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For the three of you who've not seen this on Talk2Action or DefCon yet

You, too, can do a visible part to fight the dominionists abusing their tax exempt status. (I know we've talked a good deal about it on here before on organising a way to do this. What with large antidominionist communities like Dark Christianity and Talk2Action and DefCon America working together now, we're actually starting to get a "hundredth monkey" effect going with things like this.)

So, to quote Clark at DefCon America:

So in light of the recent action's taken by the IRS against All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA we at DefConAmerica.org have decided to make sure the IRS doesn't miss any tax exempt religious organizations who may have overstepped their bounds.

Have you noticed overtly political sermons, fliers, or events sponsored by or emanating from a local church? Are you collecting information on the political actions of a national religious right organization or megachurch? Let DefCon know! We'll be taking any and all infringements right to the IRS ourselves. We wouldn't want to leave all of our politically active religious right friends out would we?

Email us any info you have at Tips@DefConAmerica.org, and of course stay tuned to DefConBlog.org.

DefCon America (per convo with DefCon Clark and per posts on Talk2Action) got deluged (having to increase the quota on their mailbox because it filled up within the first hour of posting with reports)...but at the same time it's something that is all too necessary, finally has a group with funding to push the complaints through, and can hoist the dominionists by their own petards at the source--the very churches at the center of the dominionist movement.

I've already put in my complaints re the Big Bad Three in my area (Highview Baptist aka home of Justice Sunday I, the dominionist church I walked away from, and another megachurch which has had its tax-exempt revoked before for prosyletisation). You know you all want to do the Right Thing.

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Major e-conference with Mother Jones Tuesday


Talk to Action, the first national interactive blog site devoted to discussing the theocratic Christian Right and what to do about it, will host a national "e-conference," on the Talk to Action site, featuring writers and editors of Mother Jones which is publishing several articles about the religious right in the next issue. The event will begin at 10am EST, Tuesday, November 29th.

Talk To Action

Talk to Action, founded by author Frederick Clarkson, blogger Bruce Wilson, and 14 other writers, seeks to advance the national conversation on this subject.

"We are concerned about the theocratic tendencies of the religious right in the United States," said Clarkson. "Among other things, claims that America is a Christian Nation; sectarian approaches to public policy such as efforts to require the teaching of "intelligent design"; the movement to redefine our laws in terms of religious laws; and a growing culture of religious intolerance and religious supremacism. We welcome anyone who shares our concerns to think and learn with us. Strategize with us. Debate with us."

http://www.talk2action.org /story/2005/11/22/115617/98

Participants in the pioneering Talk to Action E-Conference include Clarkson; Mother Jones Senior Editor, Monika Bauerlein; Communications Director Richard Reynolds, and contributors John Sugg and Susan Jacoby. Sugg details the role of the theocratic Christian Reconstructionist movement in the American Christian Right; and Jacoby counters the Christian right's arguments about the role of religion and government by outlining the intent of the framers of the constitution to clearly separate church and state.

Former Sen. Gary Hart (D-CO), will also be making a guest appearance. Hart has just published God and Caesar in America: An Essay on Religion and Politics (Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing, 2005).

Clarkson, the author of the book, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy, has written about politics and religion for more than 20 years. The founding writers also include: Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates; Joan Bokaer, founder of Theocracy Watch; Esther Kaplan, author of With God on Their Side: How Christian Fundamentalists Trampled Science, Policy and Democracy in George Bush's White House; Michelle Goldberg, Senior Writer, Salon.com; Dr. Bruce Prescott, Executive Director, Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists; Rev. Dan Schultz, a minister in the United Church of Christ who operates the blog site, Street Prophets; and Joel Pelleteir, an artist whose remarkable painting American Fundamentalists, is touring the United States.

Talk to Action, like such major blog sites as The Daily Kos, uses "scoop" software, that has proved to be highly conducive to online discussion. The site differs from other major sites, however, in that it seeks to be less freewheeling in tone as well as content. Talk to Action seeks a more thoughtful, civil, and nonpartisan tone than is found on many sites. While anyone can read the site, those who agree with it's general purpose are welcome to become registered users, publish their own essays, and comment on the posts of others.

