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dogemperor [userpic]
Two articles of note re Hillary Clinton's connection with "The Fellowship" nee "The Family"

Two articles of note--and I encourage readers to recommend them both:

Frederick Clarkson reports on revelations Hillary Clinton may be part of a cell-church group run by "The Family" nee "The Fellowship" along with efforts by Clinton's friends to perform spin control. (Notably, NBC Nightly News has begun its own investigation of the group, in part because of Jeff Sharlet's writing; Sharlet has a new book due out in May re "The Family".)

Also, I've done a wee article re the potential implications of this--pretty much almost *everyone* who's had experience with abusive "discipling and shepherding" groups in neopente dominionist orgs probably has their alarm bells ringing now over the revelation Clinton is in a cell-church.