liberals and media made Catholic priests abuse children
* FotF article on the political battle over PBS - includes action item
* Today's Family News in Focus
* Weird CWA article on today's Ten Commandments ruling
* Lobbying groups waiting for next Supreme Court nominee with bated breath
* Article on possible GOP rift over nominees; pro-business wing wants fundamentalist wing to shut up when nominees come up; fundamentalists say they will demand clear position statements on abortion, marriage rights (against both)

I hope you all find this interesting and informative.

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Conservative Christians hold conference to 'cure' gays


When activists for gay and lesbian causes gather outside a church near Seattle this weekend, they will have many critical things to say about how conservative Christian institutions have treated them.

Inside Northshore Baptist Church, where Focus on the Family will be preaching that homosexuality can be “healed” by the power of God’s love, Christian counselors will be making much the same point.

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ABC Rejects UCC Ads during "Supernanny"


From Max Blumenthal's blog (click for inline links):

1 May, 2005

ABC to Run Focus on the Family Ads During Prime Time , Rejected Ads from United Church of Christ Last Year

During today's season finale of ABC's schlocky reality show, "Supernanny," James Dobson's Focus on the Family will be running ads promoting its "Focus on Your Child" program, which advises parents on how to implement the parenting principles outlined in his best-seller, "Dare to Discipline." These include spanking with "sufficient magnitude to cause the child to cry genuinely." Children have to be taught respect for authority at an early age, Dobson preaches, or they'll never develop respect for governmental authority or God.

Dobson's theory on corporal punishment reveals the political underside of his self-help work. The ads Focus on the Family will run are seemingly innocuous offerings of assistance to parents who, like the heroic nanny depicted in ABC's show, need techniques for pacifying "strong-willed" children. As Focus's president, Jim Daly said in Focus's newsletter,

"The show was all about Focus on the Family principles. It was boundaries and using the time-out chair, respect for authority and good parenting skills.”Read more... )

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Craigslist nugget

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In here... )

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Christian Right Goes Nuclear


This AlterNet article talks about the 'constitutional option':

It's a joke that the right wing claims it is against "judicial activists." What they want are judicial activists who agree with them.

I was all set to write a column about the nuclear option -- the proposal to change the rules of the Senate in order to get President Bush's most questionable judicial appointments through -- when, lo, word came that there is no nuclear option anymore. It is now called "the constitutional option."

Who changed it? Why, the Republican Party, of course. Having found that "nuclear option" does not poll well, the Republicans simply decreed the rules change can no longer be described by that name. Further, the Republican Party sent media operatives around to major news organizations to inform them that anyone who fails to obey the new diktat on usage will be demonstrating the dread "liberal bias."

Since this particularly fateful rules change was first christened "the nuclear option" by Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi in 2003, and has been called "the nuclear option" ever since -- by Republicans, along with everybody else -- I have to say this is a distinctly Orwellian development.Read more... )

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Fancy that.


"Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., intensified his war of words with Focus on the Family on Thursday, accusing its evangelical Christian leaders of trying to turn the United States into a theocracy."

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Air Force Academy's evangelistic bias & religious harrassment of non-christians being noticed


Old news to some here...least it's being written about.

"Critics of the academy say the sometimes-public endorsement of Christianity by high-ranking staff has contributed to a climate of fear and violates the constitutional separation of church and state at a taxpayer-supported school whose mission is to produce Air Force leaders."


"Two of the nation's most influential evangelical Christian groups, Focus on the Family and New Life Church, are headquartered in nearby Colorado Springs."

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Now Rolling Stone gets the word out.

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Sunday Morning News Part 2: The bad


Media Matters talks about a new free tabloid in the DC area which was bankrolled by a mysterious and very conservative right wing billionaire:

On February 1, a free daily tabloid arrived on newsstands and in mailboxes in the Washington, DC area: the Washington Examiner. The new paper is owned by Denver billionaire Philip F. Anschutz, an Evangelical Presbyterian who has bankrolled numerous ultra-conservative causes and has donated at least half a million dollars to Republican committees and political candidates. The Examiner's first three editorials all took hardline conservative positions.


Anschutz has a history of supporting socially conservative causes. According to a recent Post article, Anschutz's family foundation gave James Dobson, the founder of the conservative Christian organization Focus on the Family, an award for his "contributions to the American Family." The Post noted that according to the foundation's website, Focus on the Family works to "counter the media-saturating message that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable" and that one of the group's policy experts referred to abortion as an example of when "Satan temporarily succeeds in destroying God's creation." Further, as the Post mentioned, Anschutz contributed $10,000 in 1992 to Colorado Family Values in support of the group's efforts to pass a state constitutional amendment to invalidate state and local laws that prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. (The referendum passed, but the United States Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional.) According to the Post, "Anschutz's money helped pay for an ad campaign that said such anti-bias laws gave gays and lesbians 'special rights.'"

In May 2003, the Orange County Weekly reported that other Anschutz Foundation beneficiaries include the Institute for American Values, which according to the Weekly "campaigns against single parenting," and Enough is Enough, which "promotes Internet censorship." The San Francisco Chronicle noted on February 20, 2004, that Anschutz also funds Morality in Media. As Media Matters previously noted, the Institute for American Values also receives funding from the conservative Bradley and Scaife foundations, as well as grants from the John M. Olin Foundation, another major financer of conservative organizations. Enough is Enough and Morality in Media have also received funding from the conservative Castle Rock Foundation.

Anschutz has also made significant financial contributions to Republicans. The Washington Post described Anschutz as "an active Republican donor" stating that "he, his companies and members of his family have given more than $500,000 in campaign contributions to GOP candidates and committees" since 1996. Variety noted in its October 4, 2004, edition that Anschutz has supported "a number of Republican political candidates, including John Ashcroft and Peter Coors."

Read the entire article. It's a taste of things to come.

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The SpongeBob debacle


Excellent AlterNet article about how the Focus on the Family foundation made total fools out of themselves:

Quicker than you can say, I can't believe they're going after a cartoon sponge, Dobson's cronies in the holier-than-thou contingent weighed in on the underwater turbulence.

"Tolerance" and "diversity" are part of a "coded language that is regularly used by the homosexual community," said a spokesman from the reliably over-caffeinated Family Research Council; while Donald Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association and reigning Chicken Little of moral depravity, warned parents everywhere to be on the lookout for the sinful video making its way into their kids' classrooms.Read more... )

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Pending Constitutional Crisis

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[x-posted to my journal]

The following entry is really only of interest to those who follow American politics. Which ought to be all of you living in the United States. )

Well, congratulations, Christian conservatives. You're beginning to find the necessary loopholes which will do away with such inconveniences as habeus corpus, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion in order to allow you to usher in the new age of theonomy. Apparently, the PATRIOT act was only the beginning. Who knew? Except, of course, those of us who've been sounding the alarm bells for the past 18 months...

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