"We favor religious equality and separation of church and state," Clarkson said. "We support reproductive freedom and gay and lesbian civil rights -- including marriage equality. Therefore," he says, "debates about abortion and gay rights are off topic on this site. We understand that there are those who may be concerned generally about the politics of the Christian Right, who may not completely share our view on these matters. They are welcome to participate anyway, but bearing this in mind. Our purpose is to take the conversation forward, and not let it be held back by debating what, in our view are or should be, settled matters of human and civil rights.

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Second Jewish group in two weeks condemns dominionism

This time, the head of the Reform Judaism movement in the US (the most liberal of the three Jewish denominations) has sent a stinging rebuke to dominionist groups in the US:

(from http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/647755.html)

The approach of American "religious right" leaders toward gays is akin to the anti-gay policies promoted by Adolf Hitler, according to the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Eric Yoffie.

Yoffie made the comments Saturday, during the movement's national biennial conference in Houston.

"We cannot forget that when Hitler came to power in 1933, one of the first things that he did was ban gay organizations," Yoffie said. "Yes, we can disagree about gay marriage but there is no excuse for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry."

(Yes, he actually stood up and said before one of the largest Jewish groups in the US what hatecrime.org and other groups have said for some time)

Yoffie proceeded to state that the behaviour of dominionist groups is "blasphemous":

(from http://www.forward.com/articles/6927)
"When people talk about God and yet ignore justice, it just feels downright wrong to us," Yoffie said. "When they cloak themselves in
religion and forget mercy, it strikes us as blasphemy."

This could well be the beginning of the two largest congregations in the Jewish community rising up against dominionism, including dominionist-apologists within Judaism itself, according to some observers:
Several Jewish communal insiders based in Washington told the Forward that the Reform union's decision to oppose Alito could prompt several other major Jewish organizations to take a similar stance, including the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Hadassah, a women's
Zionist organization that, with 300,000 members, is the largest non-synagogue membership association.

"Does it influence us? Yeah," said Shelley Klein, Hadassah's director of advocacy. But Klein said the organization would withhold judgment until Alito fills out his Senate questionnaire and testifies before the Judiciary Committee.

Like the Reform movement, Hadassah did not oppose John Roberts. The United Synagogue, the congregational arm of Conservative Judaism, endorsed Roberts as "qualified."

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Justice Sunday III scuttlebutt.

(Sunfell, you are welcome to copy and post this in full in the Talk2Action forums. I apparently don't have front-page posting privs but do intend to post this in my own diary there.)

Per DefCon Blog, the date of Justice Sunday III has supposedly been changed from December 4 to January 8. Per the DefCon Blog article, supposedly the event is to be held at a Philadelphia-area megachurch (anyone from that area wish to comment?)

The Family Research Council has been surprisingly quiet re Justice Sunday III (compared to the previous two Justice Sunday events)--the Justice Sunday website has not been updated, and what little press there is seems to be mostly through the dominionist "parallel media"; one gets the very real impression they are trying to keep it as low-key and stealth as possible.

Unfortunately for them, there's a lot of folks who feel the need for some good, cleansing light.

Among other things for those wanting to do some friendly intel:

I’ve actually discovered what satellite network is responsible for covering the Justice Sunday stuff. It’s a network called Sky Angel (which features dominionist-friendly-only programming including radio and TV satellite feeds of dominionist networks and stations–the particular dominionist group I walked away from is involved in it via Sky Angel carrying Voice of Hope Jerusalem (presently operated by High Adventure Ministries, which is a front group for the specific church I left); the only four secular channels carried at *all* on Sky Angel are Fox News, HGTV, Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Movie Channel).

Sky Angel’s parent company is Dominion Video Satellite (and no, I do NOT think the name is coincidental); Sky Angel does not appear to own any satellites itself but rather rents satellite space from Dish Network’s EchoStar satellite system.

