Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
In news around the community...

a) Gothard now discovered to have links to Ken Blackwell and George W. Bush--including those periods where Dubya may have been initially recruited by dominionists. (Please recommend/distribute the first link widely.)

b) Watchmen At The Walls' Latvian leader will be front and center at a major evangelism conference/Assemblies of God powwow--one which is being held in conjunction with a Kiev, Ukraine church also linked with "Watchmen At The Walls". (This is particularly personal to me, in part, because one of the major presenters just happens to be the pastor of the very Assemblies church I am a walkaway from; the conference is also getting a lot of official Assemblies-level support, including reps from the Home Ministries division.) Again, please recommend and distribute widely--this may be a real danger sign that "Watchmen" is in fact being officially embraced by the Assemblies, and it may be a sign we need to start treating the Assemblies as a bona fide hate group.