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Interesting article (from some sites I linked to earlier)


Very good article on how the dominionist right thinks, as explained through the "Left Behind" books--and how this is influencing US foreign and domestic policy (which is honestly something I've seen for a while, but this puts it rather better especially for folks who may not entirely be familiar with dominionism).

One thing of note that I have not seen before--apparently one of the folks directly advising Shrub on dominionist/"Religious Right" issues, Doug Wead, is AoG; in other words, the very dominionist denomination of which I walked away from, which pretty much has hijacked the Armed Forces chapliancy program to create "Christian Soldiers", the one which Ashcroft is a member of--is directly steering the President of the United States in all his kowtowing to the dominionists. (It would *ALSO* explain why there is so much specific AoG friendliness and imagery in the present administration. I would also not be shocked to see a lot *more* links with that specific group; as an AoG walkaway, I can say that they've been working at this for a goodly forty years :P)

One of the things I'm impressed on is showing the specifics of the armageddonist theology implicit in at least the AoG-flavoured branches of dominionism (which is actually an excellent primer, and also matches what I remember in the group I walked away from) as well as how Shrub is being influenced by these folks and is actively sympathising with them--in other words, it gives a rare glimpse into the thought processes involved.

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In the "dominionists are now explictly targeting *other* Christians for conversion" dept...


Interesting post that states that the (Eastern Orthodox) Patriarch of Iraq has told the American dominionists to "take their Bibles and go home" because they are apparently explicitly targeting not only Moslems but Eastern Orthodox for conversion (often with the same "stealth missionary" tactics used in the US--in this case, taking Iraqi kids for rides in cars and such and then prosyletising to them, even making them hold (Protestant) Bibles and taking pictures for their own fundraising efforts in the States).

This is noted because, as has been mentioned here, many have noted that there is a link between the Iraqi occupation and dominionist "end time" worldview; also, much of the "missionary" effort has apparently been from chaplains in the US Army (which has in large part, in its top leadership and often wholesale, has been taken over by dominionists (in particular AoG)...).

Interestingly, the article also mentions that dominionist groups have literally been getting "massive numbers of Bibles" together for export to Iraq as early as March 2002 "in anticipation for invasion"; also, it notes how the dominionists are actively turning Iraqis against the US (one thing not widely reported in the media--several of the people kidnapped and killed, including a South Korean national, were missionaries from dominionist denominations).

Also, apparently in several cases they are blatantly misrepresenting Eastern Orthodox Christians as Moslems in their fundraising...

The person writing the article does seem to be at least somewhat aware of dominionist groups (in particular Campus Crusade for Christ) but probably would be served in knowing additional info on how the dominionists have actively targeted the military (stuff re the AoG's hijacking of the chaplaincy system as well as info re the present mess with the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs would be extremely helpful to them in enlightening them, I think).

I would also think that this should be widely distributed to the Orthodox and Catholic communities (to show them that no, they are NOT safe from the dominionists, in fact, they're probably going to be the *next* against the wall if the dominionists get what they want)...

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Memorial Day News Digest


Soldiers of Christ: inside America's biggest megachurch: full Harpers article.

Feeling the Hate with the religious broadcasters: Full Harpers article.

Luring Teenagers to Religion: tactics used by various religons to get young people to join.

Microsoft severs ties with Ralph Reed, who was a member of the Christian Coalition. Guess the blowback from the WA gay rights bill got their attention.

Hope that everyone has a pleasant holiday.

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DailyKos: The Coming Christian Hate

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]deridetenebras)

I stayed on with this church for a nearly a year, growing ever more leery of what I was hearing. Finally, one Sunday, I attended an Assembly of God church service. The space was like an airplane hanger. It was decorated in stale browns with pink sashes and white flowers. There was a giant TV screen above the alter and a man screaming at us and people talking in `tongues' and crying and yelling out. The whole thing reminded me of the old videos of those huge Nuremberg Nazi rally's in the late 30s. At one point the man launched into an attack on the USSR, unions and Democrats; organizations and governments working against the will of God.

I distinctly remember feeling ill at that point and I remember a voice telling me to leave. To get out quick. I finally left. By the time I got to my car I had a fever. I pulled over several times to vomit before I got home. I was in bed for several days with an unbelievable fever and, right or wrong, I took that as a sign from God that I was to stay far a way from the Fundamentalist Christians.

But I forever found them fascinating. Later, I went back and talked to them. I was actually told in one conversation that Hitler was correct to kill the homosexuals and Catholics. A society must rid itself of those that threaten its moral standing. I was also told that the poor deserved their situation because they were clearly non-believers. Everyone, it seemed, was to be hated for one reason or another. When I warned my high school biology teacher that one day, these occultists would be in power in our nation and would disallow the evolution she was teaching and would want to put gays into gas chambers...she said no way. It could never happen. Never in America.

Read the entire article here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/5/5/9474/94289

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wikipedia links to dominionism, etc.


A few entries back in [info]dark_christian, a question was asked about which major Christian denominations besides Southern Baptists and Assembly of God make up substantial portions of the Dominionist aspect of Christian fundamentalism in the U.S.

A good source information on many contemporary subjects is en.wikipedia.org.

Here are a few useful links on this subject, more of which you'll find within the linked articles:


I can't say that any of them especially answer the specific question, but it gives you places to dig further. Look at the links and click on them.

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Dominionist denominations?


What are some of the big dominionist denominations? I know the Southern Baptists have their share, and I think Assembly of God. What others?

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"Convert or Die"


[info]helen99 gave me permission to link to this post that shows a little of the roots of the Dominionist movement.

An excerpt:

Convert or die
Was talking to an escapee from the Assemblies of God (AOG), which is the christian identity terrorist cult that has infiltrated the Republican party. According to the escapee, and I believe him, their mandate for the last 50 years has been the following:

Infiltrate as many institutions as possible, especially Congress, the press, the military, the police, and school boards. If a school board member recommends a curriculum that is too 'liberal', demand their recall and install one of their own.

Establish "christian" colleges across the country that train their children in politics and military. A lot of the young right-wing politicians entering the scene now are from those.

Eliminate public schooling and social services, nursing homes, etc., and install "faith-based" schools and social services across the country. If you want help or an education, you have to go to them.

Lure the public into the above by severely cutting federal taxes so that the country can no longer afford social services or public schooling of any kind.

Ban all religions except their own and messianic Judaism. Other Jews would be deported to Israel. White American AOG members and messianic Jews (basically AOGs who keep Kosher) will be considered the "True Israel". Other Protestants will be considered "lukewarm christians" and discriminated against. Catholics and Greek/Russian Orthodox will be considered idol worshippers.

Support Israel no matter what, not because they're fond of Israel, but because they believe it is key to bringing about armageddon. Attack and gain control of key points in the Middle East coinciding with the biblical lands of Babylon and Eden.

Install "Reprogramming" facilities where kids who stray are shipped to be exorcised and retrained in the 'ways of God'. They already have these overseas. There have been instances of deaths due to attempted 'exorcisms'.

And as for pagans, wiccans, New Agers, Gnostics, athiests, and GBLT, if the AOG gets enough power in this country, they will be told to convert/repent or die. [emphasis author's]

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