This listing gives one an example of the fun sorts of stuff produced by Sky Angel’s partners–including, notably, both Justice Sunday broadcasts (so it’s extremely likely Sky Angel will be carrying the third one, too). They’re even kind enough to post interactive schedules on their website (and I, as a walkaway, am kind enough to post the link not requiring you to register with them :3) which are supposedly good two weeks in advance.

In fact, they’re even nice enough to brag about their involvement in the previous Justice Sundays, down to reminding us all that they were carried on Angel Two (an in-house channel used by Sky Angel for their own original programming, just like your cable or satellite service has their in-house production channels).

Needless to say, we should DEFINITELY be able to find out some hard info on Justice Sunday III within about two weeks of the 8th, if only because they have to list it in their channel listings :3

One of the interesting things speculated on in the DefCon Blog entry is that the Family Research Council may be deliberately lying low because of Frist and DeLay's involvements in political scandals directly tied to FRC (and, notably, directly involving violation of elections laws). Perhaps I'm optimistic, but I also like to think that in general they're starting to run afraid because people are waking up (there are more mentions in the media on dominionism, including notably in Harpers and Mother Jones magazines as well as Rolling Stone).

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War against the right wing theocrats is really beginning


This Daily Kos Diary has some interesting points. Here's a short excerpt:

The War against Right-wing Theocrats finally begins for real (updated)
by GlennGreenwald
Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 04:41:27 AM PDT

The first four years of the Bush Administration, particularly after 9/11, were characterized by a highly unusual, and at times downright creepy, uniformity of opinion. It was almost impossible to find a Republican anywhere expressing any criticism of George Bush -- on any issue, ever. And other than a few humiliating attacks launched by the party's most extreme elements against so-called GOP moderates made for the purpose of showing who was Boss in the GOP, Republicans almost never spoke ill of one another either, despite glaring differences in their views on a whole host of critically important issues.

In many ways, over this time period, the GOP more closely resembled a cult than a political party, and the cohesiveness of the cult was centered around Personality -- a glorification of, and blind reverence for, George W. Bush. But all of that is changing now...Read more... )

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Answered my own question

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]inkedgeekfreak)

While this is not a straight list of who is involved with the dominionists, this does at least provide a good starting point above and beyond the well known dominionist funded corporations.


Its grassroots, looking for volunteers to help maintain it's database. I especially like that it can be downloaded to your IPOD, so as you spend your money you know where.

Not to be incredibly radical, because I am far from it [conservative, republican, gay] but I truly believe the almighty dollar speaks louder than anything else. If the dominionist movement is to be halted then it must get as little funding as possible. Their sheep will always donate, but why should we contribute to a cause we haven't bought into?

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The most thankless task in the political spectrum?

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]kittynboi)

This post isn't about "them", the dominionists, but its about "us", those who oppose them.

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately. Is ours one of, if not THE most thankless jobs on the political spectrum? It seems that defending the separation of church and state and promoting a secular society where women and gays are free from persecution and where freedom of speech is intact and secure, is becoming a job fut only for those who can really take the hate that comes with it. The current political climate and the increasingly shrill tone of the dominionist, as well as their continued power grab in the GOP makes our job seemingly insurmountable. So much vitrol is directed at us "secularists", "atheists", or whatever other smear or label they apply to those of us who oppose theocracy.

As I've stated in a response to another post, I also feel growing hatred coming from the left, almost exclusively from the economic/social justice left, and often in the form of wishing the "left" didn't push "divisive" social issues. It seems a considerable part of the left wants people like us, along with feminists, the aclu, etc., out of the left so they can unite bigots to smash the corporations.

I feel increasingly unwelcome in the left, and the right already hates people like me/us. Does anyone else ever feel like what we do, and what groups like AU, the ACLU, etc. do to stop the growing tide of theocracy, is becoming an increasingly rough job, one thats winning universal hatred in the U.S.? Sometimes I just feel despair over this. I'll never stop opposing theocracy, and some issues, those related to this, I will never compromise on for anything.

