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Dommie Presidential Sweepstakes...


At first I was going leave this as a comment in the thread on the Dobson v. Thompson dust-up, but found I had a bit too much to say

Originally, the Dommie guy was going to be Chuck Hegel. Even a crank like Mike Huckabee was a "fall back" candidate for these guys. Since Hegel isn't running there has been a lot of rudderless wandering about.

I think out in the hinterlands of Redneckistan Ron Paul is going to get a lot play with the rank and file Dommie lumpenproles. He won't get the love from the institutional cranks, because they still have enough of their base reality matrix to know that the rest of Republican party will not back an candidate so firmly against the Bush Administration's foreign policy.

However, there is a possibility that most people are not even thinking at the moment...


Yes, I see your eyes rolling even now, as you read that. However, the front loading of primaries means that if no clear front runner emerges quickly with the momentum and enough of them stay in the race, then the party can start to look for a "White Knight" candidate to draft late.

There are couple of points to ponder:

p1. Jeb has been staying out of it for now. Not building a record that can be used against him. I know it's little like inferring an object's presence by it's absence, but this is American politics...

p2. He still has access to a fund raising network that could generate enough cash overnight to make him a player at any moment he chooses to fire it up.

p3. If his smirking chimp of a brother starts bringing home troops, any troops, that could ameliorate some of the Bush Fatigue factor, not to mention if the stock market continues up and the U.S. Economy can avoid a complete meltdown in the next 9 to 15 months.

The thing to remember about Jeb, is that he's the smart one. He's every bit the orator as Bill Clinton and as sharp on his feet. He's more telegenic than any one else in the race right now.

W is a piker when it comes to Dommie politics; a dilettante who uses the appropriate words to bilk the masses, but who really lacks the belief and the intellect to connect that belief to a policy to be much more than a cheap grifter...

Jeb is the real thing. The guy is smart, disciplined and as Dommie-crazy as your darkest imaginings can make him.

Now, I run this past my friends and they usually humor me with a "we'll see..." or "I don't know..." Yeah, I know this is something a far-fetched idea. Yet, I still believe it is firmly within the realm of possibility. This is how the Bush family comes at you, when and where you least expect it; you're looking one way and then look down only to see one of them crawling up your leg with a knife in its teeth...

mojo sends

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