It seems like the growing influence of the dominionists is simply making our efforts seen in a more and more negative light, and non dominionists groups who may otherwise support us are seeing the opposition of theocracy and the dominionists as political suicide.

I guess my ultimmate fear is that, no matter who wins the political battles, it seems that both sides will eventually bow to the dominionists to some degree, and those of us who don't want a theocracy will be the ultimate losers.

What does everyone think? Does anyone else think the task of opposing dominionists is becoming harder and more politically volatile?

Well, we could always find our own island and start our own society on it. ^o^

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Forgive me if this is off-topic, but I felt I had to post this...


(cross-posted to my personal journal ([info]enkinhou))

I do this a lot on my personal journal, but I thought it would be fitting in this community, so I'm going to post it here. If the moderators think the material here is inappropriate to this community, then they have my permission to delete this post. I promise not to put up a fight about this, since I trust your wisdom in what goes into this community and what does not.

I know this is going to be very dramatic and very polemical, so I ask you all to be patient and charitable concerning this tract. I believe there is content to which everyone in this community should take heed in some degree or another, but I will openly admit that my beliefs may be wrong. If I am wrong, then I trust the moderators of this community to do what is appropriate.

This is going to be a rant and a rally cry... )

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Missing link and cross pollination


Our visitor from Cross Left forgot to leave their URL, so I'll supply it here, and add it to the blogroll:

Cross Left

Check it out. They have a great blogroll, organized into what I call 'originators'- communities, political, religious, and individual. And guess what- we're on the list!

This is the cross pollination and interaction of 'clumps' of moderate and progressive Christians that I hoped would happen when I created this community. And it's happening! These little groups are finding each other, talking to each other, and growing.

Go read them, join them, post to them, tell your friends. Get engaged. Start talking, keep listening. Take action, even if it's a letter to your editor or pastor. An avalanche is made from lots and lots of tiny snowflakes. Every one of us can make that critical difference.

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Hey there Christian Left! - Now, Getting down to business...


It's a sad fact that progressives get together and mope, while the Religious Right gets
together and gets their people in office. Time that changed.

The fact is that we tend to mope in little clumps. I've been whizzing around YahooGroups
for the afternoon, and I've seen something like two dozen separate email lists of
progressive Christians -- some of them 200 names long, some of them 20; all very active,
commenting on the media.

By the way, Dark_Christianity is by far the most active of the LiveJournal communities.

But think about all the scattered energy of our many groups -- twenty something discreet
groups, none of them speaking to each other? It's good to talk; it's good to vent; but it's
much better to organize and do something.

Read more... )

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Gilkyson: Man of God


Heard a song on the radio this morning today (WRPI - a local college station), it was a Christian Country/Folk song by Eliza Gilkyson called Man of God, from her album Paradise Hotel. It's some powerful Christian backlash against the Dominionist pretensions and general attitude of this administration:

lyrics )

If you regularly listen to a Country station on the radio, I suggest you call in to request they play it. :-)

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Pastor Dan appeal


From time to time, I will post appeals from fellow communities who are on the same 'track' as ours is. This will be rare- I do not want to turn this community into a 'begging bowl'. But sometimes, it doesn't hurt to put out an SOS:

Help a community member.

My source tells me that donations will have be 'a direct, significant help in the effort against the religious right.' There you are.

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A new likeminded group (per Talk2Action)

DefCon America (short for Campaign to Defend the Constitution: Because the Religious Right is Wrong) is a new group inspired by other groups like MoveOn.org that is--much like us and Talk2Action--dedicated to specifically fighting the dominionist movement on a political level and funding political initiatives to fight dominionism.

In addition to an online petition drive, the group also has a news section as well as links to backgrounder info on dominionist leaders and groups.

Talk2Action is listed as a partner blog and Theocracy Watch is also listed; I'm going to see if I can get this community and Yurica (and ex-pentecostals.org) listed as well.

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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]shamangirl)

Heavenly Place is sponsoring the IRC channel #hurricane_katrina. Use this channel to contact people, discuss the situation. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow chatters.

You can reach the network here:

(a) Go to http://www.heavenlyplace.net, scroll down on the left side to the "Chat" box, and click on CGI Chat or Javachat, or
(b) Point your IRC client to irc.heavenlyplace.net

If you use (b), then type /join #hurricane_katrina

Reference This Post for a comprehensive list of entities to donate to.


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LA: church anti-homosexual week-long event: possible protest


***I think that this is something that we will add to our agenda for the SCHA-LA bar-b-que on the 27th. If anyone has or can get more information - could you bring it to the bar-b-que and maybe do a wee presentation on the situation? That would be great.

***Our bar-b-que is the 27th, though, and this event is the 16th - 21st. Maybe we can do an impromptu dinner/coffee meeting before to strategize, and then the folks who engage in an action can let us know what happened at the bar-b-que? What do folks say?

If you are interested, the bar-b-que is on the topic of dominionism and it's effect on LGBT and strategizing a response. You can e-mail
scha_losangeles at yahoo dot com if you would like to come to the bar-b-que. You can check out what SCHA-LA is by going to our here

This is a forwarded message [with personal notes removed]:

>>> Jasmyne 8/10/2005 3:25 PM

Good afternoon,

Below is word for word text from a flyer faxed to me by a friend that works at a local newspaper where the church has taken out ad space to promote their upcoming event.

Bishop Portee has a large congregation which includes a television and radio show. His television show airs on KCAL 9 on Sundays here in Los Angeles. His radio show airs daily Monday through Friday on KTYM at 12:30 p.m.

I called and spoke with Bishop Portee this afternoon as a journalist. The following are quotes from my interview with Bishop Portee.

"America has become homosexual friendly by design."

"There is a difference between a practicing and unpracticing homosexual, it's the practicing homosexual we are concerned with."

"Homosexuals like adulters have rights. But not the right to make their legislation law."

The 6 day event is open to the public.

Again, is this something we should mobilize around?

If anyone wants a faxed copy of the flyer please let me know.

In light of the recent meeting of Black Baptist Ministers that I attended on Monday, we are under direct attack and we need to figure out what we are going to about this. They are mobilizing and organizing against us for 2006.

This fight in our community needs to be led by us and I don't think letter writing campaigns is going to do it.


Bishop W.R. Portee: Miracle Healing Crusade Concerning omosexuality: Taking the Lid Off Of Sodom

Tuesday, August 16 - Sunday, August 21, 2005 7 p.m. Nightly

Southside Christian Palace 11243 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA

Topics to be covered include:
a.. Sodomy
b.. What is homosexuality?
c.. When is sex homosexual?
d.. Natural and unnatural homosexuality
e.. What is homosexual love? Is it real love?
f.. The stupidity of love
g.. How do you know if you are a homosexual or not?
h.. Does God really condone or condemn homosexuality or is it the church that condemns it?
i.. How did God respond to homosexuality in the Old Testament, in the New Testament?
j.. Does God love homosexuals? If so, how could He condemn them?
k.. What are the rights of homosexuals?
l.. Can the law make homosexuality morally right?
m.. Is homosexuality good for our children?
n.. Would you want your child to marry a homosexual?
o.. Why are so many churches quiet about this profound issue?

jasmynecannick at hotmail dot com

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Pledging Phelps


Planned Parenthood has run a successful Pledge-a-Minute campaign, asking their supporters to pledge a certain amount of money for every minute someone pickets one of their offices. That is now being turned on Fred Phelps, who is picketing funerals of soldiers he thinks are gay. His latest victim is Sgt. Christopher Taylor; the money will go to his widow.

The contact info. )

Considering what a bully Phelps is, it would really spoke his wheels to know that he was earning money for the people he's trying to hurt.

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Letters from an abortion doctor


This Talk To Action post talks about the courage of a Denver abortion doctor in standing up to "Operation Rescue".

Every summer Operation Save America takes a massive, weeklong protest to some fortunate city in America where their director, Flip Benham, leads them in “storming the gates of hell.” A couple of weeks ago, OSA swarmed Colorado in Operation Save Denver. But when Benham’s “saints” and “gentle Christian warriors” pack up to go marauding, they carry along so much hellfire and brimstone that they had plenty left over for Boulder, where they focused the wrath of their angry God upon Dr. Warren Hern.

Dr. Hern is a provider of exemplary abortion care. He is also a renowned anthropologist, as well as an internationally recognized authority in his highly specialized field of medicine. Together with Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, Dr. Hern has been at the top of the antiabortion mob's hit list for over 20 years.

And this time was no exception.

OSA besieged various Colorado targets for a week--abortion-providing clinics, gay and lesbian groups, mosques, and even a school of theology—but they singled out Dr. Hern for some viciously personal attention by papering his North Boulder neighborhood with what looked very much like “wanted” posters.

Scary stuff. But if the “Reverend” Flip and his “gentle Christians” thought that Warren Hern would bolt for the basement and lay low until they left town, they mistook their man.

The indomitable Dr. Hern came out swinging, immediately purchasing a newspaper ad that gave the OSA flyer far greater exposure than Flip Benham could have dreamed of, along with some well chosen words of his own.

Read what the doctor said at the site.

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Religious Right Watch has posted that another Dominionism conference is slated for this fall in late October in NYC:

Also this fall The Graduate Center, CUNY and The New York Open Center will once again collaborate to present: Dominionism, Political Power, and the Theocratic Right

Dominionism is an influential form of fundamentalist religion that believes that in order to fulfill biblical prophecy, "godly Christians" must take control of the levers of political and judicial power in America in the near future. Popularized by the Left Behind series of books that are said to have sold over sixty million copies, this religious belief system has become increasingly influential. FEATURING: Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates; co-author, Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort; Frederick Clarkson, author, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy; Michael Northcott, teaches Christian Ethics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland; author, An Angel Directs the Storm: Apocalyptic Religion and American Empire; Esther Kaplan, author, With God on Their Side: How Christian Fundamentalists Trampled Science, Policy and Democracy in George W. Bush's White House.

Friday, October 21 7:30-9:30pm & Saturday, Oct. 22 10am-6pm.

You can register for the full session or Friday evening or Saturday separately.

To register or for more information contact: The Graduate Center, CUNY 212 817-8215. Or The New York Open Center 212 219-2527.

The DVD of the April conference is out, too- I plan to get it. It's too short a notice for me to go to this fall's conference, but perhaps some of you will go.

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Updates: Article on eminent domain vs. churches and the Revised Letter to my pastor

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thedemonprist)

Here's a nice big festering crock of you-know-what, courtesy of the New York Times(registration required)

Ruling on Property Seizure Rallies Christian Groups Text of article inside )

Sorry, but I don't buy that classic "O NOZ ALL TEH CHURCHz0rZ R GOING BAI BAI" fearmongering. It's been my observations that developers go after prime farmland and older housing areas first, rather than attempt to mess with the can of worms that church property entails. And seeing as how my area is currently experiencing some serious growth, if anything, even the churches are getting into the development business and expanding their operations on fields that were once open plains. I know of at least two churches who have slated future buildings for such land sites.

And now, the Revised Edition of Letter To My Pastor... )

I'm going to print and mail this sucker out sometime Monday, but before I do, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on it (i.e., does it say what it should say, or does it need some more editing before I mail it out?).

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New Yurica Report article


Katherine Yurica writes some very interesting, and damning stuff- with Biblical references- about the Dominionists. Her latest article, The Big Lie GOP Combatants Tell about Democrats pulls no punches, either.

An excerpt:

“Democrats are liberal godless humanists.”

First of all, Republican Combatants—those folks who either have the innate talent to aggressively attack other folks or have been trained to attack Democrats wherever they find one, whether it be on message boards and blogs on the web, over the air waves, in our churches, in the media, and from every dominionist organization and at every family reunion they attend—the first thing is to notice they all have one thing in common: they have to lie about Democrats and liberals,[1] but Democrats don’t have to lie about them! Read more... )

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